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How to Grow Flowers

If you get bored with growing crops, you may also grow pretty flowers on your farm. Flower seeds can be purchased from Iris' flower stand in town. She is open Monday through Friday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Flowers can be grown any time of the year, but they can become GREAT quality during preferred seasons. Many of the flowers can also mutate into new color variations during the plant's preferred season. Tulip, Dahlia, Cosmos, Carnation, and Pansy can change colors. If you sell enough of the color variant to Sam or ship them via your shipping bin, the seeds for that color variation will appear for sale in Iris' shop.

You will need to raise your friendship to 1 Music Note before she will sell Tulip seeds.

Flowers don't require any extra fertilizer or weather requirements to mutate. All you have to do is plant them during the right season and then wait until they mature. Their mutations are much simpler to trigger than with crops.

There are 40 flowers that you can discover in the game: 20 of the normal type and then 20 GREAT versions. The Flowers Discovered in your Encyclopedia will keep track of the number of flowers you've unlocked. Note that currently in the iOS version of the game, the Flowers Discovered value is bugged and may reset back to 1 for unknown reasons.

Marguerite and Tulip can be found growing wild in the mountain area outside of your farm, but they will not be found in GREAT quality. You'll need to grow them during Spring to discover the GREAT variations.

Crop NameSeedsGREATGrows inSell Price
Spring Preferred Flowers
Marguerite60 GSpring8 Days120 G / 250 G
Raise Iris to 1 Music Note to unlock
50 GSpring8 Days100 G / 200 G
White Tulip
Mutates from Tulip during Spring
65 G
Sell 10
Spring8 Days130 G / 270 G
Yellow Tulip
Mutates from Tulip during Spring
70 G
Sell 30
Spring8 Days140 G / 290 G
Pink Rose75 GSpring12 Days160 G / 310 G
Summer Preferred Flowers
Sunflower60 GSummer9 Days125 G / 250 G
Pink Dahlia50 GSummer10 Days100 G / 200 G
White Dahlia
Mutates from Pink Dahlia during Summer
65 G
Sell 10
Summer10 Days130 G / 270 G
Yellow Dahlia
Mutates from Pink Dahlia during Summer
70 G
Sell 30
Summer10 Days140 G / 290 G
Red Rose75 GSummer12 Days160 G / 310 G
Fall Preferred Flowers
Cosmos60 GFall8 Days125 G / 250 G
Sunny Red
Mutates from Cosmos during Fall
50 G
Sell 30
Fall8 Days100 G / 200 G
Carnation65 GFall8 Days130 G / 270 G
Pink Carnation
Mutates from Carnation during Fall
70 G
Sell 30
Fall8 Days140 G / 290 G
White Rose75 GFall12 Days160 G / 310 G
Winter Preferred Flowers
Pink Pansy60 GWinter7 Days125 G / 250 G
Yellow Pansy
Mutates from Pink Pansy during Winter
50 G
Sell 10
Winter7 Days100 G / 200 G
Purple Pansy
Mutates from Pink Pansy during Winter
65 G
Sell 30
Winter7 Days130 G / 270 G
Mutates from Purple Pansy during Winter
70 G
Sell 50
Winter7 Days150 G / 300 G
Blue Rose75 GWinter12 Days150 G / 310 G
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