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Blacksmith Brutus

Brutus' shop is located in the mountain area. His shop hours are 10:00 am until 6:00 pm, and closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Ore and Gem Refinements

Brutus will process raw ingredients into metals and jewels. You will need to have the raw materials in your bag for Brutus to process them. He will take your raw items and a fee, and return the finished product into your bag.

Item NameNumber RequredFeeShip Price
Material Stone3 Stone50 G50 G
Glass3 Glass Material100 G150 G
Iron3 Iron Ore150 G150 G
Bronze3 Bronze Ore150 G150 G
Silver3 Silver Ore200 G400 G
Gold3 Gold Ore400 G600 G
Mithril3 Mithril Ore500 G700 G
Orichalcum3 Orichalcum Ore500 G700 G
Adamantite3 Adamantite Ore500 G700 G
Agate1 Agate Ore500 G900 G
Jade1 Jade Ore500 G900 G
Fluorite1 Fluorite Ore700 G1250 G
Opal1 Opal Ore700 G1250 G
Crystal1 Crystal Ore700 G1500 G
Peridot1 Peridot Ore700 G1500 G
Moonstone1 Moonstone Ore700 G1800 G
Onyx1 Onyx Ore800 G2000 G
Topaz1 Topaz Ore800 G2000 G
Amethyst1 Amethyst Ore800 G2000 G
Ruby1 Ruby Ore800 G2400 G
Emerald1 Emerald Ore800 G2600 G
Sapphire1 Sapphire Ore900 G3000 G
Diamond1 Diamond Ore900 G3000 G
Pink Diamond1 Pink Diamond Ore1000 G4000 G
Soul Gem1 Soul Gem Ore1200 G5000 G

Building Upgrades

Fences can be placed in your fields to make separate areas. You can make an unlimited number of fences. The building upgrades and crib can only be constructed one time.

Tool Upgrades

These tool upgrades will let you drag the tool's active area to cover more ground. He can upgrade the Hammer, Axe, Watering Can, and Hoe. There are no upgrades available for the Fishing Rod, Clippers, Brush, Milker, and Pitchfork.

To switch between the metal and the ore option when paying for a tool upgrade, tap on the "Silver" or "Gold" option under the picture of the tool. It actually costs more money to use the processed metal than the raw ore. For example, it costs 200 G and 3 Silver Ore to create Silver metal, and you need 4 of them costing 800 G total. Then you have to spend another 1000 G for the tool upgrade (1800 G total). You can save money by simply collecting 16 Silver Ore and spending the 1000 G for the upgrade.

The Gold level tools is the maximum level available.

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