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Sam's Shop

Crop seeds, fishing bait, and building materials can be purchased from Sam's Shop. He stands by the entrance to Chestnut Town every day from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm. On the days of the Fishing Festival (Summer 23 and Winter 23) he won't be in shopkeeper mode until after 12:00 pm. Talking to him between 10:00 am and 12:00 pm will prompt you to enter the contest.

At the beginning of the game Sam's inventory of crop seeds will just have the basic varieties; Tomato, Strawberry, Carrot, etc. As you grow crop mutations and sell them to Sam or ship them via your shipping bin, the mutant seeds will be added to Sam's shop inventory. Each mutation requires a number of mutated crops to be sold in order for the seeds to unlock in his shop. Some require as little as 10 (San Marzano, Scallion, White Celery, etc.), while others can require up to 50 sold before the seeds appear (Magical Berry). Sam will sell the crop mutation's seeds all year long once you unlock each one.

Flower seeds and fertilizer is sold at Iris' Forest.

Building Materials

Item NamePrice
Hardwood Lumber100 G
Softwood Lumber100 G
Stone100 G

Crop Seeds

The crop mutation seed requirements and prices can be found on the crops page.

Sam will sell Grapefruit Sprout, Leafy Tree Sprout, and Cone Tree Sprout at the beginning of the game. The other fruit tree sprouts will appear in his inventory as you raise your music note friendship with him.

Item NamePrice
Grass30 G
Cabbage Seeds20 G
Celery Seeds20 G
Onion Seeds30 G
Strawberry Seeds20 G
Tomato Seeds30 G
Corn Seeds30 G
Green Pepper Seeds40 G
Wheat Seeds10 G
Hot Pepper Seeds30 G
Potato Seeds20 G
Carrot Seeds20 G
Pumpkin Seeds90 G
Spinach Seeds20 G
Broccoli Seeds30 G
Grapefruit Sprout500 G
Peach Sprout500 G
Apple Sprout500 G
Orange Sprout500 G
Leafy Tree Sprout250 G
Cone Tree Sprout250 G

Fishing Bait

Item NamePrice
Regular Bait50 G
Good Bait100 G
Excellent Bait300 G
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