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Hanna's Restaurant

Next to Luke's Bar is the restaurant run by Hanna. She sells flour, cooking ingredients, and cooking recipes. Hanna's daughter, Emily, helps her mom out at the shop when she can and often reminds you how her mom's cooking is the best in the world. Hanna's shop is open from 10:00 am until 8:00 pm, and closed on Mondays and Fridays.


To unlock normal Flour you will need to raise your friendship with Hanna. There is no method in the game to create your own flours from Wheat or Corn.

Item NamePrice
Flour170 G
Great Flour200 G
Durum Wheat Flour250 G
Great Durum Flour290 G
Barley Flour170 G
Great Barley Flour200 G
Rye Flour250 G
Great Rye Flour280 G
Cornmeal200 G
Great Cornmeal250 G
Fodder Cornmeal220 G
G. Fodder Cornmeal280 G
Sweet Cornmeal220 G
G. Sweet Cornmeal280 G
Yellow Cornmeal220 G
G. Yellow Cornmeal280 G
Sunset Meal250 G
Great Sunset Meal300 G
Blessed Flour500 G


These items are premade dishes you can buy to carry around in your rucksack. You can then eat these dishes while you are exploring the mine or even give them away as gifts.

Butter, Cheese, and Boiled Egg will become available in her inventory once you raise your friendship with Hanna to 1 music note. Black Bread, Baguette, and Meuniere will unlock as you continue to raise your friendship with her. Formula Milk appears once you've had a child.

Item NamePrice
Bread330 G
Black Bread500 G
Baguette500 G
Formula Milk100 G
Strawberry Jam350 G
Apple Jam350 G
Marmalade350 G
Mayonnaise350 G
Yogurt350 G
Butter350 G
Cheese350 G
Boiled Egg350 G
Fried Egg350 G
Meuniere800 G
Sugar30 G
Salt30 G

Cooking Recipes

To use your kitchen you'll need some cooking recipes. Hanna sells the recipes you can use for your kitchen. After you buy the recipe it will be transported to the recipe book in your kitchen. Once you buy all of the available recipes, the Recipes tab will be removed from her shop inventory.

Set NameIncluded RecipesPrice
BreadBread, Great Bread300 G
Black BreadBlack Bread, Great Black Bread300 G
BaguetteBaguette, Great Baguette300 G
Grilled FishGrilled Rainbow Trout, Grilled Perch, Grilled Yellow Perch, Grilled Bullhead, and Grilled Bluegill300 G
Grilled ArowanaGrilled Arowana300 G
Formula MilkFormula Milk50 G
Strawberry JamStrawberry Jam, G. Strawberry Jam300 G
Apple JamApple Jam, Great Apple Jam300 G
MarmaladeMarmalade, Great Marmalade300 G
MayonnaiseMayonnaise, Great Mayonnaise, Ultimate Mayonnaise, Supreme Mayonnaise, Legendary Mayonnaise300 G
YogurtYogurt, Great Yogurt, Ultimate Yogurt, Supreme Yogurt, Legendary Yogurt300 G
ButterButter, Great Butter, Ultimate Butter, Supreme Butter, Legendary Butter300 G
CheeseCheese, Great Cheese, Ultimate Cheese, Supreme Cheese, Legendary Cheese300 G
Boiled EggBoiled Egg, Great Boiled Egg, Ultimate Boiled Egg, Supreme Boiled Egg, Legendary Boiled Egg300 G
Fried EggFried Egg, Great Fried Egg, Ultimate Fried Egg, Supreme Fried Egg, Legendary Fried Egg300 G
MeuniereMeuniere, Great Meuniere, Ultimate Meuniere, Supreme Meuniere, Legendary Meuniere500 G
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