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Memories 101 through 150

When you meet the requirements to restore a memory, the name of the memory will appear at the top of your screen along with the reward you've earned. If your bag is full when you are to receive a reward, and you don't have the storage unlocked by upgrading your house to the Large House, then you won't receive the reward. You will still unlock the memory though.

Memories 1 to 50 | Memories 51 to 100 | Memories 101 to 150

No.Memory NameHow to RestoreReward
101The Flower FestivalGive a villager a flower on the Spring 10 Flower Festival5 Purple Pansy Seeds
102The Fall FestivalParticipate in the Fall Festival5 Ultimate Eggs
103Hunter's BirthdayTalk to Hunter on his Birthday (Fall 14)1 Miracle Potion
104Gilbert's BirthdayTalk to Gilbert on his Birthday (Spring 21)5 Brown Carrot Seeds
105Tony's BirthdayTalk to Tony on his Birthday (Winter 28)3 Opal Ore
106Gareth's BirthdayTalk to Gareth on his Birthday (Winter 21)5 Savoy Spinach Seeds
107Luke's BirthdayTalk to Luke on his Birthday (Fall 17)5 Yellow Dahlia Seeds
108April's BirthdayTalk to April on her Birthday (Spring 14)10 Fertilizer
109Emily's BirthdayTalk to Emily on her Birthday (Summer 21)3 Supreme Yogurt
110Tabitha's BirthdayTalk to Tabitha on her Birthday (Spring 28)2 Topaz
111Catherine's BirthdayTalk to Catherine on her Birthday (Winter 7)4 Orichalcum
112Andrea's BirthdayTalk to Andrea on her Birthday (Winter 14)1 Fluorite
113First BirthdayTalk to your first child on his/her birthday?
114First Birthday 2Talk to your second child on his/her birthday?
115Iris' BirthdayTalk to Iris on her Birthday (Summer 7)5 Durum Wheat Flour
116Sam's BirthdayTalk to Sam on his Birthday (Spring 7)5 Giant Pumpkin Seeds
117Hanna's BirthdayTalk to Hanna on her Birthday (Fall 21)5 Romanesco Seeds
118Naomi's BirthdayTalk to Naomi on her Birthday (Fall 7)5 Sunflower Seeds
119Sally's BirthdayTalk to Sally on her Birthday (Summer 28)5 Cosmos Seeds
120Brutus' BirthdayTalk to Brutus on his Birthday (Fall 28)5 Mithril Ore
121Jimmy's BirthdayTalk to Jimmy on his Birthday (Summer 14)5 Adamantite Ore
122Goddess' BirthdayTalk to the Harvest Goddess on her Birthday (Winter 1)5 Great Strawberry
123Gorgan's BirthdayTalk to Gorgan on his Birthday (Fall 1)5 Great Devil Pepper
124Harvest God's BirthdayTalk to the Harvest God on his Birthday (Summer 1)5 Great Cream Pumpkin
125Rowan's BirthdayTalk to Rowan on his Birthday (Spring 18)5 Pearl Onion Seeds
126Blossom's BirthdayTalk to Blossom on her Birthday (Spring 18)5 Magical Berry Seeds
127Dewy's BirthdayTalk to Dewy on his Birthday (Spring 18)5 Red Zeppelin Seeds
128Worried Citizen (See Below)Have a half-heart of stamina and then talk to a villager. He/she will comment on how tired you look3 Fried Eggs
129First HarvestHarvest your first crop (veggie or grass)5 Onion Seeds
130First ShipmentPlace an item in the shipping bin on your farm5 Tomato Seeds
131First Tree (Sprout)Plant your first tree seedling1 Orange Sprout
132First FishingReel in your first fish with your fishing pole5 Good Bait
133First MiningHit a mining rock with your hammer3 Bread
134First CookingUse your farm house kitchen to cook a dish for the first time5 Flour
135Lots of CropsHarvest 500 crops10 Angel Lantern Seeds
136Lots of FlowersHarvest 500 flowers10 Red Rose Seeds
137Clever CookUse your kitchen to cook 100 dishes10 Legendary Butter
138Cunning CollectorForage 100 wild items off the ground. This can be Mushroom, Bamboo Shoot, and Compost5 Moonstone
139Animal LoverCollect 100 of the same product from any of your farm animals; 100 Eggs, 100 Milk, or 100 Wool5 Miracle Egg
140Fishing FanaticCatch 100 fish10 Crimson Seeds
141Harvest MasterGrow and harvest every kind of crop?
142Flower Master (See Below) Grow and harvest every kind of flower?
143Fishing MasterCatch every kind of fish2 Soul Gems
144Mining MasterFind every kind of ore/gem from the mine. Ore received from rewards don't count.2 Soul Gems
145Happy UndergroundReach the last floor (100) in the mine+1 Stamina Heart
146Meeting People is EasyHave maximum level of friendship with everyone, including your two children10 Soul Gem
147Nouveau RicheHave more than 100,000 G on hand5 Devil Pepper Seeds
148The Huge HouseUpgrade your farm house to level 35 Killer Tomato Seeds
149The Sprite TreeRevive the Sprite Tree on your farm by getting married+1 Stamina Heart
150An Important PlaceUnlock all other memories?

Note: Worried Citizen is currently bugged in the Apple iOS version. Some players experience that it will not trigger after you unlock the First Harvest memory, so it must be triggered before First Harvest is unlocked. Flower Master is also bugged, as the number of flowers documented in your Encyclopedia/Records area will reset for some players each day that a flower is harvested. Both of these issues HAVE been corrected in the Android version of the game.

The 1.5 version update on December 22, 2016, finally fixed the Worried Citizen memory bug in the iOS version of the game. For Flower Master, if you had already discovered 40/40 flowers before the iOS patch was available, the memory will still not unlock because there isn't a triggering event (i.e., discovering a new type of flower) that would unlock the memory.

Memories 1 to 50 | Memories 51 to 100 | Memories 101 to 150

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