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Mining for Ores

In the mountain area is a mine you can explore. You'll need a Hammer before you can do any material collecting inside the mine. At the beginning of the game, head back to town to talk with Hanna. After that you can talk to the other villagers to receive the tools they will give to you. For the Hammer, return back to the mountain and introduce yourself to Andrea, who will be standing next to the entrance of the mine.

The mine is available all year long and in any weather. When you enter the mine you'll find a small room with a rock or two. Smash the rocks with your hammer to collect a piece of ore. The type of ore that is available depends on what floor of the mine you are on. To descend into the mine, keep yourself in Tool mode and tap on the ground to use your Hoe. Eventually you'll find a staircase down to the next floor of the mine. Each staircase takes you down ONE floor; you can't skip floors by finding a pitfall to hop down.

Time does NOT move forward while you are in the mine.

screen shot

The mine is 100 floors deep. The rooms become larger the farther down you go, so it will take more effort to find the hidden staircase down to the next floor. You will need to bring food with you to eat to restore your stamina hearts as you use your tools to break rocks and dig for stairs. Some easy food you can bring are:

Once you reach floor 61, the mining nodes will give you two ore instead of one. If you happen to collect 99 of a specific type of ore, the extra ore will be automatically transferred to the storage within your farm house. Remember that your bag is limited to 99 in a stack and your house storage is 255. Anything more than that will be destroyed.

The ore itself is not worth much money but by processing it at Brutus' Blacksmith, you can sell the refined metals and gems for a lot more money. He'll require 3 ore and a fee to create refined metal, but he only needs 1 gem ore plus his fee to refine into a gem.

NameLocationOre ProfitRefined Profit
StoneAny floor30 G50 G
Glass Material1 to 10
25 to 30
50 G150 G
Iron Ore1 to 550 G150 G
Bronze Ore3 to 1450 G150 G
Silver Ore4 to 15100 G400 G
Gold Ore11 to 30
36 to 45
200 G600 G
Mithril Ore6 to 25
43 to 45
250 G700 G
Orichalcum Ore12 to 35250 G700 G
Adamantite Ore21 to 25
31 to 40
46 to 50
250 G700 G
Agate Ore26 to 35250 G900 G
Jade Ore36 to 40250 G900 G
Fluorite Ore36 to 45350 G1250 G
Opal Ore32 to 35
41 to 45
350 G1250 G
Crystal Ore41 to 45
81 to 100
350 G1500 G
Peridot Ore43 to 45
81 to 100
350 G1500 G
Moonstone Ore46 to 50
81 to 100
350 G1800 G
Onyx Ore46 to 49
81 to 100
400 G2000 G
Topaz Ore46 to 60
81 to 100
400 G2000 G
Amethyst Ore46 to 60
81 to 100
400 G2000 G
Ruby Ore52 to 70
81 to 100
400 G2400 G
Emerald Ore52 to 100400 G2600 G
Sapphire Ore53 to 100450 G3000 G
Diamond Ore52 to 100450 G3000 G
Pink Diamond Ore52 to 100500 G4000 G
Soul Gem Ore71 to 100600 G5000 G
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