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Treasure Map
Treasure Map
Treasure Map
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If you become good friends with Mary (who runs the Library) there is a chance you may obtain the Treasure Map from her. You'll know you're getting close when she starts to say "I've read so many books now in library" when you talk to her. One day when you enter her shop she won't have any of the normal selection available (no books or computer). She'll tell you that she was cleaning and she found a map. The Treasure Map is all mixed up though and she asks you to help her straighten it back out.

The map is scrambled up and it's your task to fix it. The map is cut up into 15 pieces and one piece left over to use as a movement spot. The scrambled map is like a slide puzzle; move the empty block around to shuffle the pieces into the correct locations. Pressing the DOWN on your directional pad will move the piece above the empty block down, pressing RIGHT will move the piece to the left of the empty block to the right, etc. In this case, the middle 4 pieces are already in the right spots, so all you have to do is move the empty block around the sides of the map. Press the DOWN three times, the RIGHT three times, the UP three times, and the LEFT three times. The map will then be completed. The Map

Once you have completed the map Mary gives you the map. The next clue to finding the treasure is now listed in your system notebook in the Q&A section. Mary also says that if you want to play the slide puzzle game again, you can buy it from Bill's shop for 3480G. Open up your system notebook (press SELECT twice) and open the Q&A. Question #24 is now there and reads "Where is the treasure.....?".

Flower Shop The clue reads "The treasure is buried under the flower that doesn't wither". All flowers eventually wither but there is a "flower" named Daisy in the village. Daisy of course runs the Florist shop. Daisy doesn't give you any new information when you go talk with her, but she does have some flowers that bloom outside her shop. Investigate the flower that is right next to the door. It's the correct spot, but the treasure isn't there! The note that is there says if you want to find the real treasure, check the Q&A section again.

Open the system notebook back up and check the Q&A. Now there's a Question #25 that reads "What is the Real Treasure Map?". The answer says "Superimpose the two maps and... Here's a hint: the Trade Menu". At this point you need to have a friend who also has Harvest Moon 2 and has also gotten the treasure map. Link your Gameboys together and head to the Library. Activate the Trade Center together. Select the "Combine Maps" option to combine your two map pieces together. You now will have the "real treasure map".
If you open your system notebook again, you now have question #26 which reads "Where is the real treasure?". The answer is "It is buried between the tree and the L3 cliff from the bounty of the mountain". L3 is referring level 3 of the Mountain, the area up by the Hot Spring. The "bounty" would be the various berries, cherries, and mushrooms you can pick. So you know it's on the level 3 area of the Mountain, by a berry/cherry/mushroom. Head up to the Mountain and check the tree next to the stump. You'll find the real treasure! Mountain

The treasure is the Miracle Glove, an item you use when you're harvesting crops. Usually when you harvest you have to bring your horse down to the field, pick, and then throw it into the horse's saddlebags. Sometimes the horse will take off running right after you toss it your item, which means it ends up on the ground and it destroyed. No longer do you need to use the idiotic horse! Instead just equip the Miracle Glove, pick an item, and toss it! The item doesn't get destroyed like previously, instead the item magically is transfered to the shipping bin. The Miracle Glove makes harvest day go by a lot quicker and with virtually no crop destruction.

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