ushi no tane

Winning The Game


The mayor gives you 3 years to improve the old farm, else it will be converted into an amusement park.

A major factor in your farm progress are Happiness Points. The game will reward these points based on your in-game activities. There is a maximum of 100 points you can earn. You can earn points by:

  • Tiny amount = Buying animals, praying at the church, seeing a frog or bird outside your front door in the morning, and finding a wild animal in the mountain area
  • Small amount = Having a baby cow or baby sheep born on the farm
  • Medium amount = Upgrading your house to level 2
  • Large amount = Upgrading your house to level 3

You can also lose Happiness Points when you allow an animal to die of sickness (-30 points) or when your farmer becomes sick (-5 points). You can visit the Clinic and get a checkup to see whether your farmer is sick or healthy.

Your progress will be judged on Spring 1 of your 4th year. Depending on how well you did, there are three possible endings. With the Good Ending and the Normal Ending, you can continue to play the game after the mayor's evaluation. With the Bad Ending, you can choose to continue or you can give up and allow the farm to be sold to make the amusement park, resulting in a Game Over.

Good Ending

  • Have 70 or more Happiness Points
  • Have 10,000 G or more
  • Ship 10,000 or more items
  • Have at least 3 of each animal (cow, sheep, and chicken)
  • Find 10 Power Berries
  • Have the third home expansion built

Bad Ending

  • Have 9 or less Happiness Points
  • Have 1,999 G or less
  • Ship less than 100 items
  • Have 0 animals
  • Find 3 or fewer Power Berries
  • Never expand your farm house

Normal Ending

Basically, not meeting the criteria to get the Good or the Bad ending means you get the Normal ending, and that's OK!