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. Ushi No Tane

You'll start your day every morning in your house. Your house is where you keep your tools, save your game, and store your food.

The first farmhouse is very small and cramped. You can have Ken build you two expansions to make your house larger. Each house expansion retain the same format on the inside - bed is in the upper left corner, television is in upper right corner, stove is in lower right corner, and tool shed is in the lower left corner. There is a table that you use every morning for breakfast, but its location changed a bit depending on which house you have. The final house expansion even has a decorative bookcase built into it.

At night before you go to bed you have the option to save your game. The bed is located in the upper right corner. Next to the bed is the side table where the diary is kept. You use the diary to save your game. To save your game, face the diary and press the A BUTTON. You'll be given the option to save your game before you go to bed. If you decide to select No then you will get the option to go to bed without saving your game. If you choose No again, then you don't go to bed.

The television set is in the upper right corner of your house. You use the television to determine what the weather is going to be like the next day. Sometimes the weather report is incorrect, but usually there's a reason for it. If the weather report says that it is going to rain the next day and instead it's sunny, then there is some sort of event that is going on that day. You can also choose to make it a sunny day instead of a bad one. If the weather calls for a storm the next day, you can go visit Ken and ask him to do an estimate for you. When you wake up in the morning instead of the storm you get Ken. If you have found any mini games you will get the option to play them after you have viewed the weather report.

You have a stove in the lower right corner but you can't use it to cook anything. The stove just tells you how much food and drink you have left. You need both in order to replenish your stamina when you're out working. You automatically eat food at 6AM, 12PM, and 6PM. If you go to bed before 6PM then you don't eat that night. Rosie and Chocola sell food you use to store in the stove.

The tool shed is in the lower left corner. Here is where you keep all of your tools and the seeds you buy from Daisy. To enter your tool shed just stand facing it and press the A BUTTON.

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