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The Library is in the lower left corner of the village, south of Ken's shop and west of Rosie's Restaurant. Mary is in charge of the shop. You dont actually buy anything at the Library. It holds the books that contain pictures of the bugs, fish, events, and plants that you've found. Also the Trade Center is found here.
Whenever you catch a bug, fish, or harvest a plant that was grown in the Hot House for the first time, a picture is taken of it and documented in the books at the Library. Each book has an image on it and it's name. To the right side is where you can turn to the next page, go back a page, close the book, or print out the picture using your Gameboy Printer. If you want to print, you can choose between dark, normal, or light printing. Book page

The easiest book to fill is the Fish book. Fish you can catch year round and you dont have to trade with anyone to get all 18 pages of the book. The second is the Bug book. There are different bugs in the Spring and Summer, so if you've caught all of the Spring bugs you're finished collecting until Summer time. The Plant book is one of the more difficult ones to complete. When you harvest your first plants out of the Hot House, the book automatically has two of the opposite gender's plant pictured in it's pages. That leaves two that it has no information on. You must trade with someone of the opposite gender in order to obtain the seeds needed to fill in the pictures. Even if you have a cat as a pet, it only will gather normal crop seeds, not herb and flower seeds. If Mary comes by on your birthday, she'll give you a gift of a picture that you wouldnt normally obtain.

The last book is the Photo book, which shows various events that you have participated in. There are 7 photo that you can collect.

Cherry Blossom Viewing Cherry Blossom Viewing
Receive on the first Flower Viewing Festival, 25th Spring

Moon Viewing
Receive at Moon Viewing Festival with Mary, 10th Fall
Moon Viewing

Harvest Festival Harvest Festival
Receive after the dance at the Harvest Festival, 25th of Fall

Receive after you sucessfully save the village at the end of 3 years.

Snowball Fight Snowball Fight
Receive after paticipating in the snowball fight event, sunday in Winter

Record Fast Time
Receive after winning the horse race, 15th of Spring or 15th of Fall
Record Fast Time

Birthday Birthday
Receive after you celebrate your first birthday on the farm

There are even more pictures in the other books. There are 18 in the fish book, 27 in the bug book, and 8 in the plant book (although there can be more depending if you get gifts from Mary). Each one has been separated into their own sections.
Fish Book Bug Book
Plant Book

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