Area 5: Main

Area 5: Main Pathway

Child Discipline, part 1
» Inner Inn, 2nd floor, Rock's room
» 6:00 am to 10:00 am
» Rock 150+ FP
» Lumina/Rock are not married, you are not married

Visit Rock when he's in his bedroom and he'll ask if you've come to see him. Rock reminds you not to work too much, because it's no good if you don't get any leisure time. The two of you are chit chatting when Ruby enters the room.

Ruby asks Rock if he's playing around again and Rock begins to complain that she is suppose to knock before entering his room. He never gets any privacy! Ruby tells him he doesn't have any privacy in this house, and why isn't he more like you since you actually do some work?

Rock complains that it's too bothersome to work! He'll become a man without it. Now he's so annoyed that he wants to leave for a bit. Not so fast, Ruby says he can't leave without permission. Did he just get grounded? Either way, Ruby leaves the room and Rock says your visited seems to have turned out awful.

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