Random Events

Random Events

Note: Events with character heads have full detailed information.

Area 1: Mansion

Area 1: Mansion

The Painting, part 1

Fierce Bargaining

Goddess vs. Princess

Kate's Life Advice

Princess' Past

Witch Data

The Apprentice, part 1

Best Friends

The Painting, part 2

A Visit To Romana

Cooking Pride

Area 2: Farmland

Area 2: Farmland

Dr. Hardy's checkup

New Year Dream

Island Millionaire

Free Horse

Sprite Dance Party

Mukumuku's Gift

Likeable Child

Family Picnic

Toadstool Research

Thomas' Winter Request

Small Adventure

Parent Argument

Area 3: Goddess Pond

Area 3: Goddess Pond

Lumina's Request

Murrey the Gourmet, part 1

Murrey the Gourmet, part 2

Mukumuku Capture

Kate vs Hugh, part 1

Kate vs Hugh, part 3

Lumina's Advice

Flora's Stalker

Mukumuku's Sickness

Barney's Scout

Da-chan vs Mukumuku

The Apprentice, part 2

All 101 Sprites

Area 4: Waterfall

Area 4: Waterfall

Royal Descendants

Spirit's Whisper

Excavation Data

Area 5: Main

Area 5: Main Pathway

Fickleness Expert

A Man's Back

Past Glory

Chris' Fortune Telling

Kate vs Hugh, part 2

Family Argument, part 1

Family Argument, part 2

Cocktail Challenge

Ancestor's Pride

Original Cocktail Drink

Begging, part 2

Child Discipline, part 1

Path to Cooking Expert



New Trade Negotiations

Muffy's Meddling

Marlin's Sickness, part 1

Marlin's Sickness, part 2

Vesta vs Van, part 1

Da-chan Walks

Popuri Problem

Popuri's First Drink

Karen's Earrings

Teacher and Student

Dr.Hardy's Help

Valley Checkups

Cooking Bonzai

Somewhere, Sometime

Karen's Meddling

Advice for Cliff, part 2

Vesta vs Van, part 2

Area 6: Vesta's Farm

Area 6: Vesta's Farm

Begging, part 1

Thankful Feelings

Argument with Marlin

First Errand

Expert Lecture, part 1

Expert Lecture, part 2


Tak and Vesta

Area 7: Turtle Pond

Area 7: Turtle Pond

Secret Fireworks, part 1

Secret Fireworks, part 2

Leia's Request

Mermaid's Easy Life

Persuit of Beauty

Cody's Aesthetics

Path to Musician

Iron Arts

Fireworks Shop

Area 8: Vacant

Area 8: Empty Area

Second Hot Spring

Bonsai Contest

Nina's Keepsake

Whip Practice

Budding Romance

Galen's Date

Advice for Cliff, part 1

Area 9: Beach

Area 9: Beach

The Big Plan

Education Policy, part 1

Education Policy, part 2

Memory Stories

Child Discipline, part 2

Gambler vs Gambler

Flora's Cooking Battle

The Love Triangle

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