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Fickleness Expert
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» Lumina/Rock are married

As you enter the Bar you'll find Griffin, Muffy, and Rock talking to each other. Muffy warmly welcomes you but Rock begins to playfully tease her. Muffy becomes uncomfortable and reminds Rock that he is married and Lumina might get mad at him. Rock thinks his behavior is fine because you're all friends. Muffy doesn't think anyone would want to be with such a fickle man. Rock doesn't think Lumina would ever get mad at him because he's too good looking!

Right after Rock boasts about his handsomeness, Lumina walks into the Bar. Rock doesn't notice that she came in and asks Muffy if she would like to go down to the beach with him! Lumina hears his flirtatious request and Muffy doesn't respond because she knows Lumina is standing right behind him. Rock finally turns around and comes face to fact with his angry wife. Lumina asks what he is doing here and Rock just stutters that he's there to have a drink. She's not dumb though, and then asks why he asked Muffy to go down to the beach with him. Ooops! Lumina storms out of the Bar with Rock in tow, and Muffy giggles and says he got what was coming to him.

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