Area 5: Main

Area 5: Main Pathway

Big Emergancy!
» Blue Bar, Muffy's room
» 6:00 am to 8:00 am
» Muffy 200+ FP

Walk upstairs to Muffy's room and you'll see her in some distress about her makeup going bad. As you enter her bedroom she'll tell you it's an emergancy and to go call for all of the other girls!

One by one, Celia, Nami, Lumina, Flora, and yourself, return to Muffy's bedroom to see what the emergancy was all about. Celia is dissapointed to learn that the emergancy wasn't about a fight Muffy had, and now Muffy seems to have forgotten what the problem was in the first place! Nami helps her remember that the reason she called everyone here was because her skin cosmetics were bad. She wanted everyone to teach her a good skin regimin she can utilize!

Muffy asks everyone one at a time what advice they can give. Celia suggests eating vegetables, and Lumina's 100,000 G beauty cream seems a little unreasonable! Eventually the question falls on you, so suggest a facial massage (顔をマッサージする). Muffy thanks everyone for their suggestions.

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