Area 5: Main

Area 5: Main Pathway

Injury Helper
» Hardy's Clinic
» 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, Wednesday
» Elli 200+ FP
» You do not have a child

When you enter the Clinic you'll bump into Hardy and Trent, who are just about to leave to tend to a person who has suddenly become ill. Elli is staying behind though.

Elli apologizes for their quick exit, and offers you some tea. Hugh walks in and complains that he hurt his foot while running. Elli can get some medicine for it. She asks if you could help her out by fetching the medicine ingredients from the shelf. When you get there you don't know which bottle to get, the yellow, the green, or the red one! Pick the yellow one (黄色のビン) and bring it back to Elli. She mixes up the medicine, applies it to Hugh's foot, and he happily leaves.

Hardy and Trent return, and say the patient is doing wonderfully. Hardy asks about Hugh, and Elli explains he just needed his foot treated. Trent asks if it was difficult to do, but Elli explains that she had you to help her.

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