Area 5: Main

Area 5: Main Pathway

Memories of Travel
» Inner Inn, 2nd Floor, Nami's bedroom
» Nami 200+ FP
» Nami is not married

Walk into Nami's room and she will welcome you and ask if you've come to play. There isn't anything to do in her room, so she suggests you chat instead. When Nami asks if you've ever traveled anywhere and you admit you haven't, she figured it's because you are too busy with your farm. Nami decides to tell you a story about a country she's traveled to.

Things are very different in the other country. There are large pieces of iron that fly people into the sky! She's also seen something that cuts off people's waists and moves up and down automatically from floor to floor, and a strange vehicle underground. The shops have more light during the night than in the daytime! Nami asks if you would like to go and see this country. If you tell her that you've heard plenty (ここで十分) Nami will laugh. She'll ask that you come visit her again soon.

(Nami was talking about an airplane, escalator, subway, and neon lights)

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