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Ushi No Tane
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House and Barn

Chicken Coop: When you let Gotz build this building, you receive space for five more chickens. The total is 10 chickens you can have. The cost is 5,000g and 420 pieces of lumber.

1st Barn Expansion: When Gotz completes this upgrade, it will give you space for 10 extra animals, adding up to 20 in total. Plus it gives you another place for a pregnant sheep or cow to stay until it has it's baby. The cost is 6800 gold and 500 wood, but it well worth it.

1st House Expansion: When Gotz completes this upgrade you will have a kitchen with a fridge and a cabinet. Also your T.V. becomes better looking from your original. The cost is 4700 Gold and requires 370 pieces of lumber. The kitchen can be used to cook food using the ingredients you grow on your farm.

2nd House Expansion: After Gotz completes this upgrade you can finally get married. It comes with more kitchen and cabinet space, a living room, a fireplace, another bed, a better looking T.V. If you have enough money, Won comes over and tries to sell you a vase. The cost is the most expensive wood wise, it will cost you 750 wood, and only 10,000 Gold.

Greenhouse: The greenhouse sits right next to your house. It works the same way the greenhouse in Harvest Moon 64 works, except it smaller and the orange cup seeds can only grow in there. The cost is 30,000 Gold and 580 lumber, and can easily be torn down by hurricanes or winter storms.

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