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You can buy your crop seeds at Jeff's Supermarket. Each season he will have a new batch of seeds you can purchase to grow on your farm. The Cabbage, Green Pepper, and Pineapple seeds are sold by the traveling merchant, Won.

Plant Name Season Seed Cost Profit Growth Days Regrow Days
Cabbage Spring 500g 250g 15 N/A
Potato Spring 150 80g 8 N/A
Turnip Spring 120g 60g 5 N/A
Strawberry Spring 150g 30g 9 2 days
Cucumber Spring 200g 60g 10 5 days
Corn Summer 300g 100g 15 3 days
Onion Summer 150g 80g 8 N/A
Tomato Summer 200g 60g 10 3 days
Pumpkin Summer 500g 250g 15 N/A
Pineapple Summer 1,000 500g 21 5 days
Carrot Fall 300g 120g 8 N/A
Eggplant Fall 120g 80g 10 3 days
Green Pepper Fall 150g 40g 8 2 days
Sweet Potato Fall 300g 120g 6 3 days
Spinach Fall 200g 80g 6 N/A

Strawberry, Pumpkin, and Spinach seeds will be available for purchase after you have shipped 100 pieces of each crop for that season. For example, you have to ship 100 Cabbage, 100 Potato, 100 Cucumber, and 100 Turnips before you have the opportunity to buy Strawberry seeds.

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