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Ushi No Tane
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Mineral Town

Mineral Town map

1. Gotz's House: Here is Gotz's home. You can order the House and Barn Expansions here.

2.Yodel Farm: You can get you animals here. Also some festival are held here.Barley and Mary lives here too.

3. Poultry Farm: Popuri, Rick and Lillia lives here. Buy chickens and chicken feed here.

4. Mineral Beach: You can visit Kai and Jack here. Festivals are sometimes held here. Fish here too.

5. Rose Square: Most of the festivals are held here. In the afternoons most of the village woman are here.

6. Harvest Sprites' House: Get the Harvest Sprites to work for you here because it's hard to work alone at your farm.

7. Church: Come here to visit people and to go to The Confessional Box.

8. Then Inn: Get food here and you can find Won here. Also Ann and Doug lives here.

9. Clinic: Are you sick? Go here if you are! Also Elli and the Doctor lives here.

10. SuperMarket: Get food, items and crops here. Karen lives with her parents behind the door you can see.

11. Mayor's House: Visit the Mayor. He loves to talk to people.

12. Ellen's House: Visit Ellen, the old lady who takes care of Stu and Elli.

13. Library: Read books...Also Mary works here.

14. Mary's House: Come and visit her when she a day off.

15. Aja Winery: Buy Wine here. In the Fall season you can work here.

16. Blacksmith: Upgrade your tools here or get some special things from here.

17. Your Farm: You start out here.

18. Hot Springs: If you have time, go to it!

19. Mother's Hill: Gathering flowers and other things here. Also in the Winter season you can find the Winter Mine in the middle of the lake.

20. Peak of Mother's Hill: If you have time go to it at night and watch stars. The New Year's Festival is held here.

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