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Ushi No Tane
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Likes:Cakes and Flowers.
Bio: Anna is Basil wife. You can find her at her house. She is nice person.

Likes: Mushrooms and Grass(all of them).
Bio: Basil is botanist(a person who studies flowers/plants). You can find him around the town. At night, he's at the Inn.

Barley Yodel
Likes: Spa-boiled Eggs and Rice Balls.
Bio: Barley owns the Yodel Farm. He will sell you animals. He lives with his grand-daughter, May. They also have a dog named Hana.

Likes: Spa-boiled Eggs
Bio: Once you ask him to help with the Aja Winery in the Fall. He will stay and him them around the winery.

Likes: Wine and Bamboo Shoots.
Bio: The doctor works at the local clinic. Once you get to know him better, he will tell you his real name, and it is Tim.

Likes: Fish, Mushroom and Bamboo Shoots.
Bio: He is the owner of the local bar. He is Ann's father. He's wife passed away some years ago so he had to raise Ann by himself.

Likes: Wine, Bread and Spa-boiled Eggs.
Bio:He's the owner of Aja Winery. He lives with his wife, Manna. At night, hes at the Inn.

Likes: Mushrooms, Bamboo Shoots, Apples and Spa-boiled Eggs.
Bio: Ellen takes care of Elli and Stu. A reason why she stays in her house everytime because she is old and she can't move from that chair. She loves when you talk to her.

Likes: Oil and Flour.
Bio: Gotz will upgrade your house or farm buildings. He lives outside of the town. You can find him wondering around Mother's Hill or at his house.

Gourmet Judge
Likes: None
Bio: He is the judge for the cooking festival. You only see him there. You can't give him gifts.

Likes: Ores and Bodigizer.
Bio: Grey works at the Blacksmith's shop, Saibara is Grey's grandfather. Grey thinks his grandfather doesn't like how Grey does the work.

Likes: Fish
Bio: Greg is the local fisherman, he will give you a fishing rod. After you caught over 50 fish, he will give you a better fishing rod.

Likes: Bodigizer, Apples and Bamboo Shoots.
Bio: Jeff is Karen's father. He is marry to Sasha, who is Karen's mother. He runs the local Supermarket.

Likes: Flour and Oil.
Bio: Kai only comes every summer. If he marries Popuri, he will stay all year. He owns Kai's Seaside Lodge.

Likes: Wine and Mushrooms.
Bio: He is the local photograher.

Likes: Wild Grapes and Bodigizer.
Bio: She now lives in Poultry Farm. Rick and Popuri are her kids.

Likes: Honey.
Bio: He's beekeeper. He usually at or near Gotz's house.

Bio:She is Duke's wife, she helps around Aja Winery.

Likes: Grape Juice, Boots and Empty Cans.
Bio: She lives on Yodel Farm with her grandfather. She plays with Stu. She tries to help her grandfather around the farm.

Mayor Thomas
Likes: Wine and Potatos.
Bio: He is the mayor of this town, if you didn't know this. He usually goes around the town to check up on people.

Pastor Carter
Likes: Wine
Bio: He works at the church. Visit him if you have time. He also does the Confessional Box.

Likes: Wine and Bodogizer.
Bio: He lives and works at Poultry Farm. His mother is Lillia. He doesn't really like Kai because he's over protective of his sister, Popuri.

Likes: Large fish and ores.
Bio: He owner of the Blacksmith shop. Talk to him if you want to upgrade your tools or get some accessories. He has grandson called Gray.

Likes:Cookies and Wild grapes.
Bio: She is Jeff's wife and Karen's mother. She sometimes yells at Jeff because she thinks Jeff is to easygoing.

Likes: Fish
Bio: Won sells you rare seeds, he usually comes to your house to sell other things. He is usually at the bar.

Likes: Large Fish
Bio: Zack is the local shipper(he buys you crop and things that you gather from the mountain or your animal products). He usally at his beach house.

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