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Seasonal Festivals


Spring 1st
News Years Day
This festival is where the town people get together. The is two places to go to.The Inn and the Town Square. If you go to The Inn, you drink wine. If you go to the Town Square, there is a huge fire in the middle of the square.

Spring 8th
Goddess Festival
This is when the five girls dance around on the square. The day before the Goddess Festival ask the girl you like to go with you to the dance.

Spring 14th
Thanksgiving Festival
This is when you give one of the girls a sweet to eat.

Spring 18th
Local Horse Race
This festival is when you race your horse. Also you can bet on other horses to earn points for prizes.

Spring 22nd
Cooking Festival
This when you cook stuff. Bring the thing you cooked on that day or the day before. This is a hard festival because Ann or Doug always wins.


Summer 1st
Opening Day
This festival is when you go swimming in the ocean.Time when you want to breath.(See prizes page to see when you win.)

Summer 7th
Chicken Festival
This festival is about...well...chicken fighting. If you win all rounds, your chicken will start laying golden eggs.

Summer 12th
Tomato Festival
This festival, you throw tomatoes at characters of BTN. It's very fun if you throw tomatoes at a character that you hate.

Summer 20th
Cow Festival
The day before this festival, Barley will come over and ask you what cow you want to put in the festival. Pick the one that has the most hearts. Next day go to the Yodel Ranch and see if you won the festival.

Summer 24th
Fireworks Display At 6pm go to the beach. Once you are there, pick a girl who you want to watch the fireworks with you.


Fall 3rd
Music Festival
Carter will come to your house and ask you if you want to play in the festival. If you do play go to the church at 6:00 pm.

Fall 9th
Harvest Festival
This festival is about food. If you bring some kind of food and drop it in to the huge pot. If you do that, you will get some stew.

Fall 13th
Moon Viewing
If you go to the top of Mother's Hill. The girl that likes you the most will be there.

Fall 21st
Sheep festival
Same as the cow festival. Barley comes over to your house and asks if what sheep you want to put in the festival. Pick the one that has the most hearts. Next day go to the Yodel Ranch at 10 am. If your sheep wins, it will start producing golden wool.


Winter 10th
Dog Race
Same as the horse race but it's for your dog. You can bet on dogs to earn you points for prizes.

Winter 14th
Winter Thanksgiving
The girl who likes you the most will come over to your farm and give you a sweet treat.

Winter 24th
Star Night Festival
The girl who likes you the most, will invite you to have dinner with her.

Winter 30th
News Years Eve
Go to the top of Mother's hill at 12am and watch the sunrise with the villages.

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