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Japan SoS:AWL (Switch) - January 26, 2023
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Europe SoS:AWL (multi) - June 27, 2023
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Europe HM: Winds of Anthos - October 6, 2023
Ushi No Tane
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Shipped Items List

Here is the list what you can sell to Zack, and how much money you will get when you sell them. The more you ship, the different sayings Zack will speak.

Name Sell Price
Apple 50g
Bamboo Shoot 50g
Bracelet 2,000g
Earrings 2,000g
Necklace 2,000g
Cheese(Small) 300g
Cheese(Medium) 400g
Cheese(Large) 500g
Cheese(Grand) 600g
Chocolate 100g
Egg 50g
Golden Egg 150g
Popuri's Egg 50g
Spa-Boilrd Egg 80g
Fish(Small) 50g
Fish(Medium) 120g
Fish(Large) 200g
Grass(Red) 100g
Grass(Blue) 100g
Grass(Green) 100g
Honey 50
Honey(Special) 60g
Mayonnaise(Small) 100g
Mayonnaise(Medium) 150g
Mayonnaise(Large) 200g
Name Sell Price
Mayonnaise(Grand) 300g
Milk(Small) 100g
Milk(Medium) 150g
Milk(Large) 200g
Milk(Grand) 300g
Mushroom 70g
Poisonous Mushroom 100g
Juck Ore 1g
Copper Ore 15g
Silver Ore 20g
Gold Ore 25g
Mystrile Ore 40g
Adamantite Ore 50g
Orichalc Ore 50g
Truffle 500g
Relax Tea Leaves 1,000g
Wild Grapes 50g
Wool(Small) 100g
Wool(Medium) 400g
Wool(Large) 500g
Wool(Grand) 600g
Yarn Ball(Small) 300g
Yarn Ball(Medium) 700g
Yarn Ball(Large) 800g
Yarn Ball(Grand) 1,000g

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