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Ushi No Tane
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Bachelorettes of Beacon Town

If you are playing as the boy main character, there are five potential boy marriage candidates you can woo; more become available if you buy the separate Download Content for the Ps4 or Switch editions of the game. To get married you'll need to raise your sweetie's friendship music notes by giving gifts and talking with her. Romantic events trigger as you raise your music note friendship level with the girls. Each fellow has three love events that trigger as you raise your friendship music note level.

After the third romance event, and with a little bit more affection, most of the candidates will trigger a confession event by greeting you inside your farm house in the morning, where they'll take you to a romantic place to confess their feelings towards you. This confession is not a dedication or lock-in for that candidate; you can continue to raise your music notes with the other guys after being confessed to, triggering their confession events too. The Lighthouse may need to be fixed for the confessions to trigger.

When playing as the girl main character, you will see the first and second event as a friendship event.

Information about marriage candidate Soleil can be found on the Soleil information page.


One of the first people you'll meet when you arrive on Beacon Island is the local doctor and lighthouse supervisor, Jeanne. Her family has been taking care of the lighthouse for years, until it broke down on her watch. Jeanne is grateful for your efforts to repair the lighthouse and restore its protective powers to the island. She lives close to the lighthouse, just to the west of your farm. Jeanne is typically around in the late afternoon.

Birthday: Winter 7

Loved gifts (hearts): Seashell, Strawberry, Cabbage, Celery, Blueberry

Liked gifts (notes): Great Corn, Orange, flowers

Romantic Events

  1. Walk to the Lighthouse Overlook from your farm or the beach to bump into Jeanne, who is out searching for medical herbs.
  2. Visit Jeanne's house when she's inside (Saturday) to find that she's not feeling well. Sofia stops by to bring her some milk and eggs, and Carol brings her a flower.
  3. Walk from your farm to the mountain in the evening to find Jeanne out for a walk. You offer to go on a walk to the top of the mountain with her.
  4. Confession:


This seamstress moved to the city but then returned once she learned that the island's blacksmith shop has been repaired as you work on locating the third lighthouse tablet. That shop is run by her grandpa Gus, who is getting along in years and, in her opinion, should be taking it easy. Melanie gets very upset with him when he gets hurt. She is a bit overprotective of him!

Melanie doesn't open a shop until you purchase the Download Content to unlock her clothing crafting abilities.

Birthday: Summer 21

Loved gifts (hearts): flowers, Donkey Fur

Liked gifts (notes):

Romantic Events

  1. Walk into Gus' blacksmith shop to see Jeanne taking care of Gus, who got hurt while mining. After Jeanne leaves, Melanie rushes into the house to scold grandpa for being careless.
  2. Walk into Carol's house (Dean should be inside, Carol can be outside. Try Thusdays or Fridays). Melanie is buying flowers for Gus to apologize for being angry at him. It turns out Naomi and Sally also rescued Gus from a perilous situation. In thanks, Melanie gives Sally a scarf she made.
  3. Walk from Beacon Town to the beach after 5:00 pm. Melanie is there to gaze at the stars to put her mind at ease. She'll tell you about her dream to be a world famous fashion designer.
  4. Confession:


This mysterious purple-haired girl took you to Jeanne's clinic when you washed up on the shore of Beacon Island after a terrible storm. You meet her later as you work through locating the third lighthouse tablet. She seems to have a mysterious power tied to the island, but wants to live independently from this source. Nova will start to work at Bastian's restaurant after the lighthouse is restored, following her dream to live on her own.

Birthday: Spring 24

Loved gifts (hearts): Seashell, Pretty Seashell, yogurt

Liked gifts (notes): Apple

Disliked gifts: metals, Sugar

Romantic Events

  1. Rebuild the Restaurant and then walk into it to see Nova's reaction to receiving her first paycheck. Nova does not need to be inside the restaurant for this event to occur.
  2. Walk into Carol's house (Dean should be inside, Carol can be outside) to see Nova wondering what kind of flower she can give to her dad. Nova eventually selects a flower, but then starts to doubt her choice.
  3. Walk into the mountain area to find Nova feeding a local bobcat. Animals are attracted to sincere people. Nova admits she wants to live an honest lifestyle, though she feels bad for having to ask others for help when she's expected to live independently.
  4. Confession:


After you repair the restaurant in Beacon Town, which can be completed after you get the Hammer from Gus, Elise and her chef dad Bastian will move back to the island. Elise hopes to be as skilled a chef as her father, but she has a lot to learn. Bastian is a tough teacher! She's a cheerful lady with a foreign way of speaking, but it just helps to highlight her cuteness.

Birthday: Fall 14

Loved gifts (hearts): Sugar, Salt

Liked gifts (notes): vegetables

Romantic Events

  1. Exit your farm house in the morning on a sunny day to find Elise trying to pull the weeds from your farm yard. She is trying to garden to grow delicious ingredients for cooking, but she doesn't think she is well suited for farming.
  2. You MUST complete the beach pier repair first by using 30 Material Stone, 5 Iron, 2 Mithril, and 5000 G. Then walk from Beacon Town to the Beach to see Elise trying to catch fresh fish to cook. She's been trying all day but no luck. You give it a try and catch something right away.
  3. Walk into Bastian's restaurant to see Naomi, Sally, and Sam here. They're looking forward to eating what Elise has cooked up. Even though Bastian is nervous as to what Elise will bring, it turns out to be quite delicious. Elise admits she took into account the person's favorite foods when cooking the dish and thought of you the whole time she was cooking. If she was your spouse, she could cook like this for you ever day!
  4. Confession:


While working on the fourth lighthouse tablet, you'll be requested by Edmond to rebuilt the houses of his apprentices to entice them to move back. Edmond needs their help for locating the lighthouse tablets. One of the apprentices is the World's Number One Witch, Tabitha. Or at least that's what she claims. Tabitha has a one-sided rivalry with Gareth, Edmond's other apprentice. She tries to one-up him in various tasks that they work on. Tabitha also has an obsession with frogs.

Tabitha does have a fortune telling service that you can utilize when she's inside her house. She'll give you suggestions as to what to give (or not give) to the villagers to raise your friendship.

Birthday: Spring 28

Loved gifts (hearts): Poinsetta, Orange, Grapefruit

Liked gifts (notes): eggs, milk, Blueberry, Great Pink Pansy, Strawberry, Onion, Wool

Disliked gifts: Sugar, Gold, lumber

Romantic Events

  1. Walk into Tabitha's house to see Sally trying to get her future predicted. Tabitha keeps predicting Sally will marry Michael, which doesn't go over very well with Sally! She keeps asking Tabitha to redo the fortune, but the results are always the same.
  2. Walk into Tabitha's house to "help" Tabitha with a froggy-transformation potion, though she's a bit tired from staying up all night researching magic. Doc comes in to browse her reference books. She tries to explain her quantum magic with frogs books, but Doc keeps looking at other books and not paying attention to her. Naturally this annoys the World's Number One Witch a little bit.
  3. Walk from your farm to the town to see Tabitha nagging Gareth and trying to convince him to magic battle her to see which of them will stay on the island. Gareth eventually poofs away in a cloud of smoke. Tabitha reveals to you that she used to be Edmond's only apprentice unti Gareth showed up and surpassed her abilities. She's been trying ever since to have Edmond recognize her as a better mage than Gareth.
  4. Confession:
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