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Ushi No Tane
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Normal Fetch Requests

You will receive a morning visit from Jeanne the morning after you fix Sam's shop in Beacon Town. She will ask you to fetch her 7 Celery, which you can now buy the seeds from Sam. Grow the crop and bring her what she requests by talking to her and then accepting the "Give the requested item?" prompt. After that, you will start to receive bring-me-this type of request from the other villagers.

In the morning you may see an icon hovering over your mailbox by the front door of your house. The villagers will send you letters containing an explanation as to their problem and what you can bring them to solve their issue. The items they will request range from easy (wild flowers) to more difficult (cooked recipes). Once you collect the requested goods, talk to the requester villager to hand them over and receive a reward.

Most requests can be completed by handing over a higher-quality good than what the requester is asking of you. For example, when Melanie requests you bring her 2 Wool, you can bring her 2 Great Wool or a higher-quality version. The game will display a notice that you have a better quality of item and asks if you want to give it. If you select "yes," then you'll hand the item over. If you do select "no," then you won't hand anything over to complete the request. Requests that will accept higher-quality goods will need to be completed in full using that quality. For Melanie's 2 Wool example, you cannot complete the request with 1 Wool and 1 Great Wool; you have to use two of the same quality.

Villagers will give you one request to work on for them, although with multiple villagers you may have multiple active requests. You can see your list of requests by accessing your Y Menu and then selecting the Request letter icon. You can page through your active requests, your completed requests, or a combined list of active and completed requests. As you finish each one, it will move over to the completed list.

Each villager has a specific number of one-time requests they assign to you, each one a little more challenging than the one before. Marriage candidates have a total of 10 regular requests, and villagers have 8 regular requests. More requests will appear after you complete their normal fetch requests. These new requests are seasonal requests, with each villager having two versions each season that will randomly appear in your farm mailbox. Just like with the regular requests, you cannot manually cancel a seasonal request to trigger a new request.

The requests have a priority level, from bachelorettes, to bachelors, to the villagers, and finally the deities. If you're trying to get the deity requets farther down the request list, then you'll have to receive the higher priority requests and then not complete them so the game will assign the next lower request in the list of possible requests. For example, if you're trying to get Sally's requests and you complete all of the bachelorettes' requests, the next morning you may end up with another request from a bachelorette since their spots are available in the list of requets.

Jeanne's Tonic

No.Item RequestedReward
11 Celery10 Cabbage Seeds
22 Onion10 Celery Seeds
32 Tomato10 Marguerite Seeds
44 Wheat10 Tulip Seeds
54 Hot Pepper10 Fodder Corn Seeds
64 Carrot10 Durum Wheat Seeds
74 Spinach10 Carnation
84 Broccoli10 Viola Seeds
94 Broccolini - Grow Broccoli on your farm (grassy terrain) during spring season. No special fertilizer required.10 Scallion Seeds
104 Cranberry - Grow Blueberry on Beach: Central or Beach: Eastern (swampy terrain) during Winter using Berry Fertilizer at least once. 10 San Marzano Seeds

Cyril's Country Life 8 reward you with 10 Cranberry Seeds.

Elise's Cuisine

No.Item RequestedReward
13 StrawberryPeach Pie recipe, 4 Flour
22 MilkNo-Bake Cheesecake recipe, 4 Flour
33 CornStrawberry Mille-Feuille recipe, 4 Cornmeal
42 EggNapolitan recipe, 4 Cornmeal
53 CarrotPumpkin Potage recipe, 4 Durum Wheat Flour
62 Great MilkGreen Smoothie recipe, 4 Durum Wheat Flour
73 AppleFish Burger recipe, 4 Barley Flour
82 Great EggFish & Chips recipe, 4 Barley Flour
93 Purple Asparagus - Grow Asparagus in the mountain (mixed terrain) during spring using Asparagus Fertilizer at least once.Mixed Berry Cake recipe, 4 Rye Flour
102 Ultimate MilkWatermelon Punch recipe, 4 Rye Flour

Melanie's Latest Look

No.Item RequestedReward
12 Wool750 G
24 Wool1200 G
33 Donkey Fur1500 G
44 Donkey Fur2250 G
52 Wool, 2 Donkey Fur3000 G
62 Great Wool, 2 Great Donkey Fur4500 G
72 Cotton Candy Wool4500 G
82 Silky Fur10,500 G
93 Cotton Candy Wool, 3 Silky Fur10,500 G
101 Supreme Wool, 1 Supreme Donkey Fur15,000 G

Tabitha's Antics

No.Item RequestedReward
11 Glass Material5 Yellow Tulip Seeds, 5 White Tulip Seeds
22 Glass Material5 Yellow Dahlia Seeds, 5 White Dahlia Seeds
35 Glass Material20 Great Animal Feed
42 Agate Ore30 Great Animal Feed
52 Crystal Ore10 Fertilizer, 10 Celery Blend
64 Crystal Ore10 Fertilizer, 10 Pepper Bland
72 Opal Ore20 Purple Pansy Seeds
82 Moonstone Ore20 Delicious Animal Feed
91 Sapphire Ore10 Growth Promoter EX
101 Diamond Ore2 Miracle Potion

Grateful Nova

No.Item RequestedReward
11 Bread - Buy from Bastian or cook in your kitchen: (3 Flour or 4 Barley Flour or 5 Cornmeal) + 1 Salt5 Iron Ore, 5 Bamboo Shoot
21 Perch5 Bronze Ore, 5 Bamboo Shoot
31 Egg5 Silver Ore, 5 Bamboo Shoot
41 Meuniere = (1 Rainbow Trout or 1 Cod or 1 Perch or 1 Yellow Perch or 1 Bullhead) + 1 Butter + 1 Salt2 Crystal Ore, 5 Seashell
51 Pizza Toast = (4 Bread or 2 Great Bread) + 2 Cheese + (3 Tomato or 2 Great Tomato)4 Crystal Ore, 5 Seashell
61 Tomato Juice = (10 Tomato or 8 San Marzano or 6 Red Zeppelin or 4 Crimson or 2 Killer Tomato) + 2 Salt + (1 Hot Pepper or 1 Habanero or 1 Jalapeno or 1 Dragon Pepper or 1 Devil Pepper)2 Agate Ore, 5 Seashell
71 Gratin = 5 Cheese + 2 Milk + (3 Durum Wheat Flour or 2 Great Durum Flour)5 Mithril Ore, 5 Mushroom
81 Whitefish En Croute = (2 Tilapia or 2 Redbelly Tilapia or 2 Sea Bream or 2 Striped Beakfish) + (4 Flour or 2 Great Flour) + 3 Cheese2 Ruby Ore, 5 Mushroom
91 Trout Acqua Pazza = 3 Rainbow Trout + (10 Tomato or 8 San Marzano or 6 Red Zeppelin or 4 Crimson or 2 Killer Tomato) + (4 Orange Pepper or 2 Magic Pepper)5 Adamantite Ore, 5 Pretty Seashell
101 Blueberry Pie = (10 Blueberry or 5 Great Blueberry) + (3 Flour or 1 Great Flour) + 2 Butter2 Soul Gem Ore, 5 Pretty Seashell

Dean's Fertilizer

No.Item RequestedReward
15 Compost10 Growth Promoter
210 Compost10 Cabbage Blend, 10 Tomato Blend, Fertilizer Recipe Set 1
310 Fertilizer5 Cabbage Super Blend, 5 Tomato Super Blend
415 Compost, 2 Hot Pepper10 Pepper Blend, 10 Berry Blend, Fertilizer Recipe Set 2
530 Fertilizer5 Pepper Super Blend, 5 Berry Super Blend
66 Compost, 2 Watermelon10 Asparagus Blend, 10 Melon Blend, Fertilizer Recipe Set 3
78 Compost 2 Wool5 Asparagus Super Blend, 5 Melon Super Blend
88 Compost, 2 Seashell10 Growth Promoter, 10 Retention Agent, Fertilizer Recipe Set 4
98 Compost, 2 Alligator Gar5 Growth Promoter Super, 5 Retention Agent Super
108 Compost, 2 Kegling5 Perfect Bread, 10 Melon Blend, Fertilizer Recipe Set 5

Fertilizer Recipe Set 1: Tomato Blend, Tomato Super Blend, Corn Blend, Corn Super Blend, Cabbage Blend, Cabbage Super Blend, Celery Blend, Celery Super Blend, Onion Blend, Onion Super Blend, Wheat Blend, Wheat Super Blend, Potato Blend, Potato Super Blend, Carrot Blend, Carrot Super Blend, Spinach Blend, Spinach Super Blend

Fertilizer Recipe Set 2: Berry Blend, Berry Super Blend, Pepper Blend, Pepper Super Blend, Pumpkin Blend, Pumpkin Super Blend, Broccoli Blend, and Broccoli Super Blend

Fertilizer Recipe Set 3: Melon Blend, Melon Super Blend, Asparagus Blend, and Asparagus Super Blend

Fertilizer Recipe Set 4: Retention Agent, Retention Agent Super, Retention Agent EX, Retention Agent SP, Retention Agent Omega, Growth Promoter, Growth Promoter Super, Growth Promoter EX, Growth Promoter SP, Growth Promoter Omega, and Herbicide

Fertilizer Recipe Set 5: Perfect Blend and Ultimate Blend

Alligator Gar is a fish caught during Summer in the mountain pond by the Harvest Goddess Spring when using Tropical Feed (after 11am works best).

Cyril's Country Life

The materials to complete these requests come from using the Windmill.

No.Item RequestedReward
14 Cornmeal2 Yellow Perch, Regular Bait recipe, 1000 G
210 Regular Bait3 Rainbow Trout, 1600 G
320 Regular Bait10 Fodder Corn Seeds, Good Bait recipe, 2000 G
410 Good Bait10 San Marzano Seeds, 3000 G
52 Olive Flounder - Catch in the mornings or late afternoon during fall and winter seasons using Regular Bait or greater3 Goby, Excellent Bait recipe, 4000 G
62 Excellent Bait3 Bullhead, 6000 G
74 Excellent Bait10 Orange Pepper Seeds, Delectable Bait recipe, 6000 G
84 Delectable Fish Feed10 Cranberry Seeds, Fertilizer Fish recipe, 14,000 G
94 Fertilizer Fish Feed2 Sea Bream, Tropical Feed recipe, 14,000 G
104 Tropical Feed2 Righteye Flounder, Ragnarok Feed recipe, 20,000 G

Gareth's Inquiry 8 rewards you with 5 Tropical Feed.

Gabriel's Animal Feed

No.Item RequestedReward
15 Corn2 Great Milk, 2 Great Butter
210 Animal Feed2 Great Milk, 2 Great Cheese
35 Great Animal Feed2 Great Egg, 2 Great Yogurt
44 Cornmeal2 Great Egg, 2 Great Mayonnaise
54 Fodder Cornmeal2 Great Wool
62 Yellow Perch2 Great Donkey Fur
710 Fodder Cornmeal2 Great Chocolate Milk
815 Fodder Cornmeal2 Great Cotton Candy Wool, 2 Great Silky Fur
910 Delicious Feed2 Ultimate Egg, 2 Ultimate Candy Egg
101 Alligator Gar2 Ultimate Milk, 2 Ultimate Chocolate Milk

Alligator Gar is a fish caught during Summer in the mountain pond by the Harvest Goddess Spring when using Tropical Feed (after 11am works best).

Gareth's Inquiry

No.Item RequestedReward
11 Jade10 Corn Seeds
21 Fluorite10 Fodder Corn Seeds
31 Agate20 Regular Bait
41 Opal20 Good Bait
51 Crystal10 Retention Agent, 2 Herbicide
61 Peridot10 Growth Promoter, 2 Herbicide
71 Moonstone10 Baby Asparagus Seeds
81 Onyx5 Tropical Feed
91 Amethyst10 Retention Agent EX, 2 Herbicide
101 Emerald10 Growth Promoter EX, 2 Herbicide

Edmond's Toils

No.Item RequestedReward
12 Cabbage10 Cabbage Seeds, 10 Cabbage Blend
22 Celery10 Celery Seeds, 10 Celery Blend
32 Green Pepper10 Tomato Seeds, 10 Tomato Blend
42 Corn10 Green Pepper Seeds, 10 Pepper Blend
52 Carrot10 Potato Seeds, 10 Potato Blend
62 Pumpkin10 Spinach Seeds, 10 Spinach Blend
74 Cabbage Blend10 White Celery Seeds, 10 Celery Blend
84 Orange Pepper - Grow Green Pepper on your farm (grassy terrain) during summer season. No special fertilizer required.10 Asparagus Seeds, 10 Asparagus Blend
910 Scallion Seeds - Grow Onion on your farm (grassy terrain) during spring season. No special fertilizer required. Sell 10 Scallion to unlock Scallion Seeds.10 Blueberry Seeds, 10 Berry Blend
1010 San Marzano Seeds - Grow Tomato in the mountain (dry terrain) during summer season. No special fertilizer required. Sell 10 San Marzano to unlock San Marzano Seeds.10 Purple Asparagus Seeds, 10 Asparagus Blend

Bastian's Farm to Table

No.Item RequestedReward
12 PerchBaguette recipe, 4 Great Flour
22 Yellow PerchRainbow Trout En Croute recipe, 4 Great Flour
34 Tomato, 2 OnionPotato Salad recipe, 4 Great Durum Flour
44 Broccoli, 2 SpinachMargherita Pizza recipe, 4 Great Durum Flour
52 Peach, 2 Apple, 2 OrangeVichyssoise recipe, 4 Great Barley Flour
62 Orange Pepper, 2 Asparagus, 2 CeleryTrout Cream Pasta recipe, 4 Great Barley Flour
72 Watermelon, 2 TomatoBagna Cauda recipe, 4 Great Rye Flour
82 Tilapia, 2 Tomato, 2 AsparagusTuna Carpaccio recipe, 4 Great Rye Flur

Gus' Ore

No.Item RequestedReward
12 Iron Ore15 Tomato Seeds
22 Iron Ore15 Green Pepper Seeds
32 Bronze Ore15 Carrot Seeds
42 Silver Ore15 Hot Pepper Seeds
52 Gold Ore15 Broccoli Seeds
62 Gold Ore15 Blueberry Seeds
72 Mithril Ore15 Gooseberry Seeds
82 Orichalcum Ore15 Black Current Seeds

Carol's Flowers

No.Item RequestedReward
14 Tulip4 Great Marguerite
24 Marguerite4 Great White Tulip
34 Pink Dahlia4 Great Marguerite
44 Sunflower4 Great Yellow Dahlia
54 Cosmos4 Great Sunflower
64 Carnation4 Great Sunny Red
74 Pink Pansy4 Great Pink Pansy
84 Viola - Grow Pink Pansy during winter season to mutate into Purple Pansy, then sell 30 Purple Pansy to unlock Purple Pansy Seeds. Then grow Purple Pansy during winter season to mutate into Viola4 Great Yellow Pansy

Sofia's Special Feed

No.Item RequestedReward
110 Animal Feed5 Cornmeal, 250 G
220 Animal Feed10 Cornmeal, 400 G
340 Animal Feed5 Fodder Cornmeal, 500 G
410 Great Animal Feed10 Fodder Cornmeal, 750 G
520 Great Animal Feed5 Sweet Cornmal, 1000 G
620 Animal Feed, 10 Great Animal Feed10 Sweet Cornmeal, 1500 G
710 Delicious Animal Feed10 Sunset Meal, 3500 G
810 Delicious Animal Feed, 20 Great Animal Feed10 Yellow Cornmeal, 5000 G

Michael's Manly Moves

No.Item RequestedReward
11 Potato Salad = (3 Potato or 2 Purple Potato or 2 Giant Potato or 1 Black Potato or 1 Titan Potato) + (2 Carrot or 1 Baby Carrot or 1 Brown Carrot or 1 White Carrot or 1 Mandrake) + (2 Boiled Egg or 1 Great Boild Egg or 1 Ultimate Boiled Egg or 1 Supreme Boiled Egg or 1 Legendary Boiled Egg)10 Softwood Lumber
21 Fried Egg = 1 Egg20 Softwood Lumber
31 Meuniere = (1 Rainbow Trout or 1 Cod or 1 Perch or 1 Yellow Perch or 1 Bullhead) + 1 Butter + 1 Salt10 Glass Material
41 Milk5 Iron Ore, 2 Seashell
51 Sweet Corn - Grow Corn on your farm (grassy terrain) during summer season. No special fertilizer required.5 Bronze Ore, 2 Seashell
61 Pumpkin Potage = (5 Pumpkin or 6 Zucchini or 4 Squash or 3 Cream Pumpkin or 1 Giant Pumpkin) + 1 Salt + (4 Butter or 3 Great Butter or 2 Ultimate Butter or 1 Supreme Butter or 1 Miracle Butter)10 Hardwood Lumber, 4 Seashell
71 Green Salad = (3 Asparagus or 5 Baby Asparagus or 3 Purple Asparagus or 1 Phalax) + (4 Broccoli or 3 Broccolini or 2 Romanesco or 1 Evergreen or 1 Dryad) + 1 Mayonnaise (any quality)5 Silver Ore, 4 Seashell
81 Bagna Cauda = (To Be Continued)5 Gold Ore, 1 Pretty Seashell

Banga Cauda is a recipe awarded for completing Bastian's Farm to Table #7 request.

Sam's Family

No.Item RequestedReward
11 Crystal500 G
21 Amethyst800 G
31 Pink Rose1000 G
44 Wool1500 G
52 Moonstone2000 G
64 Silky Fur3000 G
71 Ruby7000 G
82 Goldberry - This is a mutation of Cranberry when grown on dry terrain during Summer when using Berry Fertilizer. Cranberry is a mutation of Blueberry when grown on swampy terrain during Winter using Berry Fertilizer.10,000 G

Cyril's Country Life 8 reward you with 10 Cranberry Seeds.

Doc's Invention

No.Item RequestedReward
12 Glass, 2 Material Stone10 Compost
22 Iron, 2 Material Stone10 Material Stone
32 Hardwood Lumber, 3 Softwood Lumber10 Softwood Lumber, Hedge fence blueprint
42 Bronze, 5 Softwood Lumber10 Glass Material, Candy Cane fence blueprint
52 Silver, 3 Hardwood Lumber3 Mithril, Holiday Ornament fence blueprint, Mechanical fence blueprint
62 Mithril, 5 Hardwood Lumber10 Hardwood Lumber
72 Gold, 1 Moonstone3 Pink Diamond, Sprite Flowerbed decoration blueprint
87 Orichalcum, 1 Adamantite3 Adamantite, 20th Anniversary Statue decoration blueprint

Naomi's Scoop

No.Item RequestedReward
12 Milk, 2 Egg750 G
22 Cheese, 2 Butter1200 G
34 Mystic Herb - Grow Celery on your farm (grassy terrain) during summer season. Must use Celery Blend Fertilizer at least once.1500 G
44 Donkey Fur2250 G
52 Great Milk, 2 Great Cheese3000 G
62 Great Milk, 2 Great Yogurt4500 G
71 Trout Acqua Pazza, 1 Meuniere10,500 G
81 Blueberry Chocolate Pie = (10 Blueberry or 5 Great Blueberry) + (3 Flour or 1 Great Flour) + 4 Chocolate Milk (no substitutions)
1 Cream Gratin = 5 Cream Cheese + (4 Onion or 3 Great Onion) + (3 Durum Wheat Flour or 2 Great Durum Flour)
15,000 G

Sally's Harvest Sprites

No.Item RequestedReward
11 Bread5 Mushroom, 2 Seashell
21 Strawberry Cake = (5 Strawberry or 4 White Berry or 3 Angel Lantern or 2 Magical Berry or 1 Princess Eye) + (4 Flour or 2 Great Flour) + 5 Sugar5 Compost, 3 Seashell
34 Sardine5 Softwood Lumber
42 White Dahlia - Grow Pink Dahlia during summer season. No special fertilizer required.5 Iron Ore, 3 Glass Material
51 Great Cheese5 Poinsetta
62 Pretty Seashell5 Softwood Lumber, 2 Hardwood Lumber
72 Chocolate Milk5 Onyx, 1 Moonstone
81 Blueberry Chocolate Pie = (10 Blueberry or 5 Great Blueberry) + (3 Flour or 1 Great Flour) + 4 Chocolate Milk (no substitutions)5 Mithril Ore, 5 Adamantite Ore

The rewards for completing the deities requests is the Blissful Bread recipe, a cooked item you make in your kitchen that when eaten, permanently increases your stamina heart by 1. Making Blissful Bread requires 2 Blessed Flour. You can increase your stamina to a maximum of 10 hearts.

The deities only have 5 normal requests each. After the initial 5 requests, they will give repeatable seasonal requests just like the other villagers do.

Harvest God's Gift

No.Item RequestedReward
14 Watermelon2 Olive Flounder, 1 Blessed Flour, Blissful Bread recipe
24 Durum Wheat - Grow Wheat in the mountain (mixed terrain) during summer season. No special fertilizer required.5 Cranberry, 1 Blessed Flour
34 Baby Asparagus - Grow Asparagus on your farm (grassy terrain) or mountain (dry terrain) during spring season. No special fertilizer required5 San Marzano, 1 Blessed Flour
44 Magic Pepper - Grow Orange Pepper in the mountain (mixed terrain) during spring using Pepper Fertilizer3 Cod, 1 Blessed Flour
54 Goldberry5 Cranberry, 1 Blessed Flour

Harvest Goddess' Whimsy

No.Item RequestedReward
11 Whitefish En Croute - (2 Tilapia or 2 Redbelly Tilapia or 2 Sea Bream or 2 Striped Beakfish) + (4 Flour or 2 Great Flour) + 3 Cheese10 White Rose Seeds, 1 Blessed Four, Blissful Bread recipe
21 Mixed Berry Cake10 Pink Rose Seeds, 1 Blessed Flour
31 Tomato Juice10 White Tulip Seeds, 1 Blessed Flour
41 Fish and Chips10 Sunny Red Seeds, 1 Blessed Flour
51 Cranberry Chocolate Pie10 Viola Seeds, 1 Blessed Flour

Gorgan's Wish

No.Item RequestedReward
14 Great White Rose, 4 Great Blue Rose - Grow the rose seeds during spring (for White Rose) and winter (for Blue Rose) and use fertilize to increase plant health to help trigger great-quality mutation on harvest.10 Watermelon Seeds, 1 Blessed Flour, Blissful Bread recipe
24 Great Pink Rose, 4 Great Red Rose10 Durum Wheat Flour, 1 Blessed Flour
34 White Tulip, 4 Yellow Tulip10 Baby Asparagus Seeds, 1 Blessed Flour
44 Sunny Red, 4 Pink Carnation10 Magic Pepper Seeds, 1 Blessed Flour
54 Great Viola10 Cranberry Seeds, 1 Blessed Flour

Michelle and Shirlock do have requests, but their request priority is below the deities. To get their requests to appear you'll have to leave everyone else's requests unfinished until the game finally sends you the lowest-priority Michelle and Shirlock requests.

These two characters are optional download content for the Special Edition of Light of Hope.

Michelle's Research

No.Item RequestedReward
12 Glass, 1 Iron20 Sunflower, 10 Fertilizer
22 Fluorite, 1 Bronze20 Cosmos, 10 Fertilizer
32 Agate, 1 Silver20 White Rose, 10 Fertilizer
42 Crystal, 1 Gold20 Blue Rose, 10 Growth Promoter
52 Opal, 1 Mithril20 Pink Dahlia, 10 Growth Promoter
62 Onyx, 2 Mithril20 White Tulip, 10 Growth Promoter
72 Ruby, 1 Orichalcum20 Yellow Tulip, 10 Retention Agent
82 Sapphire, 2 Orichalcum10 Yellow Dahlia, 10 Retention Agent

Detective Shirlock

No.Item RequestedReward
15 Softwood Lumber, 3 Hardwood Lumber5 Material Stone, 3 Wool, 1000 G
22 Glass, 2 Iron5 Glass, 3 Wool, 1000 G
32 Bronze5 Iron, 3 Donkey Fur, 1000 G
42 Silver5 Bronze, 3 Donkey Fur, 1000 G
520 Hot Pepper5 Silver, 3 Great Wool, 1000 G
62 Mithril5 Gold, 3 Great Donkey Fur, 2000 G
72 Cod5 Mithril, 3 Cotton Candy Wool, 3000 G
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