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LoH Download Content #2

The second download content pack for Light of Hope was released on June 19, 2018. It contains two supplemental marriage candidates for the farmer charcter to woo and possibly marry. Both characters will appear in the game, but only the character that is the opposite gender of your farmer character will be available as a bachelor or bachelorette.


Walk into Beacon Town to unlock Shirlock, who introduces himself as Naomi's assistant. He also likes to dabble in investigating mysteries. There are three mysteries he's hoping to solve while residing on Lighthouse Island.

Birthday: Summer 18

Loved gifts (hearts): seashells, bread, Poinsetta

Liked gifts (notes): flowers, strawberries, Bamboo Shoot, eggs

Disliked gifts: ore, lumber, stone, milk

Romantic Events

  1. Walk from your farm to the mountain area (Tuesday) to see Shirlock trying to investigate the mystery of the lady's reflection. You take him to the Harvest Goddess' Spring where the the goddess decides to appear in front of him, scaring Shirlock away. He believes he's been visted by a ghost!
  2. Walk from the lighthouse area towards the entrance to the Underworld Kingdom where you'll find Shirlock investigating the mystery of the earthquake-causing eel. You walk him into Gorgan's throne room. Shirlock can't see Gorgan, so the underworld king desides to play a trick on the timid investigator. Aaah, another ghost!


Walk to the mountain area after Doc's laboratory and the hot springs has been repaired to meet up with a strange lady who is trying to locate Doc's house. Once you point her in the correct direction she'll continue her search. Then head to Doc's house to meet up with Michelle and Doc. Turns out Michelle is a scientific collegue of Doc's. The two of them were working on a time machine project when Doc suddenly took off. She needs Doc's assistance to finish the job.

Birthday: Spring 16

Loved gifts (hearts): seashells, yogurt

Liked gifts (notes): flowers

Disliked gifts: ores

Romantic Events

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