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The Villagers of Beacon Island


You'll need to repair the restaurant in Beacon Town to entice the local chef to return. You'll need 10 Softwood Lumber, 5 Stone, and 2 Perch; you'll get the fishing pole as you work on the third lighthouse tablet. Once Bastian moves back to town, he'll open a shop Monday through Saturday. He'll sell cooking recipes for your kitchen and staple ingredients such as Flour, Sugar, and Salt.

Birthday: Fall 21

Loved gifts (hearts): Mushroom, Great Pumpkin, Cabbage

Liked gifts (notes): Egg

Disliked gifts: Sugar


Dean's mom runs a small flower shop in Beacon Town where you can purchase flower seeds and fertilizers you can use to trigger crop mutations. She moves back to town after you repair their house as you work your way through restoring the second lighthouse tablet. Carol's sweet personality has caught the eye of magnificent Doc, but we all know she isn't a good match for the great silver fox.

Birthday: Winter 28

Loved gifts (hearts): flowers, Sapphire, Seashell

Liked gifts (notes): milk, egg, candy egg, Flour, tree fruit, wool

Disliked gifts: lumber


The greatest scientific genius who ever lived on Beacon Island (yes, ever), Doc appears as you start working your way through the third tablet. His technological wonder of a house is located in the northwest corner of the mountain area, where he crafts things such as your house upgrades, barn upgrades, and extra fences that you can place around your farm. He also helps you with making repairs to the tablets.

Birthday: Winter 14

Loved gifts (hearts): lumber and ores

Liked gifts (notes): Blueberry

Disliked gifts: Pumpkin


Melanie's grandpa unlocks as you work through the third tablet as well. He's an older fellow who loves to remodel your tools and work his forge, though his granddaughter thinks he isn't careful enough. Gus tends to need help from others. He's also glad to have Melanie around to care for him, even though much of her "care" is scolding him for getting hurt again.

Birthday: Summer 7

Loved gifts (hearts): ores, gems

Liked gifts (notes):

Disliked gifts:


Max and Michael are typically together; where ever you see the little dog, you're bound to see Michael somewhere nearby. He is Gabriel's little brother and comes back to the island after you repair Sofia's livestock shop in the mountain area. Michael believes his older brother is a little weird for thinking so highly of animals, but loves him just the same. The little kid wants to grow up big and strong so Sally stops teases him about being small.

Birthday: Spring 21

Loved gifts (hearts): Strawberry Jam, Boiled Egg, Bread

Liked gifts (notes): Egg, Strawberry

Disliked gifts: flowers, Sugar


Along with Jeanne, Naomi and her daughter Sally chose to remain on Beacon Island while everyone else moved away. Naomi is a newspaper reporter by trade, so investigating the island's properties is just part of what she naturally does. She has a cheerful disposition and likes to help out. Naomi may be a good writer, but Sally will tell you that she's an awful cook.

Birthday: Fall 7

Loved gifts (hearts): Seashell, Pretty Seashell

Liked gifts (notes):

Disliked gifts: pasta


Sally doesn't really trust strangers, though it doesn't take too much effort to warm up to her. She is tough, independent, and doesn't need anyone's help, especially Michael's help. He's going to help her despite her objections and teasing, though they both deny there is any potential that they will become a couple once they grow older.

Birthday: Summer 28

Loved gifts (hearts): Seashell, Pretty Seashell

Liked gifts (notes):

Disliked gifts:


The local merchant moves back to Beacon Town after you set the first tablet in the base of the lighthouse. He'll sell crop seeds, basic fishing bait, and lumber from the bag he carries around on his back. Sam is married and has a daughter. While his family lives on another island, you'll never see them at any time during the game. Sam will reference them during his requests.

Birthday: Spring 7

Loved gifts (hearts): lumber, ores

Liked gifts (notes):

Disliked gifts: eggs


Sofia takes care of animals along with her sons, Gabriel and Michael. She'll also sell animals to raise on your farm along with medicine and animal feed. Sofia's schedule keeps her in the area of her shop in the mountain, as you'll either find her inside the shop (Monday through Saturday) or wandering around outside its doors on Sundays.

Birthday: Summer 14

Loved gifts (hearts): Mushroom

Liked gifts (notes): Corn, Orange

Disliked gifts:

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