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Ushi No Tane
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Deities and Harvest Sprites

You'll start meeting the Harvest Sprites within your first few days in the game, unlocking each one as you discover the locations of the blown-away tablets that once were attached to the base of the lighthouse. The three magical dieties that watch over the island will also make their appearance as you continue your way through the game's story.

If you are playing the Special Edition of the game on Playstation 4 or Nintendo Switch, the Harvest Goddess and Gorgan are potential marriage candidates if you purchase the optional DLC.

The deities seem to take longer to raise friendship than the villagers. All of the Harvest Sprites have the same birthday.


This cheery little sprite unlocks after you set the Second Tablet at the lighthouse. Blossom likes to hang out by the flower shop in town, right under the feet of Dean and Carol! You may have to push the two humans a bit to make enough space to get to the little Harvest Sprite.

Birthday: Spring 18

Loved gifts (hearts): flowers

Liked gifts (notes): eggs, Blueberry

Disliked gifts:


The animal friendly sprite appears once you buy a cow or sheep for the repaired barn on your farm. While Calvin likes the animals you care for on your farm, the sprite doesn't bring the animals back into their barns. You still have to ring the barn bell to stop the grazing time.

Birthday: Spring 18

Loved gifts (hearts): milk, eggs

Liked gifts (notes):

Disliked gifts:


Dewy makes an appearance after you obtain the fishing pole from Cyril and use it to catch the Third Tablet. The sprite likes fish and keeping the waterways clean. You'll find Dewy wandering around the beach area south of town.

Birthday: Spring 18

Loved gifts (hearts): fish

Liked gifts (notes): fish cuisine

Disliked gifts:


This sprite appears after you have rebuilt the entrance to the mine, and then the blacksmith shop, to entice Gus to return home. Exiting the old miner's house will trigger Flint to make an apperance. Flint has a very chill, no worries kind of personality. You'll find Flint along the path north of the mine that leads to the dry terrain area of the mountain and hanging out with Gorgan.

Birthday: Spring 18

Loved gifts (hearts): Stone, ores

Liked gifts (notes):

Disliked gifts: lumber, processed gems


The ruler of the Underworld is not a fan of those who live up on the surface, but you seem to change his mind just a little bit. He likes to keep his treasures close to his heart and hidden from the world above. You'll meet Gorgan as you locate the Fifth Tablet for the lighthouse.

Birthday: Fall 1

Loved gifts (hearts): Cosmos, Carnation, Great Pink Pansy, Poinsetta

Liked gifts (notes): Apple, Broccoli, tree fruit

Disliked gifts: juice

Harvest God

This sleepy fellow lives high above the surface, with the entrance of his kingdom hidden from view until you locate the Fourth Tablet and talk with Woody the Harvest Sprite. He has been using the Fifth Tablet as a pillow! The Harvest God has a soft spot for the Harvest Goddess, though nothing romantic ever happens between them.

Birthday: Summer 1

Loved gifts (hearts): Poinsetta, Apple, Orange, Grapefruit, Fried Egg

Liked gifts (notes): Chocolate Milk, Great Corn, Cabbage, Blueberry, Candy Egg

Disliked gifts: Milk

Harvest Goddess

The goddess of the island went missing once the lighthouse's powers begain to disappear. Where did she go off to? You'll discover what happened to the Goddess as you work though locating the Fourth Tablet.

Birthday: Winter 1

Loved gifts (hearts): Strawberry Jam, Poinsetta, Seashell, Pretty Seashell, Fried Egg

Liked gifts (notes): Candy Egg, Strawberry, Orange

Disliked gifts: ores


Oliver is the Harvest Sprite of Spirit and is the last sprite to be discovered. The little guy is very calm and rational compared to Dewy or Blossom. Oliver will spend time by Jeanne's house in the lighthouse area and with the Harvest Goddess at her spring.

Birthday: Spring 18

Loved gifts (hearts): Blueberry

Liked gifts (notes): Milk, Orange, fish

Disliked gifts: egg cuisine


The Harvest Sprite of crops, Rowan will appear on your second day of the game after you save him from being smothered by a weed growing above a stone tablet. You and Rowan work together to try and discovery why the lightouse's powers have gone away.

Birthday: Spring 18

Loved gifts (hearts): Cabbage, vegetables

Liked gifts (notes): flowers

Disliked gifts:


The Harvest Sprite of trees, Woody can be unlocked after you and Gabriel befriend the Blue Bird. This sprite can be found around Gus' blacksmith shop when Woody isn't in the Sprite tree located on your farm.

Birthday: Spring 18

Loved gifts (hearts): Strawberry Jam, Boiled Egg, tree fruit

Liked gifts (notes): Great Milk, Blueberry

Disliked gifts: ores

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