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Ushi No Tane
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LoH Download Content #4

Released on July 31 for Switch/Ps4, this last DLC option unlocks the magical deities Gorgan and the Harvest Goddess as marriage candidates. These two will not live inside of your farm house after marriage.


The ruler of the Underworld is not a fan of those who live up on the surface, but you seem to change his mind just a little bit. He likes to keep his treasures close to his heart and hidden from the world above. You'll meet Gorgan as you locate the Fifth Tablet for the lighthouse.

Romantic Events

  1. Walk into the Underworld Kingdom to find Gorgan in pain. He tries to hide it from you though, but you don't believe him. After he ejects you from the throne room, Rowan and Flint find it unusual that Gorgan is in pain. They volunteer to chat with the Harvest God and Harvest Goddess about the issue (you don't have to do anything more).
  2. Head into the Harvest Goddess' Spring (Tuesday) and you'll find Rowan and Flint explaining Gorgan's issue with her. Goddess explains that there's "bad stuff" building up inside of Gorgan. His sickness can be cured easily though; he just needs to go through a detox! Knowing that Gorgan won't accept their cure, Goddess asks that you help at as well. Back in the Underworld, the king denies being sick, but relents because you're there too. The magical beings cast their spell and cure Gorgan of his sickness.
  3. Go into the mountain area on Thursday to find Flint looking for flowers. The sprite won't explain why, as he promised Gorgan to keep the reason a secret. Nova appears and also finds it suspicious, so the two of you go to the Underworld to investigate. Gorgan was simply curious about flowers, and gets Nova to tell him what flower she likes (seasonal flowers) while you get to choose the option (roses, cherry blossoms, or any gift).
  4. Go to the Underworld Kingdom on a Saturday. Gorgan is glad that you visited and appreciates how you insisted that he go through the treatment to cure his pain. Not even Flint noticed his agony, but you saw right through him. He'd be happy if he had someone like yourself by his side; if you ever need anything, just let him know.

Note: Videos of Gorgan's romance events and wedding are on the UNoT Youtube channel:

Harvest Goddess

The goddess of the island went missing once the lighthouse's powers began to disappear. Where did she go off to? You'll discover what happened to the Goddess as you work though locating the Fourth Tablet.

Romantic Events

  1. Walk into the Goddess Spring area to visit the goddess, but she seems sad. The sprites suggest you go talk to the Harvest God, who explains that today is a special day for the Harvest Goddess. She used to have a visitor who would come talk to her. He couldn't see her because of her magical deity status, but he could see her reflection.
  2. Visit the Underworld Kingdom and talk to Gorgan. The king explains that the day is special because the goddess' close friend passed away from old age and stopped visiting her. She now prays for him to have eternal rest. The goddess appears and is annoyed at Gorgan for revealing more of her past. You volunteer to make her happy again by doing something for her. She requests that you bring her a Strawberry.
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