Critter Hunting

As you run around through the town areas, Crossroads, and your farm, you'll come across little critters. These fellows will be flying, hopping, and fluttering around all year long. There are six types of critters you can find:







In this version of Story of Seasons you will be finding the critters and not actually catching them. Get close enough to a critter to see its name appear on your screen, then press the A Button on your Nintendo 3DS to discover it. An alert will appear on your screen to confirm you've discovered the critter, and then the critter will fade away. When you come back later the critters will be there again for discovery.

There are almost 180 types of critters in the game, but there isn't an in-game list that would keep track of which critters you've discovered. There also isn't a trophy that would acknowledge your efforts to find each critter. Basically, the critters are there if you want to make the effort, but you are also free to completely ignore them.

So what's the point of the critters if you can't catch or sell them? Each time you discover 100 critters, exit your farm house to trigger an appearance from Dessie. She will thank you for finding so many critters and will reward you with a random item from the following:

Free items during your first year in your game simply for pressing the A Button by some bugs can be rather nice. However, later the game these items can be purchased from the shops. Dessie doesn't change her freebie inventory either.

The items that Dessie gives you are randomly set when the event occurs. If you're trying to get a specific item, save your game before triggering Dessie's reward, then reload if you don't get the item you're hoping for.