Farm Degree

Like in previous renditions of this farming series, Trio of Towns has a in-game farm degree point rank along with associated titles. The title you earn is based on a total degree point value that increase naturally as you play through the game. Some activities will earn you only a point or two, while other important in-game events will give you a larger boost of degree points.

Your current farm degree title can be found by going into your farm house bookshelf, selecting your Farm Report, and then looking at the "Title" on your character's portrait.

Every time you earn enough points to increase your rank, the World Farming Association will send a letter to your farm mailbox announcing the new title you've earned. The association's letters will be archived in the Letters section of your farm house bookshelf. There are a total of 42 titles to earn.

In this version of the game, the only thing that is impacted by your farm degree rank are two clothing outfits. The Oak Tree Town Boy and Oak Tree Town Girl outfits can be ordered from Miranda's Straw Market tailor inventory once you have earned the Alpha Farmer L7 rank at 1,000,000 degree points.

Earning Points

Simply playing the game will earn you farm degree points, which will accumulate behind the scenes. You can't see how many points you have so far, and there's nothing you can do to lose points that you've earned; you can only earn more points! Some activities will earn points every time you do them per day, while some are more restrictive.

You'll also earn 5 points every morning based on the number of years you are in the game. For example, being in year 4 will earn you 20 points every morning (5 x 4 = 20).

Farm Degree Titles