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Farming games come with a wide variety of sticking points that can trip up even the most experienced of farmers. When you're stuck with a problem in Trio of Towns, there are many sources you can connect with to get free assistance:

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Common Game Questions

How do I get a Hammer?

Lulukoko will unlock around Spring 12 of your first year. Ludus is in charge of all carpentry related tasks, such as upgrading your house, and will visit around Spring 13. He will tell you to bring 20 Small Lumber, 10 Lumber, and 5000 G (or 3500 G if you are playing in Seedling Mode) to his shop, where you can order the first house upgrade. After you've upgraded, on the next business day his shop is open, he will stop by your house and tell you about tool remodeling. At that point he will give you a Hammer and show you where you can use it to mine for ores in Westown.

You do need to have empty space in your bag to accept the hammer. Ludus won't visit to explain his shop features if your bag is full.

I'm having problems triggering flower events :(

Each marriage candidate has two friend events that you need to trigger before you can start down the path towards being lovie dovie. These friend events occur whether you are playing as a girl or as a boy, but the romantic flower events that occur after the friend events are tied to opposite-gender only.

From there with most of the candidates there is a love event at a light blue flower color, a dark blue flower color, and at a light green flower color. You then have to give a going-steady pendant after completing the light green love event. Once you are a committed couple, you can move forward with seeing your beloved's yellow, orange, and pink flower events. Inari, Stephanie, and Woofio only have love events up to light green, making them easier to marry.

One love events or friend event can be triggered on any single day. If you see a friend event, then you have to wait until the next day to see a love event (or another friend event).

How do I enable StreetPass?

You first need to build a Pet Barn from Ludus' shop and place it on your farm, then purchase a pet. The next morning Dessie will stop by your house and talk about the StreetPass feature.

What are all these pets I see walking around in the game?

The wild-like pets are placeholders for Nintendo 3DS StreetPass tags. When other players enable StreetPass in their game (by talking to Dessie), their avatar pet will appear in your game as replacements for the wandering cats and dogs. You'll also find pets living in the villagers' houses. Those pets belong to the family household they live with.

How do I get Hamtaro and Cheburashka as pets on my farm?

These two pets are Japan-only and are not available in the North American or European version of the game.