Raising the Town Link Ranks

The Town Link Rank can be found in your Communication Menu. Just press the X Button on your Nintendo 3DS to open the main menu, and then select the pencil-and-paper icon. Each town has their own bar graph that indicates your relationship with the town. Starting from Rank E, you can increase your link with the town up to Rank D, Rank C, Rank B, Rank A, and finally Rank S. The higher your Town Link Rank, the more variety of items for sale at the town shops.

Each time you increase the bar to the next level (up to Rank A), the rank will lock until you complete the tasks needed to unlock the next rank. A notification alert will appear on your 3DS top screen when you've hit a link lock, when you have completed an unlock requirement, and again when you have finished all of your tasks to break the lock and move onto the next link rank.

After you unlock the next level, you'll receive letters in your mailbox from the vendors who have new items for sale at their shops.

Maximizing all towns to Rank S is a secondary goal in the game. Your primary objective is to convince your father that farming is a viable career. When you do reach Rank A with all the towns, you will have a multi-town celebration where the villagers will thank you for helping them restore the prosperity of their towns. The party will earn you +4000 FP with all of the villagers and +10 AP with all the marriage candidates. The party will end back at your house at 11:00 after you see the game's ending credits. Dessie will also give you an additional stamina heart if your personality type supports stamina increases. You'll have a town-specific party when you reach Rank S with each of the towns.

The game will continue to play after you see the ending credits.

Increasing Your Link Rank

Interacting with the villagers and shops in town will raise the level of your Town Link Ranks. You may be raising your link with very little conscious effort from you; it will naturally increase as you play through the game. There are a large variety of tasks you can do to raise your Town Link Rank: