Spring 7 - Festival of Longevity

This festival will unlock in year 2.

On this day you can give gifts of hot pot stew to the Tsuyukusa villagers to increase your Friendship Points (FP) with them. Giving porridge to the Lulukoko or Westown villagers will not trigger any special conversation about the Festival of Longevity, as this is a Tsuyukusa-specific event. Participation is optional; you just walk up to a villager and give a bowl of porridge.

You will need to make the festival gifts using your kitchen. There are also only four dishes that qualify as porridge for this festival:

The friendship you earn will not be determined by which stew recipe you give (e.g., you won't earn more FP by giving Milk Porridge instead of Rice Porridge). You'll earn +1500 FP with each villager you give one of the above four porridge recipes to. Giving porridge to marriage candidates will also earn you +3 Affection Points (AP) as well as the friendship bonus.

Starting on Spring 5, Hinata's stall at the bazaar will have special food boxes available. If you take the time to wrap your porridge gifts, you will earn an additional +200 FP when you give the boxed porridge.

You will receive a porridge from the Tsuyukusa villager in exchange for your food gift. You won't be receiving any cooking recipes though, even if you receive a porridge that you don't know how to cook yet. You can also regift other porridge gifts you have received, so you just need to give one bowl of porridge to start, receive the porridge in exchange for your stew, and then regift the porridge to another villager. The villagers won't mind receiving recycled porridge.