Farm Circles

After Ludus opens up his shop, Relacion, on Spring 15 or later, you can ask the handyman to construct Farm Circle for your farm. Farm Circles are objects that are either merely decorative, useful, or influential. Most Farm Circles fall into the decorative category, but there are some you interact with to develop your farm, while others can affect other parts of your farm in beneficial ways.

To order a Farm Circle, head to Ludus' shop and select Farm Circle Service from his menu options. He can construct a Farm Circle or he can dismantle a Farm Circle that you've already made, which will return half the materials, rounded down, used during its construction back into your supply. For example, a Pet House requires 10 Lumber and 3 Small Lumber to make, but when dismantled you only receive 5 Lumber and 1 Small Lumber in return.

There are 266 Farm Circles that can be made by Ludus. These are divided into five categories:

You'll unlock new types of Farm Circles by increasing your Town Link Ranks, shipping items produced on your farm, winning seasonal festivals, and even raising your friendship with the local wild animals. Ludus will send you a letter when he has new objects in his Farm Circle inventory.

Placing Farm Circles

After construction, Ludus will place the Farm Circle into the Fun Time Work Bench on your farm. You can then select the bench to Arrange the Farm or Check your Farm Circle Inventory. You can rearrange the objects on your farm at any time as well as return placed FCs back into your Farm Circle inventory. Any crops that are growing on a field FC will be cleared when you store it, and you can't pack away animal barn FCs that have an animal living in them.

Each object will take up space in your farm field grid. Some are small and only take up 1 square of space, while others are large and can take up to 9 squares of space in a 3x3 area. You need to have enough clear space on your farm grid to place the FC, which can easily be determined by looking at the bottom screen of your Nintendo 3DS while you are arranging your farm. All boulders and wild-grown trees will need to be cleared to place a Farm Circle in that spot.

If you determine you don't have enough room in an area to place a FC, you can simply walk over to another area of your farm while you are arranging your FCs. While there is a Fun Time Work Bench in each of your farm's three areas, you don't have to exit the Arrangement mode to move to another area. The in-game time is paused while you are working with your Farm Circles and will resume once you press the Y Button to exit customizing your farm.

You can only place these objects within your outdoor farm area (not in the basement). There are no places within the three towns to set Farm Circle objects.

Farm Circles Effects

When looking at your stock of FCs you might notice a small, yellow star marked on certain objects. The star indicates that the Farm Circle has a special power ability that can affect other FCs placed within its influence area. Ludus doesn't tell you which of his Farm Circles have powers though. You will have to either use an online guide or simply construct them all and see if any of them have the star marker when viewing your FC inventory inside the Fun Time Work Bench. Only 40 of the 266 Farm Circles have special effects.

When dealing with FCs that have beneficial effects, the placement and direction of the Farm Circle will determine which neighboring FCs will be influenced. Some starred FCs will radiate their influence in one direction, while others will influence the neighboring FCs that are touching each of its four sides. When viewing your stock of Farm Circles, press the X Button when highlighting a starred FC to see the direction, a summary of the influence, and how many grid spaces the influence spreads out from the Farm Circle.

Farm Circles that have influence will spread it along its direction grid line, so try to place affected FCs across (perpendicular) the arrow's direction. As long as the aligned Farm Circle is hit by the blue influence arrow, it will affect the whole Farm Circle. For example, the Scarecrow Family FC will increase the number of harvested crops on field FCs. It has an influence of 2 grid squares directly north and south of where you place it on your farm. If you placed a Soft Field Farm Circle so that it covers both arrows of influence radiating from the Scarecrow Family, then you only get influence on that one Soft Field. But, if you rotate the Soft Field so only one-half of it is hit by the influence, then you have enough room to set a second Soft field that can also be impacted by the Scarecrow Family's power.

Rotating and placing various Farm Circles can result in stacking FC effects.

Farm Circle Combo Effects

After you complete Farming Tips #1 and you have at least one town at Town Link Rank B, Ludus will stop by your house in the morning to explain Farm Circle combinations. On your map screen when you're editing your farm, a new blue-button Combo Icon will be located in the lower-right corner. This button will open the Combo List. This list will display the 13 possible Farm Circle combinations available in the game.

Placing certain Farm Circles on the same map area (your farm, west farm, or south farm) will trigger the special combo effect. The Farm Circles don't need to be placed next to each other or facing a certain direction; they just need to be in the same area. The Combo List will give you hints as to which Farm Circles are required to trigger the effect as well as the number required if necessary. Typically just one of each type of specified Farm Circle is used, but sometimes you'll see "x2," "x3," or "x4" for when you need to place more Farm Circles of that type.

The Farm Circle combo will remain in affect until you remove one of the FCs needed to trigger the combo.

No.HintsSolutionCombo Effect
11. Lots of wild vegetation
2. An object with lots of purple (x2)
3. A legendary bird motif
1. Overgrown Log
2. 2 Wisteria Trellis
3. Phoenix Topiary
Small increase (+2) to field crops' and paddy crops' Color quality each day
21. A white object full of water (x3)
2. A garden made of stone
3. It could be a symbol of the ocean
1. 3 White Fountains
2. Stone Garden
3. Marine Fountain
Small increase (+2) to field crops' and paddy crops' Juicy quality each day
31. A pretty yellow tree
2. Something that smells good (x3)
3. Cold strawberry
4. Hot strawberry
1. Gingko Dry Landscape
2. 3 Insense
3. Strawberry Parfeit
4. Strawberry Cake
Small increase (+2) to field crops' and paddy crops' Sweet/Scent quality each day
41. A field of suns
2. An object that can be wide or thin
3. A dressed-up statue
4. Has a stone-cold expression
1. Sunflower Garden
2. Folding Fan Display
3. Elephant Statue
4. Maoi Head Statue
Small increase (+2) to field crops' and paddy crops' Size quality each day
51. So blue... So round...
2. The final frontier
3. A sunflower-like tower
4. Light up the night
1. Globe
2. Solar System
3. Sun Tower
4. Night Sky Sculpture
Small increase (+1) to field crops' and paddy crops' all four qualities each day
61. They move! (x2)
2. Grizzly grapple
3. A green plaza
4. This object might float away
1. 2 Bobble Head Hippos
2. Sumo Bears
3. Topiary Plaza
4. Balloon Art
Decreases your animals' stress (-3) when you interact with them
71. Some amazing animals
2. A spotted king
3. A feathered king
4. A speedy king
1. Animal Mountain
2. Cow King Statue
3. Chicken King Statue
4. Rabbit King Statue
Increases your animals' friendship (+1) when you interact with them
81. Something spiky (x4)
2. A thorny garden
3. Canvas on wood
4. An object to guide all the lost cowboys
5. Red rocks
1. 4 Cacti
2. Cactus Garden
3. Westown Signboard
4. Westown Signpost
5. Wilderness Monument
Earn more Friendship Points (+50) when interacting with Westown villagers
91. A place to wash your hands
2. An Eastern path
3. A renowned symbol of the East
4. A pink and blue flower garden
5. A small stone wall
6. A red and green pair (x2)
1. Bucket and Hydrangea
2. Bamboo Path
3. White-capped Mountain
4. Flower Garden
5. Bamboo Pond
6. 2 Eastern Umbrellas
Earn more Friendship Points (+50) when interacting with Tsuyukusa villagers
101. A jungle fence
2. A tropical tree (x2)
3. Birds of a feather flock together (x2)
4. a marine-inspired table
5. Floating flowers in a small white object
6. Outdoor curtains
1. Jungle Fence
2. 2 Sango Palm Trees
3. 2 Parrot Perches
4. Blue and White Table
5. Stone Flowerpot
6. Gajumaru Tree
Earn more Friendship Points (+50) when interacting with Lulukoko villagers
111. Welcome!
2. Colorful eggs
3. Something to light up the Old West
4. A Western statute
5. An object that contains drinks (x2)
6. Ba-dum-TISH (x2)
1. Welcoming Arch
2. Colorful Eggs
3. Western Lamp
4. Cowboy Statue
5. 2 Wine Barrels
6. 2 Band Sets
Earn more influence (+30) when completing activities that increase Westown's Town Link Rank
121. A tiled gate
2. A three-tiered tower
3. Lots of the same thing in rows (x2)
4. Visit here to change your face
5. Visit here to get some food
6. Hit it to summon thunder (x2)
1. Tile Arch
2. Eastern Tower
3. 2 Red and Black Lanterns
4. Festival Masks
5. Food Stand
6. 2 Taiko Drums
Earn more influence (+30) when completing activities that increase Tsuyukusa's Town Link Rank
131. Somewhere to lounge on vacation
2. It doesn't float, but it's pretty (x2)
3. A red tropical garden (x4)
4. A juicy-looking table
5. Flowers floating in a lot of water
1. Parasol and Chair
2. 2 Canoe Planters
3. 4 Hibiscus Gardens
4. Orange Table
5. Large Flower Fountain
Earn more influence (+30) when completing activities that increase Lulukoko's Town Link Rank

Farm Circle names in italics means I am not sure what its English name is yet, sorry!