Mining for Ores and Gems

For remodeling your house, tools, and Farm Circles, you'll be using gems and ores collected from the Mining Points. In Westown (North) you'll find 4 spots where you can find these construction materials. There aren't any Mining Points in Lulukoko Village or Tsuyukusa Town.

To collect ores and gems from the Mining Points, stand in front of a point and hit the crack in the wall with your hammer. You will receive a hammer after you remodel your basic farm house, which becomes available on Spring 15 of your first year. Each Mining Point can be hit up to five times per day. Waiting 3 days between mine harvests may result in rarer ores and gems; for example, you might find fewer Pebbles or Scrap Ore just by waiting a few days, but on the other hand you will be missing out on several days of rock harvesting.

The items that appear when you hit the Mining Points are determined when you hit them, meaning you can save your game before hitting the crack in the wall . If the items that appear aren't what you are looking for, you can reload your saved game and hit the point again to see if you get different items. Many of the items found at the points can be purchased from the Loghouse outdoor vendor in Westown, although at a high price. Some of the items are possible prizes for winning the seasonal harvest, game, and drink festivals.

The Mining Point locations are:

  1. Southwest corner of Westown by where the wild eagle roams
  2. West of the Postio building at the blue rock crack
  3. Next to Dr. Ford's clinic
  4. East side of Westown, along the staircase that leads to the clinic

There is a fifth Mining Point in your underground basement (point #5) once you unlock it later in the game. It produces the same ores and gems as mine #2 on the eastern border of Westown.

Your basic hammer is strong enough to hit the points at location #1 and #3, but you will need to upgrade the effectiveness of your hammer to use the other two mining points. Point #4 needs to have its effectiveness at level 2 or higher, and Point #2 requires at least level 3.

The only item that can appear from the rock cracks that is seasonal is the wintertime Snowball. All other items can appear throughout the year. Ores and gems do not have Star Rank that would affect the amount of money you earn by placing them in your shipping bin.

Item NameLocationShip PriceAlt. Location
Pebble1 and 310 GForaging
RockAll50 GForaging
Black Rock1 and 3200 GForaging
Glittering StoneAll15 G(None)
CopperAll600 GLoghouse, 1200 G
Silver2, 4, and 52200 GLoghouse, 4000 G
Gold2, 4, and 55000 GLoghouse, 11,000 G
Scrap Ore1 and 330 GLoghouse, 200 G
BrickAll80 GLoghouse, 240 G
Glass StoneAll150 GLoghouse, 450 G
IronAll300 GLoghouse, 900 G
Crystal1 and 33700 GLoghouse, 7500 G
Ruby1, 3, and 43700 GLoghouse, 7500 G
Jade1, 3, and 43700 GLoghouse, 7500 G
Topaz1 and 33700 GLoghouse, 7500 G
Moonstone2, 4, and 54500 GFestival victory
Diamond2 and 510,000 GFestival victory
Amethyst2, 4, and 54500 GLoghouse, 9000 G
Festival victory
Emerald2, 4, and 54500 GLoghouse, 9000 G
Festival victory
Agate2, 4, and 54500 GFestival victory
Item NameLocationShip PriceAlt. Location
Peridot1 and 34500 GFestival victory
Sandrose1, 3, and 44500 GFestival victory
Fluorite1, 3, and 44500 GFestival victory
Adamantite2, 4, and 57200 GFestival victory
Orichalcum2 and 57200 GFestival victory
Mithril2 and 57200 GFestival victory
Platinum2, 4, and 58000 GFestival victory
Pink Diamond2 and 515,000 GFestival victory
Philosopher's Stone2 and 51Festival victory
Coin1 and 3100 G(None)
Old CoinAll150 G(None)
Shiny Coin4500 G(None)

If you are playing in Seedling Mode, the prices for purchasing ores and gems at Loghouse will be 30% less.