Tool Remodeling

When you start your farming live at the old farm, you'll be given a watering can, hoe, axe, and sickle by Uncle Frank. Some of the other tools you'll receive are:

You can buy an unlimited number of basic tools from the tool shop vendors. These shop are Guliver Store in Westown, Jyanbo in Lulukoko, and 99 G and Up in Tsuyukusa.

Remodeling and upgrading your farm tools can make farming easier for you.

Tool Properties

On the details for each of your tools there will be four properties. Increasing the level of each of theses properties (when applicable) will make your tool more efficient:

To upgrade your tools, go to Ludus' shop and select the Tool Remodeling option. Each tool upgrade requires the same materials regardless of the tool you are remodeling; for example, upgrading the hoe to level 2 costs the same materials and money as upgrading the milker to level 2. Each level increase will require more money and rarer materials. Typically, you'll be using ores and gems you've excavated from the mining nodes.

The weight, effectiveness, and capacity have five levels represented as dots on the tool's details. You can only increase the level of these properties, not decrease. The range of a tool starts at 1x1. You can increase or decrease this range based on seven preset areas. The largest range is 5x5.

Playing on Seedling mode WILL decrease the money required to pay for the remodel by 30%. Seedling mode does not decrease the amount of materials required.


to lvl 2to lvl 3To lvl 4To lvl 5
1000 G
5 Black Rock
2 Iron
2000 G
5 Glittering Stone
2 Silver
3000 G
10 Crystal
5 Fluorite
5000 G
10 Diamond
1 Mithril


to lvl 2to lvl 3To lvl 4To lvl 5
1500 G
5 Iron
5 Copper
3000 G
5 Ruby
5 Amethyst
5500 G
5 Fluorite
5 Adamantite
7000 G
5 Platinum
2 Orichalcum

The hammer's effectiveness needs to be remodeled at least twice to be strong enough to hit the higher level mine nodes in Westown.


to lvl 2to lvl 3To lvl 4To lvl 5
2000 G
5 Glass Stone
5 Crystal
4000 G
5 Topaz
5 Moonstone
7000 G
5 Jade
5 White Pearl
10 Blue Pearl
1 Philosopher Stone

Pearls cannot be purchased from any shops. You can obtain them from festival victories or by cultivating Pearl Oysters. It takes 7 days for an oyster to develop a random colored pearl. You can influence the pearl color by using special Farm Circles.


AreaMaterialsUnlocks when:
1x11500 G
5 Coin
No special requirements
1x22500 G
5 Black Rock
5 Jade
No special requirements
3x13000 G
5 Glittering Stone
5 Copper
5 Silver
Remodel a tool to have a 1x2 range
1x34000 G
5 Agate
5 Sandrose
Remodel a tool to have a 1x2 range
3x25000 G
5 Emerald
5 Peridot
5 Yellow Pearl
Remodel a tool to have either a 1x3 or 3x1 range
3x37000 G
5 Gold Ore
2 Orichalcum
2 Platinum
Remodel a tool to have either a 1x3 or 3x1 range AND remodel the weight of your tools three times
5x515,000 G
5 Pink Diamond
3 Gold Pearl
1 Philosopher Stone
Remodel a tool to have a 1x3 or 3x1 range AND remodel the weight of your tools five times AND remodel the ease of use of your tools five times

Color Customization

You can also change the actual color of the tool, though changing a tool's color won't have an influence on the tool's properties. The color can be changed at any time for 500 G plus materials, and you can also return to the default gray color. When looking at the color options in Ludus' shop, you won't get a preview of the tool's new color. The color will change after you pay for the colorization.

3 Pebble

3 Maple Branch

3 Blue Magic Flower

3 Mint

3 Moondrop Flower

3 Blueberry

1 Gold Ore

The gold color becomes available after you remodel your tools five times in any category.