Tsuyukusa Town Rank

Remember, when shipping a required item to Tsuyukusa Town make sure that your shipping bin destination is configured to ship to Tsuyukusa.

Rank E Lock

Ship Some Eggs!

Any type of egg will be fine, as long as the total is 10 or more.

Complete Some Part-time Jobs!

Complete at least 3 part-time jobs for the Tsuyukusa villagers. Talk to the part-time job guy in any town to get a list of available jobs located in Tsuyukusa Town.

Rank D Lock

Ship Some Milk!

Collect Milk from your Cow and ship at least 30 of them to Tsuyukusa.

Complete More Part-time Jobs!

This time you have to complete at least 5 part-time jobs for the Tsuyukusa villagers.

Repair the Bridge!

Talk to Ginjiro to learn the details about this request. He will ask you to bring him 10 Small Lumber and 5 Lumber. With the materials you bring on the next sunny day in Tsuyukusa he will update the bridges that cross the stream to the rice paddies in South Tsuyukusa. You'll also earn +3 Affection Points (AP) with the Tsuyukusa marriage candidates.

Rank C Lock

Ship Some Tree Crops!

Send at least 20 tree fruit to Tsuyukusa village via your shipping bin. You can ship fruit that you've grown on your farm or you can buy fruit from the Santo do Mango fruit stall in Lulukoko.

Ship Goods Worth...

Earn at least 100,000 G from shipping to Tsuyukusa. Any item that you sell will count towards completing this request.

screen shot

Revive the Town Spa!

The empty building in town is an old bath house that Ginjiro would like to revive. Talk to him to receive the request for 75,000 G to pay for the restoration. Talk to him again once you have the required amount of money to pay for the job.

After the building has been restored and you've earned +3 AP with the Tsuyukusa marriage candidates, you can regularly use the onsen to restore your stamina. The Pine Bath costs 500 G, takes 30 minutes, and restores 3 hearts of stamina. The Bamboo Bath costs 1000 G, takes 1 hour, and restores 4 hearts of stamina. The Plum Bath costs 1500 G, takes 2 hours, and restores 5 hearts of stamina. You can use the bath house once per day. While you can see doors in the back wall of the building, you can't actually go back there.

Collaborate on a New Menu Item!

Talk to Komari and she'll request your help with creating a new menu item for the tea house. She will ask you to bring to her 20 Flour, 20 Adzuki Beans, and 20 Honey:

On the first non-stormy day after you hand over her ingredients, Komari will fetch you to help her with the menu item. Komari will reward you with the Dorayaki cooking recipe and you'll earn +3 AP with the Tsuyukusa marriage candidates.

Rank B Lock

Raise Tsuyukusa Field Crops!

Harvest at least 50 vegetable crops that are native to Tsuyukusa. It doesn't have to be 50 of the same crop. The crops that qualify to meet this requirement are Turnip, Shiso, Spinach, Burdock Root, Eggplant, Daikon Radish, and Nappa Cabbage. Sugarcane does not count.

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Raise Tsuyukusa Flowers!

Harvest at least 50 flowers that are native to Tsuyukusa. The types of flowers that meet this requirement are Lily, Sunflower, Pink Carnation, Chrysanthemum, and Gentian.

Renovate the Park

The little tranquil hangout near the entrance of Westown is looking a little run down. Talk to Ginjiro to hear his plan to fix it up. He'll request that you bring him 15 Lumber and 30 Red Cotton Cloth:

Bring the items back to Ginjiro and on the next sunny day in Tsuyukusa, everyone will get together to fix up their little peaceful retreat. You'll also earn +3 AP with the Tsuyukusa marriage candidates.

Collaborate on New Jewelry!

Yuzuki is in need of some help with crafting a hair barrette. He'll request that you bring him 20 Hilton Daisy, 20 Gentian, and 20 Bellflower. These seeds are for sale at Lisette's shop in Westown during the appropriate season to grow them in. Hilton Daisy is a Fall flower, Gentian is a Winter flower, and Bellflower is a Spring flower. Lisette will also sell these flowers directly once Westown reaches Rank C or higher; unlocking Gentian at her shop also requires you to ship 30 or more Gentian.

On the next non-stormy day after handing over the flowers, Yuzuki will give you the Red Flower Hairpiece and Purple Flower Hairpiece for your clothing closet. You will also earn +3 AP with the Tsuyukusa marriage candidates.

Rank A Lock

Make Friends in Tsuyukusa!

Have at least 40,000 Friendship Points (four hearts) with each of the Tsuyukusa villagers. If you already have the required friendship level then you'll automatically have this requirement completed when you receive it. You can see your friendship levels by going into your farm house bookshelf, then check your farm data and review your villager data menu.

Ship 1,000,000 G Worth of Goods!

Ship a total of 1,000,000 G or more worth of goods to Tsuyukusa since the beginning of the game. Anything you ship will count towards meeting this goal.

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Clean Up Inari's Shrine!

Ginjiro doesn't like how the shrine to their town deity looks run down and dirty. He would like to fix it up and requests that you bring to him 80 Stone, 5 Jade, and 100,000 G:

Bring the items back to Ginjiro. On the next sunny day in Tsuyukusa, Ginjiro will stop by your house in the morning to help them clean up the shrine in town. You will earn +3 Affection Points with the Tsuyukusa marriage candidates.

Collaborate on New Baths!

Kasumi is interested in upgrading the hot spring in town. The bath house owner asked the kids what kind of bath they want, and instead of simple requests like water temperature, she received requests for new types of bath options! Kasumi is helping the bath house owner by asking for your assistance. Talk to her to receive a request for 30 Grape Wine (or Lemons, see below), 50 Cacao, and 50 Shiso:

Once you have the required materials, talk to Kasumi to hand them over. On the next sunny day in town, Kasumi will stop by your house and take you to the onsen to show you what upgrades have been made. The building will look the same, but there is a new Extra Special bath option that costs 2000 G and restores 5 hearts of stamina. The bath will be either based on wine (or lemon), Shiso, or Cacao, and will give you a bonus status effect when you leave the onsen after two hours; fast walk for a wine/lemon bath, shop discount for a Shiso bath, and bonus friendship for a Cacao bath. The type of special bath available changes each day.


After you have completed the Rank A lock and reached Rank S, walk into your farm house between 17:00 and 21:00 and your rucksack is not full. Ginjiro will request that you go with him to the tea house, where you'll find all of the Tsuyukusa villagers gathered together to celebrate your hard work. Everyone will spend a great evening together, chatting and eating. When it is time to return home, Ginjiro will give you a flower bouquet that everyone worked together to craft. You'll also receive +2000 FP with the Tsuyukusa villagers.