Caring for Bees

Another product you can produce on your farm with very little effort on your part is honey. To care for bees you first have to reach year 2 of your game, at which point Ludus will have a Beehive Farm Circle available in his jack-of-all-trades shop in Lulukoko. Each Beehive will require 10 Small Lumber, 3 Lavender, 3 Chamomile, and 1000 G. The two herbs can be found wild on the ground in Westown, but you can also buy them from the Gulliver's store in Westown for 120 G each.

Each Beehive can hold one busy bee colony. To entice a colony to move into your box, you will place a flower into the Beehive. Since you can't catch bees in this version of Story of Seasons, you have to use flowers instead.

It takes 4 sunny days to produce honey. A rainy day will add to the number of days it takes to make honey. You can harvest when you see the Beehive sparkle. After 3 honey harvests the flower will be used up and you'll have to seed the box with another flower.

The type of honey you collect will be determined by the flower you place into the box, with the resulting honey's Star Rank affected by the Star Rank of your flower. Some flowers have a better chance of producing certain honeys:

Honey: 408 G (1 Star) to 952 G (5 Stars)

Honeycomb: 600 G (1 Star) to 1400 G (5 Stars)

Royal Jelly: 960 G (1 Star) to 2240 G (5 Stars)

You can influence the Star Rank of the produced honey by using Farm Circles. The Hibiscus Garden unlocks after you have Lulukoko at Town Link Rank C or higher and you've shipped 50 or more honey. It requires 20 Hibiscus, 5 Coconut, 10 Vanilla, 5 Ruby, and 2300 G. The Cow Flowerbed is unlocked after you have all the towns at Town Link Rank B or higher and you've shipped 80 or more honey. It requires 20 Marguerite, 20 Pink Rose, 20 Bellflower, 30 Brick, 5 Sandrose, and 2100 G. The Cow Flowerbed has a farther Power Circle influence than the Hibiscus Flowerbed.