Winter 9 - Spirit Festival

On Winter 5, Tototara will visit your house in the morning to tell you about the upcoming Spirit Festival. If you agree to help her with the preparations you'll be given a list of six villagers who you need to collect donations from. You will have until the evening of the 8th to convince the six people to donate. If you forget who you are suppose to talk to, speak with Tototara again.

Talk to each of the six villagers to convince them to donate. You'll be prompted to select one of four convincing responses: beg, persuade, pout, or harass. Some villagers are more responsive to certain statements:

The festival will still take place if you don't collect any donations, but the number of people you convince will influence the Friendship Points (FP) you'll receive after the festival. You can select any of the four convincing responses to receive donations though; you don't have to specifically select the "correct" choice.

screen shot

On Winter 9, talk to Tototara at the Crossroads from 10:00 until 13:00 to join the festival. Everyone in Lulukoko will gather together to eat steamed Ronton in celebration of the shrine's spirit.

After feasting on food you can select a villager to dance with. It can be anyone in the village, young or old, regardless of gender. You will earn +2000 FP with your dance partner. The dance and music is the same every year the festival takes place, which is the Lulukoko village theme.

As you leave the festival, Witchie will pop up and thank you for participating. If you did not collect any donations, you'll receive +2000 FP with the Lulukoko villagers and +1 Attention Points (AP) with the Lulukoko marriage candidates. If you collected donations from two villagers or fewer, you'll earn +2500 FP and +1 AP. If you happen to collect donations from three or more villagers, you'll earn +4000 FP and +1 AP. Tototara will also send you home with leftover steamed Ronton.