Lulukoko Town rank

Remember, when shipping a required item to Lulukoko Village make sure that your shipping bin destination is configured to ship to Lulukoko.

Rank E Lock

Ship Some Milk

Collect milk from your cows and ship 10 bottles to Lulukoko.

Complete Some Part-time Jobs

Talk to the part-time job recruiter by the taxi pickup spot in North Lulukoko and complete 3 part-time jobs from villagers who live in Lulukoko.

Rank D Lock

Ship Some Ore!

Lulukoko doesn't have any mining points, so you will need to go to Westown to collect at least 30 gems/ore and ship them to Lulukoko. You don't have to actually extract the ores yourself from the wall cracks if you don't want to. The Log House market shop in Westown sells Scrap Ore for 200 G each that can be shipped to complete this requirement. Pebbles, Rocks, and Black Rock shipments don't count for completing this lock.

Complete More Part-time Jobs!

Complete at least 5 part-time jobs from villagers in Lulukoko.

Clean Up the Communal Kitchen!

Talk to Tototara to hear her request to fix the communal kitchen in Lulukoko. She will ask you to bring her 10 Lumber and 10 Small Stone. You can chop Branches to create Lumber and smash Pebbles to create Small Stone building material. Bring the materials back to Tototara and on the sunny day in Lulukoko, she will ask for your help with fixing up the kitchen. You'll also earn +3 Affection Points (AP) with the Lulukoko marriage candidates.

Rank C Lock

Ship Dairy Products!

Use the Dairy Factory to process milk, and then ship any 10 processed goods to the village. The Dairy Factory is a Farm Circle you can ask Ludus to craft that requires 30 Iron, 20 Stone, and 20 Milk. It will convert milk into goods into cheese, butter, and yogurt. You don't need to ship 10 of the same processed goods; any 10 will be fine.

If getting the Dairy Factory at that point in your game will be a pain, another option is to visit the Bon Charme shop in Westown and buy 10 Butter (350 G each) or 10 Cheese (380 G each) to ship to Lulukoko.

Ship Goods Worth...

Earn 100,000 G by shipping anything you can to Lulukoko. Anything you ship will count towards meeting this goal.

Revitalize the Bonfire!

Tototara would like to make a nicer area for their protective bonfire. She will request you to bring her 10 Lumber, 3 Ruby, and 10 Glass Stone. The Ruby and Glass Stone can be found in the mining nodes in Westown. Glass Stone is at any of the four nodes, and Ruby can potentially be found at node #1, node #2, and node #4. Bring the materials back to Tototara and on the next Lulukoko-specific sunny day she'll have the villagers work together to enhance the look of the bonfire surround. You will earn +3 AP with the Lulukoko marriage candidates

Collaborate on a new Grocery Item!

Talk to Caolila about adding new inventory to her shop. She would like to sell a new type of spice and needs your help to bring the materials she needs. You will need to grow and harvest 50 Chili Pepper. This crop can be grown in any season. The seeds are for sale at Hinata's shop at Ra Man's in Tsuyukusa Town once you either 1) have Tsuyukusa at Rank B or higher, or 2) you have shipped at least 50 Wasabi to Tsuyukusa.

Buy the seeds from Hinata and then grow the pepper on your farm, which will take about 10 days to mature. Once you have the 50 Chili Peppers, talk to Caolila to hand them over. She'll fetch you in the morning when you exit your farm house (if it is sunny in Lulukoko) to help her develop a Spice mix that she will then sell in her shop. You can buy the Spice and add it as a topping when cooking dishes in your kitchen. You'll also earn +3 AP with the Lulukoko marriage candidates.

Rank B Lock

Raise Lulukoko Flowers!

Harvest at least 50 flowers that are native to Lulukoko. It doesn't have to be 50 of the same flower. The flowers that qualify to meet this requirement are Hibiscus and Plumeria. You can buy these flower seeds from the Polepole outdoor vendor in South Lulukoko during Summer. Lulukoko doesn't have any specialty flowers that grow during Spring, Fall, and Winter, and the wild flowers that grow in the town do not count.

Raise Lulukoko Tree Crops!

Harvest at least 50 tree fruit that are native to Lulukoko. The tree fruit that qualify to meet this requirement are Kiwi, Lemon, Lychee, Orange, Mango, Starfuit, Coconut, Banana, and Cacao. That's a lot of varieties that count!

Spruce Up the Inn

Talk to Tototara about fixing up the exterior of the community center in the middle of town; Haulani and Tigre need to be living in Lulukoko for this to happen (Fall 17 of year 1 or later). She will request you to bring her 30 Lumber, 10 Black Lumber, and 10 Brick. Black Lumber comes from chopping Black Branches with your axe. You can also buy it from Log House in Westown for 1250 G each once Westown is Rank B or higher. Bring the materials back to Tototara and the next non-stormy morning she will enlist your help with upgrading the exterior of the building. You'll earn +3 AP with the Lulukoko marriage candidates.

Collaborate on New Outfits!

Researcher Mithra found an old book of traditional costumes and Ludus has become interested in crafting the outfits described in the manual. He requests that you bring him 30 Wool, 15 Alpaca Wool, and 10 Rabbit Fur. These comes from the animals you are caring for on your farm. Bring the fuzzy materials back to Ludus and the next morning he will ask for your help with crafting the clothing. You will receive the Luau Boy and the Luau Girl outfits for your clothing closet.

Rank A Lock

Make Friends in Lulukoko!

Have at least 40,000 Friendship Points (four hearts) with each of the Lulukoko villagers. If you already have the required friendship level then you'll automatically have this requirement completed when you receive it. You can see your friendship levels by going into your farm house bookshelf, then check your farm data and review your villager data menu.

Ship 1,000,000 G Worth of Goods!

Ship a total of 1,000,000 G or more worth of goods to Lulukoko since the beginning of the game. Anything you ship will count towards meeting this goal.

Build a New Pier

Zahau and Tototara would like to craft a boat dock that stretches out into the ocean. She will request that you bring her 70 Lumber and 20 Black Lumber. Easy peasy! Bring the construction materials back to her and she'll have a dock constructed on the next sunny day in Lulukoko. You'll also earn +3 AP with the Lulukoko marriage candidates. There are no fish that are exclusive to the boat dock fishing spot, but it does have fewer small fish than the other fishing locations in Lulukoko.

Collaborate on a New Menu Item!

Iluka would like to add a new menu item to her beachside cafe. You will need to bring to her 50 Rice Flour, 50 Turnips, and 50 Daikon Radish.

Bring the ingredients back to Iluka and the next sunny morning you will help her taste test a new Pho dish to add to her menu. You'll also earn +3 AP with the Lulukoko marriage candidates.


After you have completed the Rank A lock and reached Rank S, walk into your farm house between 17:00 and 21:00 and your rucksack is not full. Tototara will request that you go with her to the inn, where you'll find all of the Lulukoko villagers gathered together to celebrate your hard work. Everyone will spend a great evening together, chatting and eating. When it is time to return home, Tototara will give you a flower bouquet that everyone worked together to craft. You'll also receive +2000 FP with the Lulukoko villagers.