Summer 31 - Flower Fair

On this day you can give gifts of flowers to the Westown villagers to increase your Friendship Points (FP) with them. Giving flowers to the Tsuyukusa or Lulukoko villagers will not trigger any special conversation about the Flower Fair, as this is a Westown-specific event. Participation is optional; you just walk up to a villager and give a flower.

You do not need to give specific flowers to villagers to trigger the friendship bonus. Any flower you can give will earn the friendship benefits available on this day. Though the better the flower, the more friendship you will earn:

Giving a flower to marriage candidates will also earn you +3 Affection Points (AP) as well as the friendship bonus.

Starting on Summer 29, Miranda's shop will have special Flower Fair wrapping paper available. If you take the time to wrap your flower offerings, you will earn an additional +200 FP when you give the wrapped botanical gift.

You will receive a flower in exchange for your flower gift. It might be a crop flower or it might be a wild flower. You might be lucky and receive a flower that you haven't unlocked yet. If that happens, place the flower in the Seed Maker Farm Circle to convert it to a bag of seeds that you can grow on your farm.