Spring 16 and Fall 4 - Beverage Bash

This festival will unlock on Fall 3 of your first year. The location of this festival rotates each time it occurs. First it is in Westown, then in Tsuyukusa, then in Lulukoko, and then it rotates back around again to Westown. In this festival you will be selecting a team to create a delicious drink with each town having a speciality drink you have to make. In Westown you will be creating a black tea drink, in Tsuyukusa it is a green tea drink, and in Lulukoko it is a fruit drink. The calendar inside your farm house will tell you which town is hosting the Drink Festival.

If you are married to Ludus and have the North American version of the game, the Beverage Festival hosted by Lulukoko will not function properly until you have downloaded the free 1.1 patch from the Nintendo eShop. In the base game, you'll see a white screen when you attempt to join the festival. The patch fixes this bug.

To begin the festival, talk to the town leader (Megan, Ginjiro, or Tototara) standing in front of their town at the Crossroads between 10:00 and 13:00. Since this is a team festival, you will need to bring the town leader an ingredient that can be mixed into the drink your team makes:

Once the festival begins, you will be tasked with picking your team to create your group drink entry. Each villager will be showing off the ingredient they have brought to the festival.

Talk to each villager to learn what they have brought. You can then choose to ask them to join or not join your team. If you decide that you don't want a person on your team anymore, talk to them again to kick them out of the group. Once you are satisfied with your three choices, talk to the town leader to collect your teammates and their ingredients together. Once crafted, everyone will drink your mix and comment on it.

If your team's drink is judged to be the best, you'll earn +4000 Friendship Points (FP) with all of the villagers and +2 Affection Points (AP) with all of the marriage candidates. You'll also be assigned a random item prize such as a gem, fishing bait, pearls, and so on. If you aren't the festival winner you will still earn +2000 FP and +1 AP.

The festival will end with you back in front of your house. There isn't a post-festival meet-and-greet with the villagers like in other festivals.