Summer 20 and Winter 18 - Trilympics

This festival unlocks on Summer 19 of your first year. It then takes place twice per year, once on Summer 20 and again on Winter 18. During this festival all of the villagers will get together to have a fun little game together. To learn which of the three games are going to take place, check the calendar inside of your farm house.

There are three different games based on which village is hosting the Trilympics. In Westown the game is a colored egg hunt, in Tsuyukusa the game is a daruma hunt, and in Lulukoko it is a fish tournament. Typically the pattern for each game festival that takes place is the Lulukoko game, then the next festival is the Westown game, the Trilympics after that is the Tsuyukusa game, and then it starts over with the Lulukoko game.

To participate, meet the town leader at the Crossroads from 10:00 to 13:00. You'll gather together with the rest of the villagers and then be assigned to a random four-person team. You will be gaining Friendship Points (FP) with all the villagers at the festival and not just those who are on your team.

There are two ways to win the game: your team takes first place and you, overall, take first place in the game. Prizes will be awarded for both winning categories, but you'll only win the town's unique prize if your entire team wins. Winning the personal victory will reward you with a random item; for example, 15 Rice, 3 Jade, 5 Blue Pearl, 1 Pink Diamond, etc. Ideally, having a high friendship level with those who are assigned to your team will give you a better chance of winning the team-based challenge.

Before entering the Trilympics try to eat some food from your kitchen that will affect your character. For the two hunting festivals, eat something that will increase your your movement speed by 150%. Some easy speed-impacting dishes you can cook are Mushroom Salad and Omelette. For the fishing festival you'll want to eat something that makes fish bite your line faster. These are typically pot-based cooking recipes such as Tortilla, Dozeu Pot, Veggie Etuver, and Samosa. All the restaurants in the villages are closed during a Game Festival, so you'll be on your own to cook something that influences your stats.

Lulukoko Game - Fishing Tournament

screen shot

You will want to catch as many fish as you can as well as catching the largest fish possible. Having a well-upgraded fishing pole and having bait attached to your fishing rod. Fishing bait attachment can only be done by Ludus when his shop is open (before the festival). For this tournament, use Refined Bait (increase fish bite rate) or King Bait (increase fix maximum size).

Once the contest starts, you have from 13:00 until 17:00 to catch your fishy contest entries. You can walk to any of the villages to find a great spot for fishing. You also will be storing the fish in you bag, so ensure that you have enough empty bag space.

The team challenges is based on the total number of fish caught. The personal challenge is for catching the largest fish, with 100 cm or larger being the typical victory size.

If you win the team challenge the prize you receive (in sequential order) are:

  1. Chocolate Sweets recipe set (Chocolate Fondue, Chocolate Cake)
  2. Drinks of the World recipe set (Yogurt Drink, Tiramisu Shake)
  3. Pescatore recipe
  4. Hot Sandwich recipe set (Tropical Sandwich, Toasted Sandwich)
  5. Difficult Desserts recipe set (Panipuri, Aloe Yogurt, Sata Andagi, Chocolate-Milk Bananas)
  6. Tropical Soup recipe set (Aquapiazza, Sturgeon Soup)
  7. Curry King recipe set (Curry Rice, Spicy Curry, Dry Curry, Coconut Curry)
  8. Dynamic Baked recipe set (Marlin Steak, Shredded Carrots, Bahn Xeo)
  9. Tropical Seafood recipe set (Classy Carpaccio, Scallop Salad, Lomi Lomi Salmon, Octopus Kelaguen)
  10. Delicious Soup recipe

All of Lulukoko's unique prizes are cooked recipes; you won't win clothing outfits or accessories.

You will win a random item if you catch the largest fish. The above listed prizes are what you will receive if your team catches the most fish.

Westown Game - Egg Hunt

screen shot

After you have been assigned to your four-person team, Megan will explain to you the color of egg that you will need to find. You will then have 60 seconds to find as many eggs as you can that match the color that she has assigned to your team. The other colored eggs that you might pick up don't count towards your total. The eggs will be on the ground all over Westown (North) area.

You will want to find at least 18 eggs that match your assigned color.

If you win the team challenge the prize you receive (in sequential order) are:

  1. Madeleine recipe
  2. Mont Blanc recipe
  3. Tart recipe set (Peach Tart, Orange Tart, Cherry Tart)
  4. Pie recipe set (Pumpkin Pie, Blueberry Pie, Yogurt Pie)
  5. Van's secret recipes (Egg Benedict, Cinnamon Roll, Gingerbread)
  6. Vampire Cloak clothes
  7. Pumpkin Dress clothes
  8. Cake recipe set (Decorated Cake)
  9. Clown Suit clothes
  10. Ultimate Soup recipe
  11. Knight's Armor clothes

Tsuyukusa Game - Daruma Hunt

screen shot

The daruma hunt is basically the same thing as the egg hunt from Westown. Before the hunt starts, Ginjiro will tell you what color of daruma you have been assigned. You then have 60 seconds to pick up as many daruma of your own color while avoiding the other statuette colors, as picking up the wrong color takes away time that you could of been picking up the correct color. The daruma will be scattered around Tsuyukusa (North).

You want to find at least 18 daruma that match your assigned color.

If you win the team challenge the prize you receive (in sequential order) are:

  1. Superb Shaved Ice recipes (Mizore Shaved Ice, Ujikintoki Shaved Ice, Strawberry Shaved Ice)
  2. Asian Soup recipe set (Mitten Crab Soup, Kenchin Soup)
  3. Red Hakama clothes
  4. Chirashi Sushi recipe
  5. New Year's Dish recipe
  6. Seafood Rice Bowl recipe
  7. Eastern Candy Boy clothes
  8. Eastern Candy Girl clothes
  9. Supreme Soup recipe