Summer 22 and Winter 22 - Cooking Exhibition

This cooking contest will become available if you have a medium (level 2) house and you have reached Summer 7 of your first year or later. In this contest you'll be cooking in front of an audience. You will not be cooking the dish in your farm house and then submitting it for judging.

On either Summer 22 or Winter 22, talk to the festival MC, Stephanie, in the Crossroads between 10:00 and 13:00 to enter the cooking competition. You can chose the contest difficulty as either Beginner, Veteran, Expert, or Legend, with each difficulty unlocking as you win the easier rank. The rank you enter will determine the pool that your prize will be pulled from if you win. There is one clothing outfit that you can receive for winning the Legend category six times, but in general a cooking festival win will reward you with cooking recipes.

Once you select the difficulty level, Stephanie will ask if you want to compete in the single course or in a full-course challenge. She will also give you the theme that you are to comply with: Westown food, Lulukoko food, Tsuyukusa food, or Other food. The difference between single course and full course is the number of recipe categories that you can raise your brand rank in (bronze, silver, gold, or platinum). For a single-course contest, you will only raise your brand in the single category you win in. For a full-course contest, you will raise your brand in every category that you cooked a dish in. The full course challenge will require you to cook more dishes the more difficult the challenge, with the maximum being six dishes in the Legend difficulty. The prizes and friendship bonuses will be the same whether you go with single or full course.

In general, the higher the Star Rank of your cooked food, the better the chance you have of being declared the winner. Creating a 5-star Tomato Salad is better than a 2-star multi-ingredient Mixed Salad. Having a high cooking level will also help win this contents, which you can increase by cooking recipes in your kitchen. Adding toppings to your cooked dish will boost its star rank.

For the category given (or your choice in the Beginner rank of the single course), you will be expected to cook an appropriate themed dish. It is important to cook a dish in the proper category and the right theme. When presented with your list of recipes, press the Y Button on your Nintendo 3DS to flip to the recipe profile, which will list the theme of the cooked dish. Your recipe list will be organized with Westown recipes first, followed by Tsuyukusa, Lulukoko, and then the Others.

The on-stage kitchen will have magical access to your farm storage, so you do not need to carry ingredients with you to the festival. You will be instructed to cook the dish (or dishes) and once finished, Saffron the festival judge will taste each contestant's dishes and then declare which competing chef is the winner.

For winning the Beginning rank you will receive a random item prize. For Veteran and higher you will receive the following prizes in sequential order:


  1. Lassi recipe
  2. Macaron recipe
  3. Shrimp Chili recipe
  4. Focaccia recipe


  1. World Soups recipe set (Minestrone, Fish Chowder, Vichyssoise, Clam Chowder)
  2. Lasagna recipe
  3. Cannoli recipe
  4. Bav arian Cream recipe
  5. Macaroni Melody recipe
  6. Bouillabaisse recipe
  7. Carbonara recipe
  8. World Salads recipe set (Italian Salad, Bagna Cauda)


  1. World Sweets recipe set (Ice Cream Crepe, Shortcake, Chiffon Cake, Cream Puff)
  2. World Noodle Dishes recipe set (Spaghetti Aglio e Olio, Cream Pasta, Genovese Pasta)
  3. World Rice recipe set (Arancini, Bibimbap, Paella)
  4. World Fried recipe set (Meuniere, Terrine, Round Pizza)
  5. Mille-Feuille recipe
  6. Stylish Cook clothes (Raeger's outfit [SoS1])

For winning the festival you will earn +1500 FP with the villagers and +3 Affection Points with the marriage candidates. If you don't win the grand prize you'll still receive +500 FP and +1 AP. You do not get to keep the recipes that you cooked.

Technical Info

The cooking festival is based on a point system. Each difficulty level has a range of dishes that the competition will be submitting, so you'll want to be within that range or, ideally, higher. The Beginner rank is valued between 30 and 60 points, Veteran is 61 to 120, Expert is 121 to 210, and Legend is 221 to 285.

Your submitted dish(es) will have point values based on 1) Star Rank, 2) your cooking level, and 3) the recipe difficulty level.

Adding together your judgement points from the three criteria will determine your overall score. If you are in the high range or exceed the competition point value, you'll be the winner. For the full course contest, it is assumed that all of your dishes are judged separately and then averaged together to get your final judgement, but I couldn't say for sure if that is accurate.

The reason why it is important to cook a dish based on the theme is because if you cook one for the wrong theme (i.e., you cook a Lulukoko dish for a Tsuyukusa theme), you will lose 50 judgment points! Be careful!