Hinata's Love Events

Light Blue Love Event

Scary Stories

Hinata greets you as you enter Ra Man's, asking why you're there so late. You still out working or something?

He tells you there's an event called the "Hundred Ghost Stories" going on. They put it on for regular customers annually. You sit around and tell one hundred ghost stories. Legend has it that if you make it to the hundredth tale, something spooky will occur... But Hinata's done it a bunch and nothing's ever happened. Sounds like fun! You ask to join in. Hinata says he'll talk with Moriya about it. Moriya says it's ok as long as you behave; you are a regular customer after all. Great! Hinata is glad you can stay, but warns you that the stories aren't for the faint of heart. He tells you it's ok if you need to bail out.

Moriya welcomes everyone and turns out the lights. His story begins the tales. Before you know it, the last of the tales has been told. Moriya warns everyone to be careful on their way home, for something mysterious may still happen. Ittsetsu escorts everyone to the town entrance, and you and Hinata are left in the store. He asks if you had fun. You nod, but your pale face and scared expression give you away. Hinata was afraid this would happen. Don't worry, he'll walk you home to make sure nothing happens. You worry a bit, but it's okay; he's doing it 'cause he wants to.

At the stairs in South Tsuyukusa, you hear a strange sound midway down the steps. Hinata assures you that it was just the wind. He promises you that if anything weird jumps out at you, he'll take care of it.

Finally, you get back to your house. You start to go inside, but stop and look back. Still worried, huh? Hinata decides to tell you a funny story to ease your fears. It works, and you thank Hinata once again. He assures you that it's fine, and friends are supposed to look out for each other. He has to head home now, but sweet dreams!

Result: +3000 FP with Hinata, +15 AP with Hinata

Event helper: Rune

Dark Blue Love Event

A Skilled Merchant

Moriya greets you as you enter the store. He tells you that he's watching Hinata interact with one of the customers. He's in the process of selling some fabric to a man, and he seems to be doing a pretty good job. Moriya tells you that that man is one of their best customers, and he always asks specifically for Hinata's service whenever he's shopping there. Hinata closes the fabric deal and says goodbye to the customer. You and Moriya walk up. Moriya praises Hinata for a job well done, and Hinata thanks him. Oh, you're here too! He welcomes you and turns back to Moriya. Moriya congratulates him once again, and tells Hinata to take a well-deserved break. Hinata invites you to hang out during his break, and you two go out to the back and have soup.

Finally, a break! Hinata thanks you for your compliments, but he feels like he isn't doing anything special. He just copies what he does when he and Yuzuki goes shopping, and talks more politely. You don't have to keep piling on the compliments, you're going to make him blush! Or did he look hot when he was being all serious? Heh, just kidding.

Choice 1: Yep, you looked handsome and dashing!

Yeah, totally. It totally isn't like him-WHOA, BACK UP A SECOND! Did you seriously think he looked... handsome? Hinata thanks you sheepishly. Getting a serious compliment from someone he's, uh, good friends with makes him feel good about himself. He thanks you.

After you leave, Hinata ponders what you said. After saying something like that, how do you expect him to not pay even MORE attention to you now?

Result: +3000 FP with Hinata, +15 AP with Hinata

Choice 2: Give him a blank stare

Hey, what's with the sudden silence? You were full of compliments a moment ago. He was just joking when he said that; don't take it seriously. Hinata likes to think that he acts his normal self around you.

Anyway, he'd better head back out front. Besides, you came here to shop, right? Hinata apologizes for distracting you for so long. He'll clean up, so you can go ahead and go back to the front. Thanks for hanging out with him!

Result: +1000 FP with Hinata

Event helper: Rune

Light Green Love Event

Theater Practice

Hinata is standing in front of Ra Man's, seemingly worried about something. He then spots you and beckons you over. You greet him and ask if something is wrong. Jeez, does he really look that bent out of shape? No, it's not anything necessarily bad, but he's kind of in a bind. Can he ask a favor of you? Can you please help him with his lines?! One of his favorite actors gave him a script from a play. Hinata has only just now worked up the courage to practice it, and he's having a hard time getting into character. He needs someone to bounce off of. You're the only one he can ask!

Naturally you agree. He says it might be easier to practice somewhere quieter, so you two go over next to a tree. He asks you to skim over the script. There's not a ton of lines, so it shouldn't be too hard. The script describes an emotional story about two lovers named Orin and Jiro. You read it in surprise. Hinata says it's supposed to be a pretty passionate scene; he understands why you'd react that way. Oh, well, he can just give up on practicing with someone else and try it on his own. You tell him you'll help him anyway, and he thanks you again. Now, remember, this is all an act, so just let loose.

You two begin practicing, and Hinata delivers his lines with curiously accurate emotion. You go on with your lines, but suddenly, Hinata uses your name instead of Orin's name!

Choice 1: Tell him

Whoops! Sorry! You're standing right there, so he guesses it just kinda came out. Hinata says he needs to be more careful about going TOO far into character. That's enough practice for today; come on, he'll see you up the road.

Result: +1000 FP with Hinata

Choice 2: Keep going as is

You nod. Hinata takes a step closer to you, once again putting your name in place of the character's. He rubs your head, then backs up. Whoops! Sorry! Guess he got a little carried away. You tell him that he was using your name instead of "Orin" the whole time. He says sorry; he got so lost in the character he didn't notice. Hinata apologizes again and says he needs to be more careful about going TOO far into character. That's enough practice for today; come on, he'll see you up the road.

Result: +3000 FP with Hinata, +15 AP with Hinata

Hinata thanks you for helping him practice. You tell him that you enjoyed it as well. There's some awkward silence between you two before you say goodbye and walk away.

After you leave, Hinata face palms. Did he seriously just do that?! That wasn't an act... he really just said that! You didn't notice though, right? Pleeeease say that you didn't notice....

Event helper: Izzy the Okami and Rune

Yellow Love Event

Think Before You Act

You walk into the Boarding House to see Hinata relaxing. He greets you, asking if you came here just to see him? You nod, and he tells you that makes him SUPER happy! He then blushes, and says that this kind of interaction really helps it sink in for him that you two are officially together!

The two of you go for a walk and wind up under a tree by the river. Hinata says that just hanging out with you is a blast, which makes you happy. Suddenly, you hear someone call out to you, and both of you turn around to see Sumomo, Tatsumi, and Yaichi. Sumomo asks what you two are up to, and Hinata replies that since you two are lovers, you are doing what lovers do - talking with one another!

Sumomo is amazed at how easily grown ups can use the "L" word. Tatsumi agrees, saying that the two of you are TOTALLY showing off, being all lovey-dovey like that. Hinata laughs and says of course he is!! Why wouldn't he want to show off such a pretty and amazing girlfriend? You blush as the children fawn over you both.

Tatsumi goes a bit further, asking for a "demonstration" of something even MORE lovey-dovey! Sumomo and Yaichi agree, though you look uncomfortable while Hinata thinks about it. He looks a little befuddled, but he asks you to look up. You do so, only to find yourself caught in a big embrace! The kids cheer, admiring the demonstration and thinking it's cute as ever! You don't really feel the same way, though.

When Hinata lets go, he looks towards the three kids and says that since he's satisfied their request, it's time for them to run along elsewhere. The kids agree and dash off so fast Hinata worries they're gonna fall down! He turns to look at you, and you instead look at the ground. Hinata asks you what's wrong? You put your hands on your hips and give him a glare!

Gah! Hold it! Why are you so mad??

Choice 1: That was embarrassing!

Hinata is so sorry, he didn't think about how embarrassing it might be to get a big hug in public like that. But, he doesn't find it embarrassing, so... w-wait! No! He's not going to make excuses, that's super lame!

He did something to upset you, and he's very sorry! You consider his answer for a bit before you let him know he's forgiven. He thanks you, saying he'll never do anything like that again.

Boy, he sure did just avoid a big prob... WAIT A MINUTE!!! It was just the fact that he hugged you in front of other people that it embarrassed you, right? Not the hug itself?

You reassure him that it was the spectators that ruined the hug for you, and Hinata is super relieved. He tells you how he had no idea how he'd react if you didn't like him hugging you. You look a little annoyed, but he laughs it off.

He realizes this kinda thing is embarrassing to talk about outright, but he's really glad that you did. He thinks it's really important to show someone that you love them, and hopes you'll continue to show him you love him too.

Choice 2: Think about it for yourself.

UHH.... uh... hmm... oh!!! Was it because he hugged you?

The two of you talk some more, and he apologizes, saying he's very very sorry. You say you'll let him off easy this time, which makes him chuckle.

Hinata goes in to hug you again, much to your surprise!! You get angry with him and he backs away, apologizing profusely. His body just moved on its own! He totally wasn't even thinking about it!

While you scold Hinata a bit more, he apologizes to you over and over. Sumomo, Tatsumi, and Yaichi watch from a safe hiding place, commenting on how they think the two of you will be alright... but that if you ever get married, it's clear who's going to be the boss in that relationship!

Result: +3000 FP with Hinata, +15 AP with Hinata (Yep, it is the same for both choices)

Event helpers: Shy, Lunachan

Orange Love Event

You walk into the area to find Hinata doing some shopping. He explains that he is looking for something to send home to his family. Last time he sent them something from Westown, and they really liked it, so this time he wants to send them a souvenir from Lulukoko. You offer to help pick something out to send to his family.

Back at the boarding house in Tsuyukusa, Hinata is almost ready to send out the package. He wants to include one more item though. You suggest something from your farm. Hinata likes the idea, but he also doesn't want to take advantage of you like that.

Choice 1: Consider it a request from your lover

He is a little taken back with your response, but agrees to accept your offer.

Result: -3000 FP with Hinata

Choice 2: I want to help you out, Hinata

Hinata graciously accepts your help.

Result: +3000 FP with Hinata, +15 AP with Hinata

He is still a little embarrassed, as he feels that he should be the one to protect and support you, and he doesn't want to be a burden. Hinata also doesn't want to be selfish. You tell him that he is okay. Hinata thanks you for being so forgiving. Ah yes, he does have something from your farm that he can send to his family; Hinata remembers that he had bought something that you had shipped to Tsuyukusa. He fetches it from his belongings and now you're the one who is being a bit modest. Hinata thank you again for the idea.

Event helper: Lunachan

Pink Love Event

You spot Hinata by Inari's shrine. He explains that he has a big play coming up, so he is sending a little prayer that the play will go well. Usually the plays he's involved with take place during the day, but this one is a horror story and takes place at night. This play will be the first time he acts in a nighttime play. You want the best for him and offer to send a prayer as well.

As the two of you are praying, a man comes looking for Hinata. The man is one of the stage crew for the horror play and has some news for Hinata; one of the other actors has caught a cold, and they need Hinata to take the sick actor's role. After the man leaves, Hinata becomes nervous because the sick actor was the lead role in the play! Your sweetie has never played such an important role and starts to panic.

Choice 1: Calm him down

You give him a hug until Hinata chills out.

Result: -3000 FP with Hinata

Choice 2: Cheer him up

You try to make him happy, but it isn't working very well. You become frustrated, yet Hinata still thanks you for your effort.

Result: +3000 FP with Hinata, +15 AP with Hinata

He is still a bit nervous, but he thinks he can do this. Hinata is still an actor, after all. He needs to grab his belongings and head to the theater before he's late. You call a palanquin for him while he gathers his stuff. Right as he leaves, Hinata asks if you would come along to watch him. This is his biggest role and if you're there, he knows that he can succeed. You agree to go along with him.

After the play is over, Hinata is pleased that he was able to go through the entire play without messing up one line. Even the Director was impressed! He was such a nervous wreck just a few hours earlier, but because you were there to support him, Hinata could give it his very best effort. He couldn't of done it without you!

Event helper: Lunachan