Iluka's Love Events

Light Blue Love Event

A Troubling Order

You're thirsty as you walk through South Lulukoko, so you stop by Carosello for something to drink. While enjoying your tasty beverage, you watch Iluka take an order for another customer. The fellow asks for a few things as well as a "Siluka Special." Iluka doesn't recommend that the customer order that dish and says it doesn't taste very good. The customer replies that he heard otherwise, and that might be true, but he came all this way to try it. Iluka walks off to get the customer's order.

She's been gone for quite some when you look over and see Iluka having trouble with the recipe. When you go to investigate, Iluka gets annoyed that you're in her kitchen, but then says it is the customer's fault for ordering the Siluka Special. She can make anything on the menu except for the Siluka Special, which only Siluka can make properly. Siluka isn't here right now, and the recipe makes no sense to Iluka.

Choice 1: Why don't you say it's not available?

But the customer came from far away to eat it, so she can't reject his order. Actually, how about you make it!

Result: -1000 FP with Iluka

Choice 2: Want me to help you?

You're her little helper now, so while she reads the recipe aloud you are to follow her exact instructions.

Result: +2000 FP with Iluka, +15 AP with Iluka

Iluka puts you to work in the kitchen and soon you've made the dish. She brings it out to the waiting customer, who is pleased that it is indeed as delicious as he heard. Iluka tells him that it should be good, being the cafe special, but the man wonders why earlier she had told him that it wasn't very good.

After the customer leaves, Iluka comments about you being helpful in the kitchen. She expected that you would give it all you've got when helping someone like her, so she won't be giving you a direct thank you! That's fine with you, so she comments about how you're too nice for your own good.

Dark Blue Love Event

Iluka's Payback

(You will see a scene with Iluka and Siluka talking in their house. Iluka thinks that what happened at the cafe earlier is quite awkward, as now she feels she owes you a favor. If her Siluka Special wasn't so complicated, then none of this would have happened! Iluka is embarrassed that she needed to accept your help with cooking the dish. Maybe it's awkward because she was caught in such an embarrassing situation, and if she catches you in an equally embarrassing situation, then the two of you will be event. Iluka comes up with a scheme...)

After you walk out to the Crossroads and onto Westown, the twins watch you leave from the Lulukoko entrance. Now's their chance! They run towards your farm to set up Iluka's idea.

When you return, Iluka is standing at the entrance to your farm and tells you she's interested in seeing a tour of your place. No problem! You take her into your farm and suddenly find a suspicious pile of fodder on the ground. When you step in to investigate, a hole opens up underneath your feet! Ouch! Iluka gloats over her obvious trap and calls you "stupid" for falling into it. If you don't want everyone else to know about your blunder, you better not tell anyone about what happened at Carosello the other day! Iluka is too busy being pleased with herself that she doesn't notice that she's gotten too close to the edge of the hole... ooops! She falls in too! Since Siluka has already left there's nobody out there to help either one of you out of the hole.

Now that you're both out of the hole, Iluka is embarrassed (again). She fesses up to digging the hole to play a prank on you. It was wrong of her to do, but she had a lot of fun digging the hole. It's okay if you want to get mad at her.

Choice 1: Scold her

Result: -1000 FP with Iluka

Choice 2: Don't scold her

You refuse to get angry with her; in fact, it was kind of fun! Iluka is taken back by your response and calls you the "biggest idiot ever" for not being angry with her. She's seen enough stupidity for now. Iluka runs away, leaving you alone to fix the large hole on your farm.

Result: +2000 FP with Iluka, +15 AP with Iluka

Light Green Love Event

Unsaid Questions

You're standing on the beach when Siluka comes up to greet you. She apologizes for Iluka's little pit trap the other day. Iluka only meant it to be a joke, but it got out of hand. Iluka looked upset about it when she came home. Siluka asks why you've forgiven Iluka for the mean things her sister has said to you. Most people would stay mad at her, but your response has caused her to have trouble sleeping; she's really bothered about it. Iluka is too proud to ask you herself, so Siluka is asking in her place.

You explain that it is because you like Iluka. Siluka doesn't seem to believe you and asks if you mean just as friends. Iluka doesn't have many friends, so she would be happy even if you like her just as a friend. Siluka then asks what it is about her sister that you like. Iluka is so contrary and bossy, even Siluka thinks she can be a bit selfish.

Choice 1: I like how she's contrary

You mean how she says mean things and yet regrets saying those things? And she's not selfish? And that she just has a hard time dealing with people?

Result: +2000 FP with Iluka, +15 AP with Iluka

Choice 2: I like how she gets mad easily

Result: -1000 FP with Iluka

If anything, Siluka says that she's learned that you have really bad taste. What?! She says that she's never met anyone like you before, and that's all she wants to say. After she leaves and you stand there confused, Siluka comes up from behind to greet you. What's going on?!

Back at her house, Iluka is puzzled as to what's going on with her. Does she... nah, that can't be it. As she ponders some more, Siluka returns to the house and overhears her sister wondering how she could possibly tell someone that she likes him after dropping him into a pit trap. Siluka interrupts, startling Iluka, and asks does she actually like you? No, Iluka says she changed her mind and she doesn't like you. As Siluka walks away, Iluka apologizes for not asking to borrow her clothes.

Yellow Love Event

Siluka's Suffering

The two sisters seem to be having a disagreement. Iluka wants to check on something, while Siluka is objecting and claiming its dumb. Iluka snaps at you as you arrive, but then apologizes and asks you to wait at the inn.

At the inn, Tototara notices your concern about the two arguing sisters. If the two of them were quarrelling, it must of been serious indeed! Iluka arrives and thanks Tototara for keeping you company. The innkeeper scolds Iluka for letting their argument spill out into the open where it bothers others around them. Iluka becomes a bit annoyed that you tattled on them, but takes gram's advice to heart. She then invites you back to her place and leaves the inn. Tototara tells you that Iluka can be a bit of a worrier, and asks that you try to understand her despite all of her eccentricities.

Back at her house, Iluka apologizes for having to see the argument with her sister. They hardly ever argue; just thinking about it is making her angry again! Iluka demands to know why you aren't comforting her like you should. You give her a pat on the head, but that doesn't satisfy her. She wants a hug! You deny her request, so she demands to know why.

Choice 1: For some reason it doesn't feel right

Result: -1000 FP with Iluka

It seems there's something wrong, eigh? Iluka smiles and reveals that she's actual Siluka. It seems you couldn't tell the difference between them, at least not directly. Maybe you can sense auras a little bit too.

Choice 2: Because you aren't Iluka

Result: +2000 FP with Iluka, +15 AP with Iluka

Oh, so you did notice! Siluka wonders how you could tell. You tell how Iluka puts her hands on her hips when she's angry as well as her differences in speech.

Iluka had been watching from the other room. She explains that the reason they tricked you is because of the earlier experience where Siluka asks you why you weren't angry about the pit-trap event. Iluka admits that it was her who had asked you, disguised as Siluka. It wasn't apparent that you could tell the difference between them and it made Iluka feel insecure. She apologizes for testing you; she'll never doubt your feelings for her again. Iluka then gives you a kiss.

Orange Love Event

Iluka's Special Cooking

You bump into Iluka at the Crossroads. If you're not doing anything, how about coming over for a home-cooked meal? She just needs about a half hour to get everything ready.

Back at the community kitchen in North Lulukoko, Iluka tells Siluka that you'll be joining them for dinner. Siluka has been helping Iluka with cooking, as Iluka has been very nervous about her cooking skills. Siluka assures her sister that she just has to use her skills at chai making towards cooking and she'll be fine. Siluka advises her to let the dish simmer for a little bit longer and add a little bit more spice; but just be careful not to add too much spice. Siluka has errands to take care of and leaves Iluka to finish cooking the meal.

You meet up with Iluka at her house. The food smells good! Iluka serves you her Iluka Curry dish (oooh curry nom nom nom nom nom....), but something seems off. It's too spicy! Iluka is embarrassed, even though she tasted it multiple times. Her taste must be more accustomed to spicier and didn't notice its heat. Iluka is also angry at herself for messing up, as she had practiced cooking for you and got it wrong when it counted the most. She then runs away.

You chase after her, but can't find her once you're outside. You do find Siluka though. After hearing the story about the excessively-spicy curry, Siluka admits she should of stayed with Iluka to supervise the cooking. Iluka had practiced a lot to make that dish for you, as she just wanted to make you happy. If Iluka is upset, you probably already know where she went.

Iluka can be found on the beach. She says she's fine, but she is upset about her mistake. You move closer towards her, though she backs away and asks you to stop staring at her.

Choice 1: Give her a hug

Result: +2000 FP with Iluka, +15 AP with Iluka

You give Iluka a big hug to cheer her up. Seems like you just swooped in and cleared away her depression.

Choice 2: Comfort her

Result: -1000 FP with Iluka

Yea, it did look like you were going to spit fire after eating the curry! Though she doesn't need your attempts to pacify her.

Iluka gives you a kiss and then has a sense of how spicy the curry actually was! Oops! Iluka decides to keep practicing her cooking skills and hopes you don't mind putting up with her failed attempts for a while.

Pink Love Event

The Ancient Ruins' Ritual

Inside the inn you'll find Lotus, Alma, and Schalk. The kids tell you that Lotus was telling them about the weird things that can happen at the ruins, such as hexes, but there can be good things too like bringing good luck to couples. Like the story how a couple can stand in front of the alter on a full-moon night to be bound together in eternal love. Oh, that is tonight! Lotus figures that won't work for him since he's single (auu...), but you and Iluka are a couple. Maybe you can give it a try? The theory is that it will only work if the moon is visible.

After you leave to tell Iluka, Lotus starts to read the second half of the tale. Mithra comes in and recognizes that the book he is reading is nothing but urban legends; the stories aren't real at all! Lotus apologizes to the kids for leading them on, and Mithra scolds Lotus for believing such things. After the two historians leave, the kids ponder telling you that the story about the full moon isn't true, but on the other hand they get to see you kiss Iluka if they keep quiet...

You bring Iluka to the alter at the top of the ruins and tell her the story. She doesn't want to kiss you right here! Someone could be watching! Iluka sees that you're a bit heart broken, and decides to be nice and give it a try for your sake. She moves in closer to give you a smooch, but some over-excited peeping kids interrupt the moment.

Alma and Schalk have been watching from the base of the ruins. They each blame the other for getting caught. Schalk accidentally reveals that the legend is untrue, as Mithra has said it wasn't real. Alma doesn't care though; she thinks seeing the two of you kiss is really romantic! The two kids run off before they get into more trouble.

You look disappointed about the legend. Iluka figured that was the case, as she's lived in Lulukoko her entire life and has never heard of the tale before. Besides, she's a priestess and would know if there was any mystical happenings going on at the ruins. Even if it was true, you don't need any help from superstitious miracles. The two of you fell in love with each other; that's an incredible miracle on its own. Eternal love isn't something one should try to obtain from a divine power. She'll love you anyway.

Iluka understands you were just trying to make her happy. She reminds you that your feelings for her are more precious than anything else. Iluka gives you a kiss before she leaves to go punish the two meddling kids for spying on you.

Result: +3000 FP with Iluka