Kasumi's Love Events

Light Blue Love Event

Teacher and Student

Komari and Kasumi are searching for Sumomo, who had suddenly run away from school without saying a word as to why. They ask you to let them know if you see her.

As you return to your farm, you find Sumomo crying behind your farm house. She's sorry that she's made everyone worry about her. Sumomo explains that she ran away because the other students were making fun of her handwriting. Since she works at a shop, she's expected to have pretty lettering. The others started calling her names because of it. She practices her handwriting a lot, but she's getting frustrated.

Kasumi walks up behind you and scolds Sumomo. The whole town is worried and out looking for her! You explain that the other kids were making fun of her. Now that Kasumi understand, she apologizes to Sumomo. The little girl isn't the sort of kid who would just up and disappear without any reason, and understands how hard Sumomo is trying with her handwriting, especially since she has to do both her school studies and her job at the wholesale shop. There's nobody at school who is better at math than Sumomo is though!

Sumomo desires to have pretty handwriting. Kasumi knows that having good handwriting will be required if she is to write gift messages and thank-you notes, but it is a skill that Sumomo will be able to get better with practice. Sumomo can't give up! The little girl is encouraged by Kasumi's words and starts to smile again.

After the two of you walk Sumomo back to Ra Man's, Kasumi apologizes to you. This wouldn't of happened if she had been paying more attention to her students' terrible behavior! She plans to have a talk with the students who were teasing Sumomo, although she has a theory. Foolish young boys tend to make fun of young girls of their age group! Well, that's a poor presumption, but you hold your tongue and go on your way.

As you leave, you overhear Kasumi telling herself that it is all her fault. If it wasn't for you, Sumomo might not have opened up and told anyone the truth. Kasumi is just as guilty as those who did the bullying. You walk back to speak up.

Choice 1: You did what any good teacher would

Kasumi is surprised by your kindness. Your words do make her feel a little better though.

Result: +2000 FP with Kasumi, +15 AP with Kasumi

Choice 2: Don't worry about it

Kasumi can't afford to ignore this, as it is her duty as a teacher to reflect on her actions to ensure it doesn't happen again. Your words do make her feel a little better though.

Result: No FP change

Dark Blue Love Event

Apprehending a Miscreant

You find a man looking over the fence at the spa in North Tsuyukusa. Suddenly there's shrieks from the bath house. A peeping tom is spying on the female bathers! The man runs off, but you soon find yourself surrounded by angry bath house patrons. Kasumi comes out to see if they've caught the pervert who has been spying on the lady bathers to find that they're accusing you of the deed. Kasumi doesn't believe them and tells the girls that you couldn't be the pervert. You have a high level of integrity and would never do anything like that. The mob respects Kasumi's opinion and is disappointed that you weren't the guilty pervert. You explain that you did see the guy who was doing it. That information will help them catch the culprit, as Kasumi feels that the guy will strike again now that he's gotten a taste of this thrill without being caught. You agree to help Kasumi catch the pervert.

The two of you find and confront the guy. Kasumi generally has a distaste for men, but lowlife guys like this really get under her skin. She takes care of the weasel in her own way.

After it is over, Kasumi thanks you for helping to bring peace to the bath house. There'll be protection added to the windows too, to protect from future incidents. You're still thinking about the accusation though...

Choice 1: I'm glad you believed me.

Kasumi says you're a courteous person, and is fully aware of how honest you are.

Result: +2000 FP with Kasumi, +15 AP with Kasumi

Choice 2: Drat, now I can't peep anymore.

What? She's not sure she heard you correctly. She must have imagined what you said.

Result: -1000 FP with Kasumi

Kasumi admits that she doesn't anticipate liking men anytime soon, but perhaps... ah, it is nothing. She excuses herself and leaves.

Event helper: @mikaelaslegs

Light Green Love Event

This Cannot be Love...

You find Kasumi teaching Komari about waka poetry. It is complex, unique poetry that requires the poet to understand the background of the poems. Komari notices how friendly Kasumi is being towards you and is surprised that she'd talking to a guy that didn't give the impression that she wanted to punch him! Kasumi is a bit modest, but Komari is glad that her friend has taken a big step, since everyone has a thing or two they don't deal well with. Komari is simply concerned with her friend's happiness and you are a good guy who can make friends with just about anyone.

Kasumi would rather change the topic and try a new poem. She takes out the next one but is hesitant to talk about it. The poem is about love that was once hidden, yet begins to peek out and becomes so strong that it is noticed by strangers. If someone recites the poem and can't convey the right feelings, the poem won't sound right. But, if it was recited by one who knows true love, then the poem would be very powerful.

Komari think there's something wrong with Kasumi. Normally she would of blown off and said that romance is only for fools!

Choice 1: Forcibly change the subject

Ah, maybe Kasumi is unwell. She admits she's been feeling feverish lately. Komari panics and runs off to Westown to fetch Dr. Ford.

Kasumi couldn't stop her before Komari runs off, and says that the symptoms she feels are something that Dr. Ford couldn't do anything about anyway. That poem was probably written by someone who had so much emotion that all they could do is put it on paper and let it all out. Kasumi leaves to go after Komari.

Result: +2000 FP with Kasumi, +15 AP with Kasumi

Choice 2: Ask Kasumi if she's in love

Absolutely not! Kasumi is annoyed and reminds you that she detests men! There would be no reason for her to be in love with one! It simply cannot be love. Kasumi tells Komari that she'll continue teaching her about poems another time and leaves.

Komari wonders what got Kasumi in such a bad mood.

Result: -1000 FP with Kasumi

Event helper: @mikaelaslegs

Yellow Love Event

Kasumi's Problem

You bump into Kasumi in the bath house. She invites you to have a meal with her after you have finished soaking. The guys show up too and invite you to join them in the bath. You spend so much time seeing who could hold their breath for the longest underwater that you lose track of time! Oops! Once you emerge, Hinata spots Kasumi waiting with Komari for you to come out of the bath.

Kasumi feels bad for having her friend wait with her, but Komari doesn't mind. She's more pleased that her friend seems to have gotten over her dislike of guys. Kasumi doesn't think that's completely true, as she explains an incident with Shizu. She kept complementing Kasumi on how glowing she looks now that she is dating someone, embarrassing Kasumi and attracting unwanted attention from other men.

Kasumi explains that the only reason she fell for you was because of how special you are. Suddenly they notice that you, Hinata, and Yuzuki have been listening to their conversation. Hinata says he didn't want to interrupt her talking about you. Kasumi is so embarrassed that you heard the whole thing that she runs out of the spa!

Result: +3000 FP with Kasumi, +1000 FP with Hinata, Komari, and Yuzuki

Event helper: @mikaelaslegs

Orange Love Event

Calligraphy Practice

Kasumi explains that she is practicing her calligraphy writing, since she feels that she won't be able to correct her students if her own handwriting is poor. Kasumi offers you some tea, while you ask if you can watch her write. She understand how writing with a brush might be intriguing to one who comes from a culture where it isn't done. She writes out a poem and asks what you think of her writing.

Choice 1: Your handwriting is very pretty

Kasumi thanks you for your kind words. She grew up with a governess who taught her such things, so she should be competent in it. Although, a compliment from you makes her very happy.

Result: No change in friendship

Choice 2: Your handwriting is very warm

She's never had anyone tell her that her calligraphy was warm.

When she was younger, her governess would watch her write and tell her that her handwriting was beautiful, but that it had very little warmth; it was better to have some imperfections. At the time, Kasumi didn't understand what warmth had to do with handwriting. She thinks that now if her governess had to review her writing, she might say that Kasumi has improved.

Result: +2000 FP with Kasumi, +15 AP with Kasumi

Kasumi explains that the ancient poem she wrote has a deeper meaning if you look closer at it. She tells you that like the poem, her heart was blank but has now been filled with the color of your love. The poet's devotion for their beloved will never fade away. She now understands how one person can bring so much color to the life of another; the day that she first met you has become the happiest day of her life, and the nights she spends alone have her lamenting her loneliness. Never did she imagine that she would have feelings like this.

The best way for her to express these feelings was to write out the poem for you, to convey the way she feels about you. You try to give her a kiss, but Kasumi backs away and asks you to wait. If you did that now, her heart would surely burst! For now, holding your hand is as much as she can handle, but some day she promises to be more courageous.

Event helper: Cotton

Pink Love Event

A Visit to the Shrine

You walk into Kasumi's house right as she was on her way out to visit the Tsuyukusa shrine. She invites you to join her.

At the shrine, you can see Inari but naturally Kasumi can't see the town guardian. Kasumi tells you the story about the town's Inari patron deity of merchants and farmers. Artists have often drawn Inari to be tall and handsome as well as a stickler for cleanliness. It has even been told that Inari will curse those who don't clean the shrine! Inari rejects such rumors and while Inari does prefer cleanliness, Inari would never hex anyone. You tell Kasumi that story isn't true at all.

Kasumi also explains that Inari is the deity of romance and relationships. She admits coming to the shrine when she wasn't sure about her feelings for you, but one night she had a dream of a white fox who told her to be honest with herself. She is here to thank Inari for the wise advice Inari gave to her. Inari says that the things Kasumi prayed for are private and cannot be told to you, but asks that you give Kasumi a message: that she was the one who found happiness in her relationships. Inari did nothing to persuade Kasumi to overcome her distrust of men, and leaving that behind to have a life with you took an impressive amount of courage. Inari says Kasumi's last prayer will take an even greater act of courage for her.

As the two of you go to Tea-ful Reunion for a snack, she is reminded about the time that Ginjiro tried to hug her. Back then, even being in the presence of a man gave her the shivers, and yet now she stands next to you. She realizes that she has acted very selfish for quite some time. While the perverts she encountered deserve what they get, the ones who just happen to be there (like Ginjiro) didn't deserve that. She wants to apologize to Ginjiro for her past behavior and asks you to wait outside while she also gets some tea from him.

When she returns, Kasumi finds that you have fallen asleep. Perhaps since you're out cold, it might be the right time to try and give you a kiss... but she remembers how she rejected you for trying to do the same thing. She works up the courage to do it when suddenly you wake up! Ah! Kasumi tells you that nothing happened is now more convinced to wait until marriage.

Result: +3000 FP with Kasumi

Event helper: @mikaelaslegs