Komari's Love Events

Light Blue Love Event

In Defense of Farmers

Inside the teahouse you spot a table of guys trying to get cute Komari to hang out with them. She refuses, but they continue to ask her. Komari notices you have entered and escorts you to a seat. She's glad that you're here; usually her dad is around so those guys don't try anything funny, but he's out on an errand at the moment. As thanks for your arrival Komari offers the seasonal special to you.

The guys in the other table are rather annoyed at your arrival. They get the impression that you're a farmer, but you must be such an idiot that you couldn't possibly raise anything good. You stand up for yourself by confronting the men, who offer to take this little conversation outside if you've a problem. Komari interrupts the situation and tells you to calm down. The men blame you for escalating the situation even though they believe it to be true that you're a terrible farmer. You should go home and weed your little garden!

Komari becomes angry with them and demands that they apologize. Farmers raise food for everyone to eat. They have a very important job! The guys are annoyed that Komari is taking your side. Komari again tells them to apologize else they will look like self-important jerks. The two guys pause for a moment and then apologize for taking it too far.

After they leave, Komari also apologizes to you for not taking care of those two earlier. You feel bad for having her come rescue you, but she feels that she was just speaking her mind. Your job does deserve a lot more respect.

Ginjiro returns from his errand and gets an earful from Komari for being so late. He hears about what happened and is sorry for being late, but at least Komari was able to handle the situation. You tell him that she looked very brave, and he naturally agrees; Komari could be a bit more lady like, but there are plenty of people out there who like spirited girls. He's just kidding of course! Ginjiro suggests Komari take a break and he'll fetch the two of you some food.

Result: +3000 FP with Komari, +15 AP with Komari, +1000 FP with Ginjiro, and your stamina is refilled

Event Helper: Theherooftime

Dark Blue Love Event

The Melancholy of Komari

You find Shizu giving Komari advice on how to greet customers who come to the teahouse. Komari keeps bumbling her words though. Komari admits that she needs more practice with talking professionally, as she tends to become too comfortable with customers and resorts to boyish behavior. There were better ways she could of handled the situation with the two men than yelling in their faces. Shizu feels that Komari is fine, but Ginjiro is the one who would like her to be a bit more courteous and ladylike. You offer to help.

You sit at the table as a "customer" while Komari serves you. Shizu gives her advice on her stride, how to carrying trays, and even how she smiles. Shizu sees progress with Komari's manners and tells her to keep practicing. After Shizu leaves, Komari is exhausted from the training. She's also a bit frustrated because she doesn't feel that she's getting any better. Komari isn't ladylike anyway! She doesn't understand why her dad won't realize that's not how she is.

Choice 1: You are plenty girlish already

Komari doesn't believe you, as she knows she isn't girlish at all! You continue to convince her by telling her that you like how she is already. She becomes embarrassed as you continue to give her compliments, but in the end you've cheered her up. Komari invites you to have a break with her and snack on one of Ginjiro's latest recipe experiments.

Result: +3000 FP with Komari, +15 AP with Komari

Choice 2: Yeah, I hope he gives up too

That girly stuff just isn't something Komari is good at. She's really tired and needs to take a break, and isn't in the mood to chat. After you leave, Komari is sad that not even you think of her as being girlish.

Result: -2000 FP with Komari

Light Green Love Event

A Small Sprout

You bump into Yaichi who asks you to follow him. You find Komari sitting on the bench, suffering from a tummy ache. You leap into action and pick her up so you can carry her home. Komari loudly objects and is very embarrassed. She demands you put her down!

Choice 1: Put Komari down

You put Komari down and help her walk back to the tea house.

Back in her room and in her bed, Komari thanks you and Yaichi for the help. The two of you leave to let her rest.

After a while, you go back up to check on her. Komari is feeling much better now. Komari is surprised by your actions. Giving a shoulder to lean on is something other people do for each other, right? Komari is now even more embarrassed and asks that you forget what she said.

Komari thanks you again and invites you to visit the tea house sometime. After you leave, Komari is mad at herself. Why would she say something so goofy? She blames you too and admits that she's naive about the world, but getting picked up like that was a bit much.

Result: +3000 FP with Komari, +15 AP with Komari

Choice 2: Carry her

Komari doesn't like being carried like a princess!

Back in her room and in her bed, Komari thanks you and Yaichi for the help. The two of you leave to let her rest.

After a while, you go back up to check on her. Komari is feeling much better now. She returns to the topic of you carrying her, and admits she's pretty naive about the world. Komari was embarrassed at the time but now admits that you made her feel safe. She thought the same thing when you were helping her with her customer service skills and now doesn't feel too bad when you treat her like a lady.

Ah, never mind that last part! Komari thanks you again and invites you to visit the tea house sometime.

Result: +500 FP with Komari

Yellow Love Event

My Daughter, in Love

Now that the meal rush is over at the restaurant, Komari tells her dad that she has to go run an errand. After she leaves, Ginjiro wonders why she looked a little more nervous than just a typical visit to Kasumi. Maybe she's going out on a date with you?! As a typical dad, he doesn't trust you quite yet and decides to observe your date, even if it is just for a little while.

Ginjiro spots the two of you at the bridge. He notices how blushed Komari is and realizes his little girl is turning into a love-struck maiden. You and Komari move on to do some shopping, while Ginjiro decides to spy just a little bit longer

At the shops, Komari has you pick out a cute hair tie for her to wear. You move in close to Komari, with Gingiro quietly objecting from his hiding spot, but it is only to brush a stray leaf from her hair. Though Ginjiro is relieved that you weren't going to try anything sneaky, Hinata notices him and comments on how Ginjiro typically isn't by their shop at this time of day. Hinata's talk alerts Komari to her dad's presence, and she's not happy about it!

Back at the tea house, Komari scolds her dad for sneaking around and spying on her. Even Hinata gives Ginjiro a hard time for it. Ginjiro apologizes for closing the shop and interrupting Komari's date with you. Komari says there's nothing he should be worried about with you. Ginjiro admits that he might not fully trust you yet, but seeing how you make Komari smile, he'll trust that Komari has made a good choice. Though if you make her cry, he won't be held responsible for what he does next.

Result: +3000 FP with Komari, +15 AP with Komari

Orange Love Event

This Weird Feeling

You bump into Kasumi and Komari walking together. Kasumi greets you, but Komari seems to be lost in thought. When she finally realizes you're there, she excuses herself and runs off. Kasumi explains that Komari had been reading a romance novel and she theorizes that sometimes readers envision people they know as characters in the story; perhaps that has some affect on her. Komari seems to have become a bit more feminine since the two of you became a couple. Shouldn't you be chasing after her?

When you catch up to Komari, she apologizes for running off. You tell her what Kasumi said about the romance novel. Komari explains that one of Kasumi's students left the the book, and she was curious as to what kids were reading now a days. Turns out it was a romance novel. Normally she doesn't care for such things, but since being together with you, she looked through it to see if there was anything in there the two of you could do together. She became embarrassed about it and hadn't calmed down yet by the time you bumped into the two of them.

When she was a kid she spent all her time playing with boys and roughhousing. Now that she's together with you, she'd like to be a little bit more girlish for you and do proper couples stuff. What kinds of things? Like what's in the book such as long hugs and the guy resting his head on the girl's lap. You're willing to give it a try, but Komari thinks it might be too sudden.

Choice 1: Aww, can't I lay my head in your lap?

Oh my! Komari says that is too advanced for her to handle. She apologizes for being such a wimp. Komari asks if you could give her a break this one time.

Result: +500 FP with Komari

Choice 1: It's only a hug. Can't we try that?

She's cautious, but musters up the courage to accept your hug proposal, though she would prefer it if you hugged her from behind.

Afterwards, Komari isn't sure if it is good or bad. You are taller than she expected and your arms are more muscular than she imagined. Though you are stronger than the impression she typically has of you. She was comfortable with it.

Result: +3000 FP with Komari, +15 AP with Komari

Pink Love Event

Traveling Together

Komari is upstairs looking through an album of pictures and letters sent by her mom. Each letter mom sends is a treasure to Komari. She also likes hearing stories of far away places told by the travelers who visit the tea house. Komari would like to travel too, but she doesn't want to leave her dad all by himself. She also doesn't believe she's courageous enough to travel out on her own. She'd rather stay home with the ones she loves. Komari's a bit embarrassed about blabbing all this information to you.

You tell her that you're going to head out and take her along on a mini journey to Lulukoko to see the ocean. The two of you tour the alter, eat at the seaside cafe, and then head back to the tea house.

Komari had a lot of fun. It was like having a full vacation crammed into just a few hours. She dreams of traveling to far away lands, but honestly she didn't know that much about Lulukoko even though it's right next door. Komari remembers the time you helped her try to find a new hobby, but this time it was more fun because you're a couple. It must be why the ocean looked so much brighter and more beautiful than before.

Choice 1: I'm glad you liked it

Komari is happy that you're always looking out for her. She would love to have another mini-journey with you sometime. She loves you a whole lot!

Result: +1000 FP with Komari

Choice 1: Next time, let's go a little farther

Komari wonders if you're really taking her dream of traveling to heart. Hearing that makes her very happy. What she really wants is to share fun stuff with you, so you better be prepared for her to take you with her! She's excited to see what fun stuff she'll experience together with you.

Result: +3000 FP with Komari, +15 AP with Komari