Lisette's Love Events

Light Blue Love Event

Giving it Her All

You are walking by the Postio when you have to move out the way for Lisette to run through. Wow, where is she going?! You catch up to her in her floret shop. She is busy working on a flower bouquet, and explains that a drop-in customer submitted a rush flower order for a child's birthday party. The customer had originally submitted the order at another florist, but something happened and the florist cancelled their order. If Lisette turned down the order too, then they might not have any flowers for the birthday party. She couldn't say no!

Lisette is stressed because she has to do this order as well as take care of her work chores and other customers. There hasn't been much time to work on the flower bouquet, and she fears she might not get it finished in time. You volunteer to help, but Lisette says all of this is her responsibility.

Choice 1: Now isn't the time for pride.

Result: +1000 FP with Lisette

Choice 2: Just consider me a part-time worker.

Result: +3000 FP with Lisette, +15 AP with Lisette

Are you sure? You just want her to tell you what to do? Well alright, Lisette asks you to fetch her some flowers.

Now that you're taking care of the small things, Lisette was able to finish the flower bouquet. Now all it needs is a stuffed toy. She makes these in her spare time, and it's just a little something from her to the birthday girl.

Wayne arrives to pick up the birthday present. Lisette hands it over, and Wayne tells the two of you that he'll ensure that it gets to the birthday girl on time.

Yaaaay you did it! Lisette is grateful for your help, although she hopes that it wasn't too much of a bother for you to skip your farm chores. She didn't expect that you would help her for such a long period. She confides that typically she has done everything herself; since it is her shop, she's responsible to see that everything gets done. Lisette was surprised that you were so pushy to help her, but she doesn't mean it in a bad way. She is just stubborn about the strangest of things. She wouldn't have accepted your help if you hadn't been so insistent. Lisette also wouldn't of gotten everything done without you. Since you're so kind, Lisette assumes that all the plants and animals that you care for must be super happy to be with you.

Event Helper: Theherooftime

Dark Blue Love Event

Feeling Rewarded

You spot Lisette by Miranda's shop, where she explains she just finished buying a new embroidery set. Something smells delicious! Lisette explains she recently baked a quiche and invites you to have a slice with her as a reward for helping her with the shop the other day.

The quiche tastes as good as it smells! While you're chowing down, Lisette explains that she likes to make small crafts out of felt, which is what the embroidery set is for. The stuffed toy she made for the rush-order the other day was one of her felt creations. Lisette then notices that you have a loose thread on your shirt and your shirt's seam is beginning to unravel.

Lisette fixes up your shirt as good as new. If you ever have any holes in your clothes, she offers her seamstress services to you, although it sounds like she'd be happy to see rips in your clothes.

A customer walks into the shop. She's looking for the florist who made the bouquet and the stuffed teddy bear. It is the birthday girl from the other day. The girl gives Lisette a thank-you letter and wishes that she could grow up to be just like Lisette. After the girl leaves, Lisette is so touched that she starts to cry a little bit. Knowing that all her hard work is being rewarded. She was so busy the other day that she was concerned about finishing the bouquet for the girl's birthday, but with your help she was able to do it. In the future she plans to give herself more time so she doesn't have to pester you.

Choice 1: But I want to help you

That's a kind thing for you to say. You're helpful and have a heart of gold! Lisette says you can come to her if you ever need any help, as she wants to help you in any way she can.

Result: +3000 FP with Lisette, +15 AP with Lisette

Choice 2: I didn't mind, it was fun

You are so considerate. Lisette says you can come to her if you ever need any help, as it would be good to help each other.

Result: +1000 FP with Lisette

Event Helper: Theherooftime

Light Green Love Event

Lisette's Crush?

You spot Brad, Carrie, and Wayne chatting together. Brad mentions how you and Lisette appear to be getting along really well, if you catch his drift. You insist that the two of you are just friends, but even Wayne jumps in and asks if you are finding her more beautiful lately. He theorizes that she might be in love! Ladies will glow when they're in love. Aren't you curious who Lisette has feelings for. Carrie tells you that Lisette is down by the river right now, and suggests that perhaps you should go ask. After you leave, they laugh at how dense you are.

At the river, Lisette tells you she was just looking at the flowers. You come right out and ask her if she has a crush on somebody. Lisette is shocked that you would ask her, so much so that she wasn't paying attention and got a thorn from the flowers stuck in her finger. You pull it out for her, and she thanks you; this reminds her of the story with the princess and the knight who pulled the thorn from the princess' finger. You remember the story too. Lisette says you are very much like she would imagine the knight to be. She then becomes embarrassed and asks you to forget about what she just said.

Choice 1: I'm glad you think that

Lisette begins to wonder if you mean... ah never mind. Yes, she does have a crush on someone, but she's too embarrassed to say who it is. Just knowing that you're curious about who it is makes her happy.

Result: +3000 FP with Lisette, +15 FP with Lisette

Choice 2: You have such cute tiny hands

Result: +2000 FP with Lisette

Event Helper: Theherooftime

Yellow Love Event

The Popular Girlfriend

As you walk to the flower shop, you notice two guys talking to each other. One of them seems to have a soft spot for Lisette. His companion encourages him to go ask her out on a date, but apparently he heard that Lisette is refusing any date requests. She must already have a boyfriend?! The two guys envision the type of guy who has won over Lisette's interest. They don't know it is you, and they fantasize how handsome the lucky guy must be. You find the exchange amusing, then move on along your way.

At the flower shop you find another guy with Lisette. He's trying to invite her to have tea with him, and she appears to be receptive to his offer? How can this be?! Lisette then notices that you have been nearby; you need to react to this stranger trying to pick up on your main squeeze.

Choice 1: I won't let you have her!

This is now an awkward situation. The other fellow laughs and tells you he doesn't have any intentions like that. Lisette is a bit embarrassed, but her customer thanks her for the bouquet and leaves. Once he is gone, Lisette scolds you for yelling at her customer. That's just rude!

Result: +3000 FP with Lisette, +15 AP with Lisette

Choice 2: I'm just a regular customer here

This is now an awkward situation. The other fellow laughs and tells you he doesn't have any intentions like that. Lisette is a bit embarrassed, but her customer thanks her for the bouquet and leaves. Once he is gone, Lisette scolds you for claiming that you were just a regular customer. You're suppose to be her boyfriend, not just a customer.

Result: +1000 FP with Lisette

Lisette had no intentions on going out on a date with that fellow. She explains that he's already married and has been stopping by the shop to pick up flowers for his spouse. She's the same age as Lisette and was hoping the florist would come by to meet her to become friends. That's what the invitation for tea was about.

She understands a little how just walking in on that conversation might sound completely different than what it actually was. Lisette is a little happy that you showed signs of jealousy, though she could never have eyes for anyone else. She invites you to have tea with her.

Orange Love Event

Look at Me

Carrie, Lisette, and Miranda are chatting together. Miranda is going to be signing at the restaurant tonight and suggests that you and Lisette come by to listen; a date of sorts. You agree to the arrangement. Since it's still early, Lisette invites you to have tea with her while you wait for the concert later tonight.

At the restaurant, Noel is excited to see you two have come to listen to her mom sing. Usually she can't attend because it's past her bedtime, but tonight she has special permission to stay up and listen to the concert. There's quite a few people here to listen. Miranda moves forward with the show. Everyone is entranced with Miranda's singing, so much so that Lisette even notices that you're wrapped up in it. She asks you to step away for a moment.

In another area of the restaurant, Lisette reveals that watching you listen to Miranda's song was making her feel a little lonely. She was hoping you would pay some attention to her... oh my, she realizes she was acting jealous! Lisette is now upset that she was jealous of her friend's success. Serves Lisette right for being happy about you being jealous of her and the married customer.

Choice 1: There's nothing to worry about

Lisette is glad you don't think she was being too clingy. She feels a lot better now.

Result: +1000 FP with Lisette

Choice 1: I thought it was cute

Oh don't tease her! Lisette assumes that she was making a funny face. Just thinking about it is embarrassing her.

Result: +3000 FP with Lisette, +15 AP with Lisette

You exchange kisses with Lisette. She does feel a lot better now. If this is a dream, she hopes to never wake up! Brad and Carrie notice that you're absent from the concert and call out to you. Lisette wonders if they saw your smooches, but Carrie says she just noticed that the two of you weren't listening to Miranda's songs anymore. Lisette tells them you two had just stepped away for a moment, so you head back to the show.

Pink Love Event

Lovers in the Moonlight

Lisette stops by your farm for a surprise visit with some potato bread that she had baked. Maybe you would like to eat it outside together, under the stars? You agree to spend some time with her.

At the romantic spot that Lisette picked out, the two of you enjoy each other's company. Maybe some day you can have a picnic together here too. Lisette looks up at the sky and says this location is suppose to be a very romantic date location. She had always dreamed of coming here on a date. She has always desired a fairytale romance, dreaming how a price would come sweep her away to fill her life with eternal happiness and love. Lisette realizes now that's not how things work. The times together with you have been filled with happiness, but she also has feelings of insecurity and jealousy. She apologizes for her ramblings.

You understand those feelings, as you too have been caught up in jealousy before. Lisette feels foolish for not thinking about your feelings. She is glad that she fell in love with you and that you accept her despite her flaws.

After a hug you walk her back to her florist shop. Before she walks inside, Lisette admits that the late-night snack was just her way of getting to spend more time with you. She wanted to reward you for your hard work. There're times that she misses you so much, and before she realizes it, she's already on her way to your house. She wants to see you at every chance she can get! Until she met you, Lisette didn't realize how greedy she could get...

Choice 1: Say nothing and kiss her

You lean in and give her a kiss. Lisette tells you that you shouldn't of done that, because now she doesn't want to let you go! Lisette gives you a kiss in return. She feels a little less lonely now.

Result: +3000 FP with Lisette, +15 AP with Lisette

Choice 1: Say you'll see her tomorrow

If she can see you tomorrow, then she can put up with being away from you for tonight. You're so sweet and wonderful to her. Lisette admits that it can be selfish of her to be like this, almost childish, but she can wait until tomorrow.

Result: +1000 FP with Lisette

Lisette asks if she suddenly feels lonely again, would be okay if she came by to see you? You remind her that the roads can be dangerous at night, which she didn't realize until now. She wishes she could be together with you forever, but if needed she will wait for you.