Ludus' Love Events

Light Blue Love Event

The Broken Door

As you enter your farm house, you discover that somehow the door won't open! It was working this morning, but now it seems to be broken.

Choice 1: Use your body

I'm not strong enough. There must be another way.

Result: No change

Choice 2: Fix it myself

I think I made it worse! There must be another way.

Result: No change

Choice 3: Ask Ludus

Ludus might know what to do

Result: +2000 FP with Ludus, +15 AP with Ludus

Ludus comes by to investigate and find that part of the door broke. He quickly fixes the door so that it opens again, but he needs to find a part to replace the broken one. You're grateful that he was able to at least get you back into your house, which is a bit different than what he's accustom to when he fixes stuff for the twins. No reward is necessary; your thanks is reward enough! You want to do something as thanks, but he reiterates that he doesn't need any payment. This was a small fix anyway. Besides, you're cuter than the twins. It's a big brother's role to complete requests from a sister. Theirs is a small village so it's good to help everybody out.

Anytime someone in Lulukoko needs help, he'll be there to assist. You agree with him. Ludus says you're not like anyone else around. He's thought about it, and while he is a brother to Alma, Iluka, Siluka, and Shark, with you he feels comfortable. Ludus is impressed that you would be a farmer all on your own. He apologizes for talking too much and heads back to his shop.

Dark Blue Love Event

A Near Cat-astrophe

As you walk to South Lulukoko, you hear a meow. You look up to see that a cat has gotten stuck on a ledge! You climb up to help it, but just when you pick up the poor kitty, you slip and fall. Luckily, Ludus happened to be passing by. He runs over just in the nick of time so that you fall on top of him instead of the ground. Unsurprisingly, he is NOT happy with you. What do you think you're doing, climbing a cliff in the middle of the night?! He makes sure you're not hurt. He knew that you were just trying to rescue the cat, but you didn't really need to. See? It's fine.

Ludus thanks the gods you weren't hurt. You seriously scared him for a minute there! Even so, he admires what you tried to do and he's proud. It takes guts to rescue a cat off a cliff. Although, what you did was still dangerous. If you'd gotten hurt, everyone, especially him, would've been really upset. So don't do it again, alright?

Ludus tells you to go home and rest, since it's so late. You take a step, but you stop. Is something wrong after all? It turns out you twisted your ankle. Well, Ludus isn't going to let you just stay out here. He'll help you home.

Choice 1: I'm fine by myself

Ridiculous, you can barely walk. Are you trying to make it worse? Ludus helps you home anyway.

Result: +2000 FP with Ludus

Choice 2: Help me, Big Bro!

B-Big... Bro...? Sheesh. Ludus knows he said that you can think of him as a brother, but could you drop the "Big Bro" thing? It's embarrassing.

Waaait a minute, you're just teasing, aren't you? You're more like the twins than he thought! Oh, well; you can call him whatever you want. He ushers you on, telling you to lean on Big Bro's shoulders. Actually... more like "Big No." If you're gonna have a pet name for him, pick something else. You're very amused by the whole situation.

Result: +1000 FP with Ludus, +15 AP with Ludus (less FP, but more AP)

At your door, Ludus tells you to make sure you get better. He states that you're more... slender than he expected. You're startled and embarrassed, but he claims it was nothing; he was just surprised. He thought you'd be bulkier from doing all your farm work. Ludus then tells you to ignore him; he doesn't know what he's babbling about. Just take care of that ankle. After you go inside, Ludus wonders what on earth he was saying.

Event helpers: Rune and Mandra

Light Green Love Event

Ludus' Future Wife

You see Ludus working on a chair as you walk up. He greets you, and you ask what he's doing. He tells you he's making a chair for Zahau. It's a simple job; nothing to offer praise for. He's done with the shape, he just needs to take it inside to finish it. You want to watch him put on the finishing touches. He doesn't mind letting you watch, but, uh, he's unsure about letting a lady into a man's room all by herself. Wait, what is he saying? Of course it'll be okay. He invites you in.

You watch from a distance as he finishes up. You compliment him again, but he insists that anyone can build a chair with a little know-how. But he appreciates it. Since he's done with work, time for a break. You two sit and chat in his room for a while. He tells you about various things he's built. He even rebuilt the inn after it got wiped out by a storm! You comment that his future wife is going to be a lucky woman. He laughs at your comment, but then grows silent. He tells you that men are a lot simpler and more straightforward than you seem to think. If you go into a guy's room and start saying things like that with that kind of look on your face, a guy is going to start getting wrong ideas. You don't want that, right?

Choice 1: That's not what I meant...

Yeah, he figured it wasn't. Sorry but... could you please leave? Ludus needs time to clear his head.

Result: +2000 FP with Ludus, +15 AP with Ludus

Choice 2: What if I said they weren't wrong?

Oh, come on, you can't be serious. Jeez, whoever said the devil wears the face of an angel was right. You shouldn't even be talking about this. Sorry but, could you please leave? Ludus needs time to clear his head.

Result: +1000 FP with Ludus

Ludus starts to walk outside to get some air, but before he can get there, lo and behold, the twins have been listening in! They comment that his aura is disturbingly pink. Just perfect. Of all the people he didn't want listening in...

Event helper: Rune

Yellow Love Event

Jack of All Trades

You spot Ludus in front of his shop, seemingly lost in thought. He says that for some reason, clients have stopped coming to his workshop. He's been trying to figure out why. If there are no customers, does that mean that things have stopped breaking? Or are people just unhappy with his abilities? You suggest that the two of you go out and ask people.

You guys meet Iluka and Tototara at Carosello. Ludus asks if they know why customers have stopped coming to his shop. Iluka comments that his work may just be going down the tubes. Tototara assures you both that these things happen sometimes. Completely ignoring the topic at hand, she turns the subject toward you and Ludus's relationship. She talks about how proud she is of Ludus and what a great grandson he is, but then Iluka pipes up with the story of how he brought you to his room BEFORE you two were dating. Tototara comments that this wasn't very gentleman-like. She tells Iluka that because she and Ludus have been friends for so long, she should've done a better job of teaching him the right way to treat a lady. Ludus turns to you and says that you guys should get going; staying here is just asking for trouble.

Next, you stop at Zahau's place. He asks if you are on a date, but Ludus tells him it isn't, then explains the problem. Zahau starts to say something about you not knowing, but suddenly, Caolila comes out of nowhere and pinches the poor man, effectively making him pause his statement. He asks what that's was for, but she just stares at him with an Angry Woman Glare. Caolila turns around with a smile on her face and assumes that you two are on a date. Ludus should take you somewhere more fun for a date, she says, and ushers you out.

You two head back to the front of the inn. Ludus says that he's starting to get the picture. If he's right, this is starting to make sense. Down on the path, Haulani is heading to see Ludus for something, but he's stopped by Schalk and Alma, who tell him that Ludus cannot be bothered at the moment. According to them, because he finally got a girlfriend, no one should bother him right now! Ludus is always helping everyone, so now it's their turn to help him. Haulani agrees with what they say, and since his request isn't urgent, he decides to ask about it another day.

Ludus thought that this was what was happening! Those kids went through a lot of trouble to do this. He may not be getting any work done, but thanks to them, he got to spend time with you. Since he's out of work, maybe you two should go on a date? The whole town is basically telling you both to, who are you two to refuse?

Result: +3000 FP with Ludus

Event helper: Rune and Lirishae

Orange Love Event

Old Habits Die Hard

You walk up to Ludus, who asks if you're visiting. He was just thinking about you. You gush with happiness, but then he says that he saw one of the statues in the ruins and thought that it looked like you! You glare at him in annoyance and he laughs. He pats your head. He offers to close up early so that you two can hang out. You wonder if it's a good idea but he insists it'll be fine.

Before anything else can be said, Iluka screams at - er, calls for - Ludus. She and Siluka comes up and explain that a board on their floor is broken. She notices that you're there and greets you. Ludus says that the two of you are about to go out on a date and asks if it can wait until tomorrow, and Iluka reluctantly agrees. Turns out all she did was drop a pot and slightly dent the board. Ludus asks if he's really needed so soon for something so minor, and Iluka scolds him. He promises to look at it tomorrow, and goes and rubs her head, to all of your surprise, just like he rubs yours! You and Ludus leave, but the twins think that his action might lead to trouble between both of you. However... they also see it as an opportunity for sharing true feelings.

Down at the beach, Ludus tells you a story, completely oblivious to your somber attitude, at least until he realizes you're giving him the silent treatment. He asks what's wrong, and you tell him it's nothing, but he's not convinced. He comes up and ruffles your hair again, asking you to tell the truth.

Choice 1: Say nothing

Well, if that's how you're going to be he won't make you talk if you don't want to. But it's not like he can read your mind. If there's something you want to get off your chest, he'd appreciate it if you... whoa, what was that?! Ludus suddenly felt a cold shiver go down his spine. That was Iluka's aura... are the twins spying? Wait a minute, did it bother you that he ruffled Iluka's hair? Ludus figures it seems like he's treating you in the same way that he treats the twins.

Result: -1000 FP with Ludus

Choice 2: Am I still just a sister to you?

Ludus asks if it bother you that he ruffled Iluka's hair, and if it seems that he's treating you the same way that he treats the twins.

Result: +2000 FP with Ludus, +15 AP with Ludus

He apologizes and tells you that old habits die hard. He's not trying to treat you like a sister, and he hasn't thought of you as one since you two began dating. He can't solve this with words, can he? Well, then he'll show you. He come up and kisses you! If he thought of you as a sister, he wouldn't do something like that. Honestly, he's wanted to do that for a while. He didn't want to admit this, but whenever you went into his room before you two started dating, his feelings for you got so strong he could barely contain them. After that, he was convinced that he had to keep his feelings under control. He may have looked cool and confident before, but really, he's an insecure kid afraid of scaring you away. He apologizes and promises that he won't do anything to make you upset or insecure. You forgive him, obviously.

Iluka and Siluka, watching from the sidelines, are glad everything worked out okay. Iluka blames Ludus for being a bonehead. Siluka claims that you were wrong, too. Despite what he says, Ludus has never thought of you as a little sister, not even since day one. Iluka says that Ludus would be lost without them to help him.

Event helper: Rune and Lirishae

Pink Love Event

The Hidden Side of Ludus

Ludus is tinkering with stuff in his room and doesn't realize you're standing there. While you watch him, Tototara explains that Ludus is working on a new project and hasn't even taken a break to eat anything. She suggest that perhaps if you made him something to eat, he might finally stop working for a bit.

You head to the community kitchen to cook a meal and then bring it back to the inn. Haulani, Schalk, and Tigre are now there. They explain Tototara stepped out for a bit and they're keeping an eye on things while she is away. Schalk spots the dessert in your hands... can he has some?!

Choice 1: Sorry, this is for Ludus

Tigre reminds Shalk that the dessert was for Ludus and it would not be polite to take a bite of it. Schalk thinks that Ludus wouldn't mind...

Result: +2000 FP with Ludus, +15 AP with Ludus

Choice 2: Sure thing

Schalk is happy that you're going to share!

Result: No change

Ludus walk in on all of you; he thought he smelled something delicious. Ludus tries to go outside with you and the food, but Schalk pouts about Ludus not sharing. Ludus tells him that someday when he has a special someone make a delicious treat for him, he'll understand why Ludus doesn't want to share. Shalk is sad because it's the first time that Ludus doesn't want to share with him.

Outside with Ludus, he feels a little bad for not sharing with Shalk, but you did just make it for him. He just wants to keep it all for himself! He even wants to keep that special smile that you give when he eats the food that you make for him. Ah, now Ludus is getting all sappy. Maybe the two of you should move in together so he's less possessive? Ah yes, it's probably too soon for that! Ludus wants to walk you home before he goes back to finishing up his project.

Event helper: Lirishae